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02/19/2006        2.36      Superior Producer Curacao, ABC Islands
I have to tell you up front, I am not sure this spot is worth the effort it takes to get to it from shore. A looong swim in heavy surf the day we went made it very tiring. After arriving we dropped down to the wreck and got oriented with the group. I was disappointed by the lack of animal life and the boat is not very coral covered. I did hear it is a great night dive when the coral blooms, but I wouldn't waste my time. We swam through the boat and around the outside and were heading back with only 20 minutes of dive time before we were at the 1/2 air mark. A total of 32 minutes for the dive. And while we were gone, someone broke into the truck and stole a ton of stuff. Must had had a jimmy bar because they locked it back up for us after they stole the equipment. Didn't want anyone else in on the remnants I guess. There are many other spots to see & dive in Curacao, I wouldn't go back.
02/17/2006        4.18      Playa Kalki Curacao, ABC Islands
If Dr Seuss could dream up an underwater landscape, it would be Playa Kalki. Reef is very healthy and covered with tons of vibrant coral. Eels crowd the nooks and crannies of this great beach. On-site dive shop Ocean Encounters runs a very nice shop here with freshwater dunk tanks, showers and a bathroom. There is a small charge to use, 5 florins. The alternate side of Kalki is run by Hotel Kurlanda and there is a charge for the use of their loungers, $6. They also have a nice but pricy restaurant & bar there. Many steps down to the shore from the parking lot, then a moderate swim out to the reef. Sandy/dead coral beach offers easy access once you get down there. Dive shop has a pier out from the shop also. A great dive! I give it a 9 out of 10.
02/17/2006        3.60      Grote Knip Curacao, ABC Islands
Grote Knip is a challenging dive spot in that there are many steps to carry gear down and then it is a looong swim out the reef. The beach was busy even though the bar/restaurant was closed while we were there. So no charge for access but no baths rooms or dunk tanks either. There is chair rental when they are open at $4. Very pretty beach with high cliffs surrounding the beach for a very calm ocean. No surf or current to speak of inside the cove. Barracuda, eels, crab, lobster here hanging out while we were there. Like the beach very much but the swim out and stairs left a little to be desired.
02/17/2006        3.50      Playa Jeremi Curacao, ABC Islands
While this beach also has a series of many steps to the beach, it also offers a concrete ramp to carry gear up and down. The parking lot is very secluded and while we were swimming out to the reef there we saw a guy trying to get in our car. We hollered and he took off. After worrying the entire dive we came back to find nothing was broken into. I will tell you that this is a real possibility at many of the beaches in Curacao. No facilities at this secluded beach at all, but the beauty and reef make up for this. A fair kick out to the reef over a sandy bottom is worth the exercise. I saw the biggest green Moray Eel here. Of course it was after my photographer ran out of air and had to return to shore. I think you could put your entire hand down his throat and not touch the sides of his mouth.
02/17/2006        4.32      Cas Abao Curacao, ABC Islands
This is a great spot. Novice divers will be very comfortable here. A nice restaurant and facilities for dunking and showering and bathrooms. Cost for beach and 4 lounges was $7, and then you can buy tokens for showering, .25 cents. Easy beach entry and a short backstroke out to the reef over a sandy bottom and then down to the very healthy reef. Reef drops off to 100' quickly. No current and a very nice beach with all the perks make this a go-back spot.
02/17/2006        4.59      Port Marie Curacao, ABC Islands
Great shore dive here. This area has a small fee for entry, a onsite dive shop & restaurant. The inner reef is close and a sandy bottom separates it from the deeper outer reef. I followed a turtle here at about 60'. Tried to take pix with the cheap 35mm underwater camera. Shoot...too much pressure at 60'. Placed hand under turtle swimming along with me and raised him up to where the camera would work. He never panicked, or seemed out of sorts, just looked at me and seemed to go along for the ride. Got 1 good picture, then he looked at me and went back down to graze. This is why I scuba...The interaction with the dream world of the ocean is something I will remember forever.

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