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03/11/2005        3.45      La Dianas Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
This review describes the La Diana's Leap to Karpata drift dive. The entry is down a volcanic trail to a cliff 3-5' above the water. It is not easy to don your fins and enter. The best approach is to have the most athletic diver jump in with fins, then have all other divers jump in while holding fins. The diver in the water should pull all subsequent divers away from the cliff until they can don their fins. Once in, the only out is Karpata. One should be sure they know when they should head over the shallow reef to Karpata [a guide is advised]. Karpata is interesting. Again, the most athletic diver should time the surge and exit to the concrete pier at Karpata. The first diver should remove their fins and help all subsequent divers. Subsequent divers should, one at a time, time the surge and exit at the pier. The first diver should help all subsequent divers stand up and remove their fins. If one knows what they are doing, entry/exit are not hard but the situation exists for divers inexperienced with this dive to get in trouble. One can descend to whatever at the entry point. One cool idea is to descend to 100' and about 100 yards off the reef and look back. Very cool. Except for the entry, the dive is a 25-35' drift dive, probably the best on Bonaire.
06/15/2003        4.52      Andrea I Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Easy entry next to big rock with yellow paint. Submerged at 15 feet after taking bearing on the buoy. Excellent either to right or left. We tended to swim in the 50-65' range out and 35-40 back. Lots of small fish, eels and abundant coral. Dove several times
06/15/2003        4.18      Alice In Wonderland Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Very easy entry. We submerged at 15' [well before buoy] and headed to first reef. Went right or left at 50-65 feet and returned at 35 feet. Lots of small fish, eels and abundant coral. Dove several times.

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