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Here's a sampling of our readers' feedback: 

Just wanted to say that your website is AWESOME! Keep up the great work...fabulous information, accurate descriptions, great place to plan your vacation!

Sarah K.
We used your website extensively for our shorediving in Hawaii. It's the most informative and easy to use website on the worldwide web. Great job! (...On the entire worldwide web?!!  Thanks! Ed  :-)

Steve F.
You are running a great website, by the way... and I constantly recommend it to others.

John D.
Love the info found on your site. I only snorkel but am now strongly considering getting my OW cert. Kudos on a great site loaded with great information.

Mike H.
Thanx just Gobs! ...Your website is really an informative source for dive information. I know that I will visit there often, as it is now listed as one of my favorites! Thanx for providing such a wonderful place for everyone to gain invaluable dive insight!

.. I can't tell you how valuable this web site has been to me and my friends. I sure wish I was [in Maui] diving rather than here in Utah, dreaming about diving!

Jim M.
...By the way, your site is absolutely wonderful. It has helped me a lot with my dive trips.

Charlie E.
I've moved to Honolulu from SF California and am just beginning to research the shore dives on Oahu. Your aerial photos that tell where to dive and entries/exits are VERY Helpful! I use Google Earth (freebie) to view the shoreline for dive sites and access. Thank you for keeping this website, I'm using it to study what Oahu shore dives are do-able and when.

From Tim M.
I grew up diving in Massachusetts and made a few trips to dive the Rhode Island dives Beavertail, Fort Weatherill, and even some of the shore dives on Block Island, before moving to the Midwest 16 years ago. I had read about them in articles by Carl Roessler who used to dive them when he was at Yale in Connecticut. I can't offer much info on the sites seeing as I haven't seen them in nearly 20 years, but they were comparable to the best stuff we had in Cape Ann. Anyways, I enjoyed your web site and miss my old dive sites!

From Wendy
Thank you so much for all the wonderful information on your website. I've been an Instructor for 15 years and find the information invaluable for shore divers on our island-- The Big Island of Hawaii.

From Laszlo and Amy
You have a really great site. My wife and I have been shore diving Bonaire, Curacao, Maui, Cozumel, (and even Puerto Vallarta once) for many years now. We're glad to learn that there is a web site devoted to shore diving, and it is really great to read what others have to say about the sites we've visited (and others we'd like to visit). Since we are, so often, the only folks at many of these dive sites, this is the only forum I know where I can read what others have experienced.

From Blake and Cathy
Thanks very much for your wonderful web site. We are planning on another trip to Kona and have found your shore dive locations and descriptions to be excellent. We really appreciate what you have done here.

From Lynne F.
As a brand-new diver, I am utterly thrilled to find your site. What a wealth of information you have collected! I live in Seattle and am making a trip to Maui in August, and I was able to find lots of information on dive sites in both areas, all collected in one place. Just wanted to say thank you!

From Steve J.
First of all, thank you for all the information. I have lived here in Hawaii for the past 25 years.  I have searched many sites, and this is the best web site for diving. It has shown me places to dive that I never even knew about. Once again awesome website!

From Denise R.
One of the most organized and informational websites I have ever visited. Truly outstanding. Keep up the good work!

From Jackie in San Diego
Certified in 1979, love your site, have used these reviews and directions for several trips - I plan to actually come back and place a review one of these days because I feel the need to pay it forward. Thanks for all you do to help everyone! Even Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing!" - your site rocks! ('Paying it forward' is also a 'good thing' - Thanks! Ed  :-)

 From Scott
Your site is awesome! I have made many trips to Bonaire because it is a very easy place to shore dive. With the information on your site I now know many other places to go. The rating system and pictures make all the difference. I especially like that you have photos for entry and parking to many of the sites.

From Pat
This is the greatest site!!! I went to Curacao and this site was so accurate - photos, entry points etc. I was dying to see what everything looked like BEFORE I went and this site satisfied every detail. I am going to Maui next year and am thrilled with the info on Maui, as well. Thanks for a great site. Keep up the fantastic work!

From Bryan in Calgary, Alberta
Thank you very much. I am quite happy to have written [a dive review] that you consider valuable - ShoreDiving.com has been absolutely central to my diving over the last 5 years, so it is nice to have given something back!

From Lisa in San Diego
I enjoy snorkeling! My husband and I started snorkeling at Club Med in Cancun, Turks & Caicos and Gulf of California. I just wanted to thank you for your valuable and informative website. You have freed us from our dependence on Club Med. My husband and I appreciate having a resource to find locations with shore access. So far we have used your site for Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. Your directions and information have been right on. There’s nothing like exploring a new location. ShoreDiving.com saves precious vacation time and provides useful information about what lies beneath the waters surface. Thank you again. Happy shore diving!

From Jerri
I "surfed" across your site...what a terrific place to hang out. It's VERY informative and contains everything a diver needs to know. Especially liked the big pics and rating graphs for each site. Keep up the great work!

From Maria in Boston
This is an incredible site!!! So much useful information!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

From Ron
You really are the best I've found and I can't say thanks enough!

From Kim and Rob
You have one of the coolest sites on the net!!!!! Thanks so much for all the info on Hawaii (The Big Island), Maui, Kauai, and Curacao. Just got back from 2 weeks on the Big Island -- went to some new spots this time thanks to your site. We look forward to traveling to other places and shore diving with your help (in finding great spots to go).

From Chris of Massachusetts
Your website is first class.  I am thoroughly impressed at the depth and breadth of your coverage. I hope to add my own reviews. Keep up the great work!

From Ben of Chicago
You've put together the site that I knew could help everyone. No longer are dive sites the knowledge of a few privileged locals or dive boat barons. The freedom felt at neutral buoyancy can now be achieved traveling the world, diving where we want, when we want, how we want. Bless you.

From Paul
What an amazing web site!  The fact that you have pictures and narratives of all the dive sites is awesome.  Keep up the good work!

From John J. of Hot Springs Arkansas
I have discovered that it may NOT be possible to see it all/dive it all before I go, but I'm gonna keep trying! Your site is a great resource for both novice divers and 'old salts', as there is always 'something new under the sun'! ShoreDiving.com is providing  a really great service to old and new divers, alike! Mahalo!!

From Hans de Lau & Eva Buijn of Amsterdam
I want to compliment you with your site. We have been diving Bonaire and Curacao several times over the last few years and enjoyed it very much. I wish I'd discovered your site earlier: the information is very complete and well presented.

From Marcelo of Brazil
This site has very important information for divers who, like me and my son wants to travel in order to dive. I even changed my destination plan this year due to the information gathered at this site.

From Don J.
I love diving...and flying to get to dive sites! Your web site is very informative and factual. I appreciate that because it's hard to get the wrong impression from your format. Having lived on "Da Big Islan'" I've dived most of the sites you've shown...but you've missed "Pine Trees" just south of the natural energy lab. It's not an easy entry/exit but the dive is well worth the tears in the wet suit! Have fun! Dive Often!!

From Carl W.
You have created a fabulous website. What a treat to look at some of the old shore dives I've done. Great photos!!

From Chris S.
Thank you for a great ideas site.  In my time as a diver I have seen the art and adventurism taken from diving by the proliferation of dive operators, dive boats and dive resorts, and I can only loosely describe my pleasure at the thought of divers taking responsibility for their own underwater adventures. I would like to see more and more shore diving sites explored and described.  (ShoreDiving.com will evolve and become more complete over time-- Thanks for your patience!! -- Ed)

From Deana A.
What a wonderful site! I couldn't stop looking even though it is 2:20AM. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it. I found out about it on Bonaire Talk. I will tell everyone I know about it!

From Briggs
Just had to send an "aloha" and many thanks for the ShoreDiving.com site. The information is extensive, correct, and the most useful I've found. As newly certified divers in Hawaii, your site is our first, best resource for planning our next adventure.

From Daniel Wong
I love your site.  You sure to live up to and exceed expectations as The Number One Resource for Shore Divers on the Web!  You leave nothing wanting for shore divers who want to experience Oahu.  As an PADI OWSI, I often use your site in briefing new assistants and dive buddies.  Outstanding!

From Wayne B.
This has been a very useful site for me. I've lived in Hawaii for 10 months, and it helps me plan my dives to make the best use of my limited free time. The photos and detailed descriptions are the most useful items. Thank you, and please continue to update your site. (and we shall! -- Ed)

From Dean:
Great Site!  Very useful directions and overview--Professional, and layout is excellent.  I already sent your link to my friend and they all liked it!

From David S.
Mahalo for an informative and well designed and executed web site. Saw several spots I'm interested in diving.

From Eric B.
What a great site!  I'm a beginner scuba diver (just three shallow dives) and snorkeler. I hope to go to Hawaii in 2003 and will snorkel and, maybe, scuba. This is really useful info that my wife and I can use to scout out snorkeling sites. Thanks very much!

From Alan H.
Came upon your website while doing a search for Hanauma Bay.  Your site is one of the most useful sources of Hawaii diving information I've encountered in my thirty-two years as a SCUBA diver.  Easy to navigate, beautiful photographs, and excellent information. I cannot express how impressed I am with your website, and wish it the best of fortune, and look forward to the upcoming additions.

From Jeremy
I just wanted to drop a short line telling you what a great site you have created!  I cant wait to read some of the reviews of sites I have yet to dive as well as writing my own. Keep up the great work

From Chris W.
Just wanted to send along some serious kudos for putting together what I consider to be THE best website for looking up shore dives in the Puget Sound area. The rating system is a very nice touch. I was beginning to give up hope of finding a site even half as useful as yours is!

From Charlie
Aerial shots are a fantastic aid to find the spots to dive. Thank you!

From Juergen
Great idea to do a homepage for shore divers, since I know many people that are enthusiastic divers but have big problems while boat diving. I like to give you assistance for European dive sites if you like to get hints! (Juergen has suggested many new sites in our 'Future ShoreDiving Sites' section -- Ed)

From Otto and Julie F.
Awesome site and easy to use!

From Chuck K.
COOL!!  A Dive site for US!!  It is refreshing to find a site that is dedicated to the largest segment of the dive population - the shore diver.  Not everyone can afford to own a boat or participate in dives with tour operators.  I have been lucky enough to do both, in Puget Sound, Tahiti, Moorea and in Hawaii.  I will submit reviews of the sites that I have dived and am familiar with.  THANKS!!

From Richard Yost
Wow! What a neat site. Very worthwhile!  I trust it will be OK to put a link on our store's web page www.aquaticsports.com in Portland. Keep up the good work.

From Douglas T.
Great website. I love shore diving, but there is precious little of it out here in Toronto.  Boat diving is kinda expensive, and you are working to someone else's timetable. We prefer to drive to a site, and do our thing.

From Phil G.
I love the new website, however there is one glaring omission; Los Angeles. We have literally hundreds of beautiful and exciting shore dive sites on our web page.  (We will make another pass through your area and pick up your favorites! - Ed)

From Deana N.
A good resource. I will add your link to the Hawaii military Sea Lancer's Dive page.

From Deb S.
What a well put together site . Amazed at the wealth of information. I am going to use this information on my upcoming Bonaire trip. 

From Carole B.

Just a note to let you know I have just spent hours visiting your outrageous site.  Awesome.  We are addicted to Bonaire, ourselves, and that is where I was informed of your wonderful site.  It was posted by someone on the Bonaire Talk BB this date.  Keep up the great work!  I have passed your address on to friends all over the world to enjoy.  

From Adam and Debbi W.
Just found your website and LOVE IT !!! We visit Bonaire and do ONLY shore dives every year... stay for about a month each time. Thanks for a well presented website.. we'll tell all our dive and snorkel buddies to visit it!

From Tom T.
I've been to Bonaire, Curacao and Roatan (and a dozen more) and love shore diving... I enjoy coming to your site to just click away and seeing all the dive sites. Beautiful photography. I especially love the aerial views - those are going to be so helpful in planning which sites to visit on my next two trips to Bonaire!

From Fiona R.
This is one of the absolute best dive sites I've seen! Great aerial photos! ...I like shore diving because you can make your own dive plan, your own schedule, and if you don't feel like diving for whatever reason, you don't have the financial pressure of a boat dive hanging over you... Thanks again, I'll be back!

From ...
Wow!!! This is a fantastic website for all shore diving enthusiasts such as myself... Beautiful, mouth-watering photos of turquoise blue water shore dive sites make me crazy!!  I just love your website and keep up the good work !!

From Pete T.

I am a police diver and an avid shore diver, with the Sea of Cortez 3 hours away.  Spur of the moment dive trips are something I do as often as possible! You guys have a GREAT idea -- keep up the good work!!!

From Brenda P.

I've decided to include the website in our recommended resources for our dive club members at Tampa Bay's  www.macssport.com . Great work!

From Tim Y.
Just a word of thanks... As a longtime diver, I find myself drawn back to your pages just to get "juiced-up"... and to reflect on the dives I've taken at many of the locations you've got listed. 

From Owen H.
I found your site to be a wonderful tool for both visiting divers and locals.  Keep up the great work, I will pass on your site to all my dive buddies.

From Peter T.
I am taking a group of friends to Bonaire for our third visit in 5 years the end of next week. Your site will be a great tool,   Thanks!

From George C.
I hope that as you develop this site you will not neglect the less glamorous shore dives, like oyster dives in the Chesapeake Bay and other low-viz, cold-water opportunities.

From Lou C.
What a great site! I just returned from Bonaire. Your site is better than the Resort's.

From Ken L.
I found the shore diving site today and I've spent at least two hours browsing away and there's still more to see.  Excellent work. Thanks!

From Alice W.
Haven't been diving in quite a few years. This looks like a great way to get back into the sport. Love the website - the pictures are absolutely beautiful.

From Larry W.
What I really found helpful were the aerial views of the dive sites.

From Nick T.
Great idea - I'm a confirmed shore diver so this is the place for me.

From Ron L.
This is a great site. My wife and I have a timeshare in Bonaire and love the shore diving. Your photos and dive site descriptions serve as reminders of the great dives we've had there!

From Aaron A.
I have been looking for a site that would help with finding shore diving locations. My wife gets seasick just thinking about a boat. She loves to dive almost as much as I do.

From Lori F.
I am thrilled to find this site. I thought I was the only one who loved shore diving.

From Louis M.
I, with my wife and others, have been diving Bonaire for 10 years and will continue to do so as long as we are capable. Your site is an excellent resource for shore diving in Bonaire. Keep up the good work.

From Charlotte W.
I think this is a great site. I will feature it on Dive Global, www.diveglobal.com.

From Gwenn C.
I really enjoyed the information on your website. You've helped me to make the decision to visit Curacao. Thanks!

From Cliff C.
Cool site for this newby, thanks!

From Nydia W.
Just popped into your site. Fantastic! Just what cyber world needed! I will be back again and I will bring friends.

From Alison
We would love info on easy access shore dives, as we are advanced but older divers lugging heavy camera gear!

From Beverly M.
I've been spoiled by Bonaire, but would like to find comparable shore diving elsewhere, just for a change.

From Nancy W.
Congratulations for your new website. An additional resource for your visitors is www.snorkelmichigan.com --Happy diving!

From Tom T.
Seems like this site is targeted just for me... I really enjoy shore diving and specifically for the reasons you mentioned... I've been to 14 Caribbean destinations (1 week each) and Curacao and Bonaire are just my style. Roatan was among my favorites as well. I am looking forward to visiting this site again.

From Kevin
This really seems like a great resource! Please make sure you include New England shore dives in your information.  Also there are many lake dive sites that go unmentioned on many lists of dive sites. Maybe a section dedicated to "most unusual" dives (sites and situations) would be fun as well. Thanks!

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