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07/29/2005        4.28      North Side Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Queens Monument is on the NE side of Grand Cayman. Past Morritts Tortuga Resort on the road to Rum Point. Small side road through the trees where speed limit changes and a monument on the side of the road. Very remote. Best snorkeling I have ever seen. You will be the only one there.
07/29/2005        3.38      Wreck of the Cali Cayman Islands, Caribbean
If you want an easy wreck dive or snorkel, this is it. Lots of fun with little effort.
07/29/2005        3.96      Turtle  Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
This is a great snorkel when you can find the surf down. This was the 3rd year we tried Turtle Reef, but this time it paid off. Calmer in the morning. We saw a yellow stingray (rare) and a great barracuda. Many other fish also.
05/14/2005        2.80      Ke'e Lagoon Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Long drive from the South side. All the way to the end of the road on the north side. Lots of locals. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/14/2005        2.60      Brennecke Beach Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Much better for surfing. I did see a rare Monk Seal at this location. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/14/2005        2.55      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Lot of shore divers use this spot. We were there in late April 2005. I stopped there every day. Conditions were always bad. Maybe just the time of year. Talked to other divers. They did see some turtles. Water at surface was very dirty. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/13/2005        2.90      The Hideaway at Princeville Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Hard to find. Very steep trail down to this beach. It would be hard to carry diving tanks. Could be an unsafe hike. Beautiful place though.Love2Snorkel, Gary
05/13/2005        3.32      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Very good spot on the North Shore. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/13/2005        2.51      Salt Pond Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Better for people watching. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/13/2005        3.26      Prince Kuhio Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Saw some great fish and lots of turtles here. The reef is a long swim from shore. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/13/2005        3.51      Lawai Beach Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Some of the best snorkeling on Kauai. This is where the tours take their clients for about $60 each. Watch for strong currents flowing out and west. Stay on the east side of the bay. Love to snorkel, Gary
05/13/2005        2.86      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
This is a busy public beach. Probably better off for sunning, people watching, etc. Love2Snorkel, Gary
03/29/2005        2.68      Ile Pinel St Martin, Caribbean
Best place we snorkeled on St Martin. Took a shuttle boat to the Island for $5 round trip and then just walked right in. Some good fish. Love2snorkel
03/29/2005        3.41      Coki Beach St Thomas, Caribbean
Best place we found on St. Thomas to snorkel. Lots of fish. Right next door to a marine aquarium. They feed the fish at the aquarium and the fish are free to come and go so I think Coki Beach benefits from this. Love2snorkel
03/29/2005        3.10      Dawn Beach St Martin, Caribbean
Had the beach totally to ourselves. A previous hurricane had devastated everything around. This was my first serious snorkel trip. Reef was way out there. I almost drowned. Saw a limited amount of fish and the coral was not very good. Would be a hard walk from the road to the beach with diving gear. Also, hard to find, not marked. Love2snorkel, but not here.
03/29/2005        3.00      Smith's Cove Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Did Smith's cove in both 2004. Easy to get to & good parking. Cove was rough both times. Probably not bother with a diver, but hard to snorkel. Visibility was limited as the waves kicked up the silt & sand. Love2snorkel
03/29/2005        2.51      Cemetery Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Easy walk past the cemetery to this beach and dive area (Yes, a real cemetery!) Close to shore the coral is beat to death. Out further it is somewhat better. Snorkeled in 2003 & 2004. Not my favorite spot. Love2snorkel
03/29/2005        3.27      Eden Rock Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Snorkeled this location in 2004 & 2003. The area is beat to death close to shore, so a long swim is required. You will be rewarded with many fish and good coral & caves. Watch the divers below. Lots of tarpon and stoplight parrotfish near shore & in the caves. Have also seen a southern stingray and turtle here. Love2snorkel
03/27/2005        3.19      Kahekili Beach (Old Airport) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
This is an enjoyable place to snorkel, shore dive, or picnic. Lots of locals at this site having parties and weddings. Easy snorkel. We can always count on seeing eels here. This site is hidden by new construction. I just remember to turn opposite the Sugar Cane Train. Love2snorkel
03/27/2005        3.03      Ulua Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Swim around to the point to the right. If you are an experienced snorkeler swim out a bit father than most. Fun spot. Love2snorkel
03/27/2005        3.17      Town Pier Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Great night dive or snorkel. Went with a small group of divers and 6 snorkelers. 2 snorkelers quickly dropped off. (It was a little scary, under a large pier at night). Saw lots of brightly colored sponge that only opens at night. Went back the next day, just a plain old grey pier. This is a night dive not to miss. Love2snorkel
03/27/2005        2.46      Pink Beach Bonaire South, ABC Islands
My wife and I did this snorkel as part of a group tour. The small bay was a little crowded, but there were more fish where the little channel came in. I did see a trumpet fish in the middle of a school of Atlantic blue tang. The trumpet fish had changed his color to blue to match. Very unusual. Love2snorkel
03/27/2005        1.80      1000 Steps Bonaire North, ABC Islands
There are a lot of steps down and back up. Not worth the trip in my opinion. Definitely not, if carrying a tank. Love2snorkel, but not here.
03/27/2005        3.53      Olowalu Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Commonly called 14 mile marker. Go in the morning, surf is up in the afternoons. Nice snorkel, but if you go out through the shallow reef, make sure you can find the same way back. Love2snorkel
03/27/2005        3.88      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Black Rock was one of my first snorkels about 6 years ago. It was nice, but crowded. I enjoyed watching the divers swim by underneath me. Have never gone around the point, but plan to on my next trip. Hear that is great! Love2Snorkel
03/26/2005        3.73      Kapalua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
This my idea of a perfect snorkel. Have a great breakfast across from our timeshare at Kahana Falls overlooking the ocean. Drive 4 minutes from our condo to this beautiful bay. Snorkel among the eels, and many colorful fish. This bay is also great for people watching. Walk up the hill and have a burger and tall cool one at the outside Kapalua Bay Hotel bar, while enjoying the best view in Maui. A view overlooking the pool, large grass lawn, and blue ocean to the not so distant islands in the background. Then walk 2 minutes back down and snorkel some more. Oh yeh, drive 4 minutes back to the condo. Hard day! Love2Snorkel
03/26/2005        3.49      Mokule'ia Maui, Hawaiian Islands
This is a great site to snorkel. Saw lots of fish. Snorkel out to the right side. This bay is sometimes called Slaughterhouse. Lots of stairs down to the beach. Love2Snorkel
03/26/2005        3.11      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
8/2004 Best if you go to the right. You need to go out a ways to get past the silt and then things clear up. Saw ton of fish, eel, and a couple of turtles. Sorry the tour boats have started coming here. Love2Snorkel

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