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Shore diving has a few basic logistical requirements beyond what you'll need for a typical boat dive.  You are an explorer, on your own, seeking that one perfect shore dive you've heard so much about.  Now, where is it?  And what will you need when you get there? What will the conditions be like?  For a relaxing trip, it is best you have those questions answered before you set off.  So, take a moment to scan the following suggestions, because the better prepared you are, the better experience you'll have!


Get a good map
The instructions you'll find on these pages will accurately describe the exact location for each site's turnoff, parking, and dive entry.  You will need, however, a good map to get you from your hotel to the general area of your dive site.  A tourist map will not do an adequate job.  Find a professional map that shows the highways, roads, dirt roads, trails and general topology of the area.  Most of these maps have longitude and latitude lines, which you'll find helpful in the next section.  Do keep your tourist maps handy, since Shore Diving implies a land adventure, as well!


Invest in a GPS
Along with the other electronic gadgets you keep in your dive bag, make an investment in a $100-$200 GPS (Global Positioning System) hand-held receiver.  This device will remove all uncertainty in finding any dive site listed on these pages.  The GPS receiver will display the latitude and longitude of your current position to a 20 foot (7 meter) accuracy, allowing you to compare your position to the positions listed on the site pages.  Depending upon the options your GPS has, you'll be able to:
  • get distance/direction indication showing how far and where you'll need to travel
  • if the GPS has an electronic compass, you'll be able to follow the pointer to the destination 
  • track your every step of travel, so you can accurately back-track , if needed
  • log your speed, distance traveled, altitude, estimated time of arrival, and a plethora of other mind-numbing information.

Once you experience the power associated with this amazing little device, you'll never leave home without it!


Obtain Advice from your Local Scuba Resources

If you take a moment to read our disclaimer, you'll see how serious we are that you don't enter the water until you are absolutely certain you will have a safe experience.  The only way to ensure this requirement is to talk to the local experts.  The dive shops and guides have made shore diving their profession; they know the sites and the seasonal conditions; and they will give you another experienced opinion as to the difficulties you'll encounter.  Their advice is invaluable.  Use them! 


Don't forget anything!
Here's a list of items we have compiled over the years that you can use as a check list for packing:
Papers Clothing Toiletries  Dive Bag Miscellaneous
Airline tickets; print boarding passes Shorts Personal items First Aid Kit Camera / Batteries
digital camera cable
Hotel and Rental Car Reservations T-shirts Sunscreen Underwater Light / Batteries Blackberry, extra battery, charger
Travel Itinerary / Vouchers Swim Suits Hair Dryer (if not provided) Dive computer / Batteries Kindle, Nook, charger
Passport (original for the safe, and a copy to carry with you) Hat Decongestant B/C Mini-Speakers
Travelers Checks Sun Glasses Sea Sick tablets Regulator Electrical Converters
Local Currency Wind Breaker, sweatshirt Lip Balm Wet Suit Notebook Computer; cable lock
Books and Magazines; island literature Spare Pair of Glasses Antibiotic Cream Gloves Call credit card company to report your future locations
Address Book Beach Towel Insect Repellant  Booties GPS / Batteries
Pen and Tablet Flip Flops Medicines * vitamins Fins Battery Charger
Child/Pet/House sitter #'s Tennis Shoes Ear Plugs Tool Kit Binoculars 
Dive Log Back Pack Ear Drops Mask and Snorkel Snack Food
Certification Card  (PADI, NAUI, SSI, SSA, BSAC)   zip lock bags Defogger Bottled Water
Nitrox Card     U/W Camera / Batteries Luggage Locks/Keys
Driver's License (with copy)  Tip: take phone pics of all cards, passports and documents   Strobe / Batteries Luggage Name Tags
Small bills for tips     Dive Bag Alarm Clock
House, luggage and car keys, and spare car keys too!     Dive Flag board games
Reserve ride to and from Airport     Dive and Fish Books check the weather forecasts on the web
Before you leave home:
Stop Paper and Mail deliveries
Set the thermostat; Turn down the water heater
Water the house plants
And, on your way out the door, Grab the Garbage!
* Please check with your doctor to ensure that the medicines you are currently taking are compatible with diving.  

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