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05/03/2007        2.84      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
We stopped by Makena Landing for our second beach of the day. Visibility was terrible. We were there about 1 pm and we had about 1 foot of viz. We bumped into each other and a few other divers (literally bumped into them) because we could not see. Our snorkel was very short. We did, however see a Honu (green sea turtle). Unfortunately, it was only from shore. We had two Honu sightings here. The second time, he came up right in front of us as we were taking off our fins. He was in 6 inches of water about 3 feet off the landing. I put my gear back on very quickly, but could not catch up to him to see him up close. Probably could not have seen much anyway, as the water was so thick. Not recommended for snorkeling, based on my experience today.
05/03/2007        3.60      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
We went out on our second day of snorkeling in Maui today. Our last stop was at Black Rock. What a great place!! I gave it a good rating for facilities because I just used the Sheraton Hotel property for everything (even though I was not a guest). Parking can be a hassle... all the properties along this beach are resorts and a mall called Whalers Village. Whalers has a parkade that costs too much, but we used the Sheraton garage. If you are a customer at either, they will validate your parking for you. There is still a fee, however.. UNLESS you use the Sheraton garage and stay until after 7. It seems like the attendant leaves around then.. we parked here twice and left after 7 both times for free parking!! I found the snorkeling excellent. Visibility was max. The wall reef was beautiful. I heard that there was a turtle in close to shore on the south side of the wall, but by the time I got out I only had scads of fish to look at. Highly recommended for novice snorkelers and experts alike.
04/30/2007        3.57      Kapalua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Kapulua Bay is an excellent beach. I saw it written that it has been voted "World's Nicest Beach" by Sunset Magazine. I can see why. The sand is beautiful and the bay is protected by two reefs/points. Keeps the waves down. Allows easy snorkeling. I took a virgin snorkeler and she had no trouble. I recommend this beach for everyone. It has a hut to rent out cabanas and any gear you might desire, full facilities, and a sandy bottom near shore. Kids can play in the surf and adventurers can check out the reef.
04/30/2007        3.18      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
I went to Honolua today for the first time. I took a virgin snorkeler, and she loved it. We found the entry kinda hard as the beach is covered in large round rocks. So is the bottom near the shore. Once past the entry, however, Honolua is Awesome!! Saw lots of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a and a needlefish that was at least 5 feet long. The coral is nice and the shelter in the bay is perfect for noobies. Don't worry .. be happy.

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