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Maybe youíve dreamed of being a diver from the first time you saw Jacques Cousteau on television exploring the magnificent depths of the ocean. Or maybe youíve just begun to think of diving as your next great adventure. Either way, you wonít be disappointed.

Diving is an amazing experienceÖItís like nothing youíve ever seen or done before. And there are as many reasons for doing it as there are people who dive. So whether your goal is simply to become comfortable snorkeling, to dive the wrecks of the Atlantic or take an exotic trip to the far reaches of the South Pacific, youíve come to the right place.


SCUBA quite literally means Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. But thatís the technical stuff. The real story is that scuba diving is your ticket to a new world. Mere words canít explain it. No picture can do it justice. Itís an experience so unique and exhilarating that not even your imagination can conjure a reasonable facsimile.


Learning to snorkel or scuba dive is easy. Todayís innovative educational programs have you in the water from day one. Before you know it, youíll be seeing sights and experiencing sensations you never thought possible.


Diving doesnít have to be a complicated or expensive activity. In fact, itís comparable in cost to many popular sports that require special gear, like mountain biking and skiing. Diving offers the flexibility to fit anyoneís wallet. And all you need to get started are a few lessons, fins, a mask and snorkel and the willingness to explore.


Your first important decision in exploring the underwater world is to choose a point of entry. A trip to your local dive center is a good way to get your questions answered and start the ball rolling. Your lesson options depend on your schedule, budget and other factors. Most facilities can offer you anything from group instruction to private one-on-one sessions.

Other choices of instruction include referral courses and resort courses. Referral courses allow you to participate in classroom and in-water training at your local point of entry, then complete your open water certification dives while you are on vacation. A resort course allows you to participate and experience the underwater world while diving with a trained professional after only a few short hours of instruction. A resort course is an excellent option if you donít have time to take a certification course before you head out on your trip. You can be as involved in diving as you want. From making a single or occasional supervised dive to becoming certified to dive on your own, there are programs to fit every diverís needs.


Meet up with other divers of all levels! The HammerHeads is an international dive organization dedicated to having fun in and out of the water. With 100 chapters worldwide, meeting dive buddies couldnít be easier. Participating in group dives, social events, International Dive-In Day, seasonal contests, and the annual HammerHeads Fun Zone trip will quickly have you feel a part of the diving community.

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