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09/05/2001        3.70      Mokule'ia Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Also known as Slaughterhouse to surfers, this is a nice dive in the Summer when there's no good surf. This is a long walk down (and back up later!) a long flight of cement stairs so bring an energy bar or 2. You'll want to arrive early so you can park next to the stairs or your walk will be even further. Best diving is to the left (South side) of the bay. Inside the bay is Marine Reserve and not too good for diving but outside is great! The bottom is made up of long gullies of lava flow running from shore out to sea. It's fun to explore them with all their little holes and caves. I have seen a higher concentration of turtles here than any place on Maui. You will also encounter lot's of eels, lobsters, and large cowerie shells. If you must take lobster, please be sure they are in season, have no eggs, and you find another way to exit with them without going back thru the reserve area or you may get busted! Other than the walking and swimming distance, this is an easy sandy entrance with a pretty little beach for anyone not diving with you. For snorkeling, I would suggest going around the point to the right (North) where you will be in Honolua Reserve (also listed on this site). Lot's people are on this beach and in the surf but you will probably be diving alone.
08/19/2001        3.73      Kahekili Beach (Old Airport) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great spot! Can't ask for a more convenient place - drive into a parking lot, walk across some grass, down a pretty sand beach, easy sand entry - 10 yards out and you're on the reef! Facilities are all there - grass, beach, shower, dressing/restrooms, covered picnic area. Diving or snorkeling is good. Lot's of intro and cert dives going on but swim on out further and you'll be alone. Surprising amount of marine life here - seen spotted eagles, barracuda, and got my best pics of a lionfish here! Plenty of morays (many types!) and turtles. Lots of the common tropicals. First reef is at 40' max while the second (a little more barren) can reach 70 feet. There has been an algae problem here for the last few months (it's now 08/01) and it's been kinda yucky. Hard to get the stuff off your gear or take good pics in this otherwise good viz. No doubt the @#*@ golf courses and hotels are getting fertilizer in the ocean and causing the algae to bloom. They gotta be killing a lot of coral too. Sad....Expect a slight current here sometimes. Swim up current first or expect to walk back if you don't pay attention. Perfect for night dives but you need to get permission for locked gate.
06/02/2001        3.03      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
5 Caves, 5 Graves, or Turtle town. Whatever you call it, it's a great site. They are ruining this place with construction and dive/snorkel boats though, so you better hurry. Due to the construction, you now have to park across the street, then follow the path along the rock wall to the entry inlet. Entry is pretty easy if there is no big South Swell. Best in Winter and Spring. Lots of variety is the best thing here. Always see turtles and usually white-tips. Great snorkeling if you have some experience. Not good for night diving unless you are with someone that knows the area well or you are an extremely good navigator. Do it early!! Boats start arriving at 9:30 and this place becomes a zoo! From the entry, follow the wall on your left out to the point (I usually don't drop down until I'm about halfway there). After you get around the point, you can go toward shore or out to sea for a deeper dive. Make some sort of a circle and return to the point to find your way back. Great test for your nav skills! Good site for turtles, sharks, spotted eagles, frogfish, and morays.
05/23/2001        3.89      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Of all of the Maui sights listed here (I have dove and snorkeled every one) this is my favorite for snorkeling and right up there for diving. On the North side - just outside the reserve area - is a world class surf spot in the Winter and the viz ain't so hot. Also, if a heavy rain falls in the wash above, the water muddies up for awhile. But the rest of the time this place rocks! Driving up Hwy 30 go about a half mile past MM32. That's where you park where you can and follow the old road around the locked gate with the keep out sign (it's really ok!) and about a 1/8 mile walk under a beautiful canopy of trees, you'll find the old boat ramp. Enter here. On your left (Southside) is the more colorful side. Great snorkeling for amateurs and old salts alike. Lot's of overhangs and swim-throughs. If you are diving, keep going around the points and you might reach 50 feet of depth. The other side is cool too. Snorkel on top the reef or scuba along the edge. More turtles. I have seen a few big critters on this side as well. Dolphins, Mantas, spotted eagles, and white tipped reef sharks. All few and far between but the do come in there sometimes. Both sides are great for night scuba or snorkeling.
05/19/2001        3.63      Olowalu Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great beginner dive or snorkel! Don't let the "beginner" scare you off if you are more advanced though. Just because it's easy to get in and shallow for a long way out doesn't mean there isn't a lot to see. When you first get to mile post 14 you may be turned off by the bizillion tourists on shore slopping on sunscreen and playing on floaties. Ignore them and dive in. You want to look from shore for a sand channel to follow out into the deeper water. Parking is only a few yards from your entry. Save air and snorkel out a ways before the water clears up and get any depth. You will still not likely break 40-50'. Winter is best - there are fewer South swells. Water can be very clear here but if you see waves breaking at all, the viz will suck. There's lot's of turtles and reef fish. Occasional octopus and white tipped reef shark. There have been tigers seen in the area (way out) and even a couple of attacks on swimmers. I wouldn't call it a dangerous place however.
05/15/2001        3.02      Manohole Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Pretty cool spot. Need 4WD + good clearance to get down from the road or hike in about 1/8 mile (uphill coming back). Camping is good there but kinda trashy I'm sorry to report. Entry is best at high tide and easiest with booties. To the left, there are a couple of sand holes that make it a little easier. A definite knee scraper without leg covering. Around the North point is the best in my opinion. Acres of finger coral slope down to 50 or 60 feet. Lots of shells - please don't take live ones. Lots of eels, reef fish and occasional Ulua (jacks). Good year-round when there are no major swells from the South or West. Winter is my favorite because the Humpback Whale sounds seem louder there than anywhere on the island. Maybe it echoes off the Pali (cliffs)?

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