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06/28/2010        3.54      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Dove here on 6/22/2010. My first dive on Maui was at this site per the recommendations of Ed Robinson Dive shop in Kihei. As previously stated it is a bit of a surface swim, not too bad though if you get out early enough before the trade winds kick up otherwise you will be bobbing around through the white caps. The reef is pretty nice with some very unique formations but the sea life at the time we dove there was sparse. Saw some of the typical reef fish but not turtles or white tips from this entry. Ventured into the 'sandy bottom cave' which was pretty neat. The following day we went just around the corner and entered at 5 Graves where we had a fantastic dive and found 3 more of the caves, a white tip and 3 large turtles. Check out my review on 5 Graves/Caves page.
06/28/2010        3.25      Mana Kai Hotel Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Snorkeled this site on 6/25 before trying to dive it just to check it out. The reef was pretty sparse, mostly a desert floor. Ok for the kids and someone who is not in the water a lot and would be happy seeing just about any fish. I would head towards 5 Graves/caves for a good dive.
06/24/2010        3.71      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Wow what an amazing site. I chose to dive this after diving around the corner the previous day at Makenna landing. The rocks were very uneven and slippery on the entry and exit, but not manageable. We went out the cove and hung a left following the lava shelf. Found one of the caves pretty quick. At the end of the reef as it heads out to sea we made a right turn and went over the top of another reef then headed WSW(left). This is where we found another cave with a HUGE Honu (Green sea turtle) and a white tip sleeping. While I was laying on the bottom taking video of the White tip, the big turtle decided to make friends with us and swam only inches over the top of my head and landed right in front of us. Much better Visibility and life from 5 Graves than Makenna landing
08/23/2006        4.05      Kahe Point Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This was the first place I ever dove in Hawaii. I was really impressed by the reef area. I went straight out from the beach entry point about 200 yds and then headed North along the reef. There is a nice horseshoe reef where I spotted several White Tip Reef sharks. Lots of turtles were hanging out around the old Crows nest to the south west of the reef. I would definitely do it again. Beware, though, of leaving any valuables in your vehicles as there are a few transients that hang out in the area, and vehicle break-ins are common.
04/03/2005        3.41      South Crescent Bay California South, USA West
There were 5 of us diving at this site today as a group, and we were lucky enough to experience some dolphins frolicking just outside the surf area. They would dive down to check us out with a few circles and head bobs, then take off again. What a fun time!! As mentioned in previous reviews, there is a very nice reef area to the north side of the cove, easy entry and exit. One warning: if there is any surge at all it gets very strong nearing the shallower rocks. We saw a giant Sheep Crab, about 2 1/2 ft wide at the legs, lots of Garibaldi, lots of purple urchins, Ginat Spined Stars, Sheepshead and other numerous sea life. Good heck-out site.
07/18/2004        3.58      Hospital Point California South, USA West
Wow what a site! I dove this yesterday just for the sheer fact that I could not find parking anywhere else in La Jolla. I did dive at low tide and, since the surf was very low, it was quite manageable for anyone with experience. I have dove Shell Beach just north of here several times for lobster but wow did we find some nice big ones here. There are so many little nooks and crannies for them to hang out in. Some are unreachable but there are also a lot of areas that are easy captures that I would have even been able to accomplish in daylight. The options to explore this site are innumerous. I can not wait for Lobster season. Lots of garibaldi in the area and eel grass. If doing a night dive I would definitely do it on high tide. The entry could be tricky because of the large rocks all the way up and down. I found the best entry in front of 417 Coast Blvd where a channel in the rocks exists and you can walk out 10ft and don your fins. I highly recommend this site.
07/15/2003        3.13      Shell Beach California South, USA West
This site is not for the beginner by any means. There is a Constant rip current about midway between Children's pool and Shell beach acting as a great aid in making your entry. Pick your entry point carefully as you will find yourself 10 ft deep and the next sitting on a hidden boulder you were tossed onto by the relentless surf. Some say there is also a rip that brings you into the south end of the beach for your return but I have still yet to find it. This is an EXCELLENT spot for Lobster. Nice Wall about 100 yds or so out and south of the beach and about 75-10yds north of the Children's pool Sea Wall. The vis can range from horrible to 15 ft day to day but study this site carefully and do not exhaust yourself, save it for the return swim!
07/14/2003        3.61      La Jolla Cove California South, USA West
Awesome sight for the animal encounters. Conditions can turn from 10-15 ft in a few feet just outside the cove. Parking can be a real bear, so get there early

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