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03/27/2018        4.27      Whalers Cove (Point Lobos) California North, USA West
Finally got to dive Lobos and we picked a really terrible day. The swell was up and the visibility was way down. Off the boat ramp the visibility was maybe five feet. When we found the sand channel we went out to about 50 feet and the vis was about 20 feet. Swam against a strong current coming back in. Rough day, but we're coming back soon.
07/16/2015        2.90      Deerfield Ledges Florida, USA East
Not much vis here. The water was pretty stirred up from the people on the beach....
07/16/2015        3.11      Blue Heron Bridge Florida, USA East
Nice little shoredive and snorkel. Dive the bridge at high slack tide.....lots of people on the weekend...good snorkeling for beginners and all. Dive shop at the bottom of the bridge..
07/16/2015        3.95      Pepper Park Florida, USA East
Nice couple of shoredives. Take a flag and go way out to the third reef.....maybe a quarter of a mile. Saw big shark.....turtle...barracuda. way out here is still only maybe fifteen feet deep. Take a dive boat to get to deeper water dives in Florida.....
11/09/2009        2.78      Malibu - Corral California Mid, USA West
Dove Corral Beach after looking around the Malibu area for a few good dive spots. Latigo Canyon looked nice but decided on Corral. Big shore break. Went in next to a class that had buoys far out at sea. Viz next to shore none. Further out cleared up to about 10 feet. Good place to practice low viz beach entry but going to Laguna is much better.
04/14/2009        3.69      Keauhou Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Keauhou Bay is a nice little dive when it gets too rough other places. Park in the Sheraton parking lot and walk to the right down the path to get to the bay. Dive from near the point of the Sheraton and back in to the boat ramp. Stay on the side of the bay and no problem. Boat traffic is usually further out, but watch/listen for them. Very clear dive and they fill air tanks at Fairwinds cruises at the end of the bay.
04/10/2009        4.13      Manini Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Manini Beach is a great shore dive. Entry point is to the right of the picnic tables. Time the swell and go. Lots of tang and sea life. Easy dive although a slight shore break. Left at Napoopoo Road at the pier, down the Pohonauna Road, it is probably left about 1/8 of a mile. Turn right on Manini Beach Road. There is a small parking lot and the park is around the fence. There is a portable toilet and picnic tables. Great snorkel or dive! Ponaunau is about five miles down the road, so take two tanks or go up the hill to The Kona Boys and get a refill.
04/07/2009        4.65      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Pauko Village end is a great dive on a calm day. Dive out near the clearing between the rocks and go straight out. It will take a while, but eventually you'll hit the reef's end. Reef is at 15 feet depth, but the drop is great. The first one goes to about 50 feet, and I plan to dive the second drop later. Since I solo dive, I usually go easy the first few dives at a new place.
04/07/2009        3.55      Richardson Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Free dove Richardson Beach Park and had a great time. Reef is far out which makes scuba tough. The east side of the Big Island gets rough, so be ready for it. Good fish life but locals say watch the current past the reef.
07/29/2008        3.54      Veteran's Park, Redondo Beach California Mid, USA West
I really liked diving Redondo Canyon. After kicking out to the end of the pier (35 feet) the bottom sloped to great depths. Dropped to 80 feet quickly. The vis in the canyon was a good 20 feet. Saw some nice starfish and small flatfish. Very simple dive- East out and West in. Topaz Jetty is to the south and looks like another good dive. The slope of the canyon reminded me of the blue slide at Honaunau on the Big Island- drops off forever. Nice place to get deep fast!
07/03/2008        4.33      Refugio State Beach California Mid, USA West
Refugio Beach is a really nice dive site. It is far out of the way, but little beach break and nice rock and kelp formations. Kicked far out to the kelp. Dove to the left (east) side of the beach and viz was about five feet due to recent swell. Saw lots of fish and a guitarfish on the bottom. Excellent facilities and great place to take the family and stay a few days. $8.00 for daily pass and $25.00 a night for camping fee- trailers, tents, etc. Make reservations early due to people. Day parking no problem. Excellent place!
07/03/2008        4.14      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Deer Creek is a great dive. The shore break looks enormous, but once you get out past it, the diving is excellent. Vis was low the day I dove it- probably ten feet, but lots of purple urchins, black perch, and some Calico bass. The kelp is way out, so be ready for the kick. Good idea to put fins on after first big wave set. You can take fins off coming in before that same wave set or do the Monastery Crawl onto the beach. This would be a great dive on a high vis day! Be in good shape.
07/03/2008        3.48      Corona del Mar California Mid, USA West
Corona Del Mar would be a nice dive site for beginner scuba. I dove left of the channel near the jetty, under the boat moorings. Did see some nice sheep crab and a few Calico bass, but not much else. Lots of sand; it reminded me of Monterey State Beach. Parking $8.00 at the gate for all day, or you can park up on the hill, but it's a long way down to beach.
07/03/2008        3.75      Crystal Cove State Park California Mid, USA West
The day I tried to dive Crystal Cove the swell was up and the shore break pretty big. I ended up free diving the kelp for awhile so I wouldn't get beat up with the dive gear. I think this would be a really great dive on a high vis day. I plan on going back here. Take a dolly if you go to the Reef Point entrance- you'll need it.
07/03/2008        3.20      Aliso Beach Park California South, USA West
Dove the right side of Aliso which is called Treasure Island. Parked in the upper lot. Took gear to the far right beach and entry was great. Vis wasn't too good, but I think this could be a great dive. Quarter machines for pay parking. Dove to 30 feet.
05/03/2008        3.92      Carmel River North California North, USA West
Great dive with vis. Easily to 30 feet. Sandy/rock bottom then follow the reef out. Steps make going in/coming out easy. Get there early to find a place to park. Looks real good around the point, but didn't go out that far. Overall a great dive with few people around. Great kayak launch, also. Take a picnic lunch and do a few dives here.
04/12/2008        3.95      Monastery Beach South California North, USA West
South Monastery is a great dive. Pick a flat day and go in next to the kelp at the south end of the beach. Park as close to the south end of the beach as possible. I used my dolly to move my gear; it saved me some trouble. Be respectful of Monastery- a man told me three people died here a few weeks ago- swept into the ocean. A Master Diver also died here awhile back. He was diving on a 10 foot swell day. Don't be afraid to walk away from this dive- even if you drove a great distance to get here.
04/12/2008        4.39      Butterfly House California North, USA West
Great dive on a flat day. No surf the day I dove but the locals say watch out- it gets rough here. Lots of plant and rock formations. Easier to reach the small cove by walking down the rocks on the north side. Great dive that reminded me of Coral Street. Pick a good day. Stewart and Scenic Road.
04/12/2008        2.88      Monterey State Beach California North, USA West
Monterey State Beach has good parking and facilities. Bring quarters for parking at pier. Sand bottom- low vis dive. Saw some very big sea stars and some nice snails. Also found a nice Scubapro jet fin- size large. Nice slow beginning dive.
03/19/2008        3.62      Heisler Park California South, USA West
Much like Diver's Cove. Nice beach area and a good dive. Saw various fish out to about 30 feet. A little more rock formation/plant life on the bottom than Diver's Cove.
03/19/2008        3.40      South Crescent Bay California South, USA West
We dove Crescent Bay from the second access point- the one with the smooth sidewalk. Nice looking dive but tried going in at the middle of the beach and it was low vis. We should have gone to the north and near the rocks. Great spot with showers. Good parking if you get there early.
03/19/2008        4.25      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
This is the second best dive site in Laguna. Very nice with rock formation going out to sea. Dove to 40 feet and great viz to about 30 feet. Went to north side of beach/rocks. Reminded me of Pahoehoe on Big Island. Nice Garibaldi and a few Sheephead. Great dive a lot like Catalina. Find parking and you've got it made. Red curbs mean no parking. Currently they're working on the walkway down to the beach. One of my best dives ever. I used my dolly to carry my gear, then locked it to the steps. Saves energy.
03/19/2008        4.32      Divers Cove California South, USA West
Great dive every bit equal to Shaws. Nice vis. to about 30 feet. Nice marine life. My son Jonah Xavier (10 years old) snorkeled with me out to 25 feet and we saw giant bat rays, garibaldi, gobies, senoritas, calicos, and blacksmith. Excellent location. Portable bathroom near and the walkway is nice. They say the water is 54 degrees, but it might be warmer!
03/19/2008        4.45      Wood Cove California South, USA West
I must have hit Wood Cove on the right day, because this was an easy and very nice dive- the best of my Laguna Beach dives. There was no big swell and we walked off the steps to the right, and dove straight out to 30 feet. Great rock formations and lots of life, with water clarity to around 30 feet. Slight surge but no problem. Would like to dive again straight out to 40 or 50 feet. One of my best all-time dives. Reminded me of Cambria Rock.
03/19/2008        3.92      Moss Street Point California South, USA West
The waves looked real big here the morning I dove. Pretty big on the corner of this point, but put on mask and fins and walked in backwards, turned then dove. Rough like Monterey until I got out to about 25 feet. Better vis. and lots of plant/animal life. This site has real potential if you dive to the rocks on the left. Looks a little scary, but jump in and try it.
12/26/2007        3.86      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive spot but very rough on the day I went. Went out through the channel in front of the house with the shiny roof. Very rough and only dove to about 25 feet. Saw lots of fish here, but rough during the winter. Park in the lot between the houses, and walk to the left to find the channel area. Pick a day when the wind is down, as the wind blows here sometimes.
12/21/2007        4.32      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive. Easy entry with great vis. Park in the lot next to the cove and go through the rocky surf straight out into the cove. Dove to 40 feet and very nice dive. No people around except a few snorkelers.
12/21/2007        3.25      Kailua-Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove on the south side of this bay. Not very deep, but the vis was great. Shallow reef but overall a nice dive.
12/21/2007        4.67      Kealakekua Bay (Old Wharf) The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive on the north side of the wharf, with vis to 100 feet! Sand flats mixed with reefs. Really liked this place, but watch out for the urchins. Wear gloves and good booties.
12/21/2007        4.60      Pahoehoe Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive to the north of the beach around the reef. Dove straight out to 45 feet. Saw large barracudas and many very nice fish. Great dive. Doesn't look like a nice dive, but on the north side this is an excellent dive.
11/25/2007        3.77      Cannery Park California North, USA West
Dove this site with a buddy trying to find the Metridium Fields. We went straight out following the pipe, took an angle, then dropped down. Saw a few very large Metridiums, then took an angle and headed back for the beach next to Breakwater. This was a very long surface swim, and a long dive back to the beach, so know the amount of air you use. I think we missed the field but it was a great dive. I'd do this one with a buddy or boat/kayak again.
11/24/2007        3.78      Montana de Oro Beach California Mid, USA West
Dove Montana De Oro a few days ago. Really nice shore entry and the possibility of a great dive, but no vis at this time. Went toward the point on the left side of cove and the vis was about one foot. With a five foot swell the cove was pretty flat, but the water was still very murky. Look to return on a day when the swell has been about 3 feet for four or five days, and then I think the diving will be great. I also think this would be a great kayak dive site.
01/06/2007        3.55      Ke'ei The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Ke'ei is a cool place to dive. The road to Ke'ei turns right before the dump, and it is rough, so go slow. Once there, there are not many people. Me and my buddy dive off of the right set of rocks and used the step, much like Honaunau. Bail off and start diving. Lots of reef formations with big holes. Some other people I talked to after diving said it gets deep here- up to 120, but I only went to 50 feet. Great bottom with lots of fish life. Would not advise diving on a large swell day, as the entry/exit could be very challenging.
01/06/2007        4.06      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove Mahukona and had a great time here. We went straight off of the swim steps, but I would suggest a giant stride off the dock. Check water depth first. Straight out there is a wreck in about 30-35 feet. We saw old steel wheels and a large chain. Lots of yellow tang and other fish. Also go south around the rocks for a good dive. Overall a great site with absolutely no people. Be careful if the swell is up because it can be rough in the chute or canal.
01/06/2007        3.38      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Alua Beach is a nice dive except for the boat traffic entering and leaving Honokohau Harbor. You need to make sure you don't pop up out in deep water because there are lots of boats here. The bottom is great with lots of fish. The beach is a very easy entry when the swell is not up. Some locals say this is their favorite dive spot on The Big Island, but I like Honaunau and Mahukona much better. Easy entry and lots of people on the beach.
01/06/2007        3.61      Kahalu'u Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Kahalu Beach Park is a nice place to snorkel, but probably a little too shallow to dive. We went here many times during a recent trip and snorkelers of all ages were here. Snorkeling is great with lots of varieties of fish including Humu humu's and others. Many say this beach has a greater variety of fish than most other beaches on the island. There are lots of people here, so be careful if you want to snorkel or dive.
01/30/2006        4.33      Leffingwell Landing California Mid, USA West
Leffingwell Landing is also known to many as Cambria. The large rock in the S. directions is Cambria Rock. This 1/4 mile rock is an excellent place to dive, weather permitting. Upon arrival look at the swell at the concrete boat ramp. If it is big, get some coffee and wait for better days ahead. If it's flat and you can get to the rock with a dive kayak, aluminum boat or other, the diving can be excellent! I usually anchor a hundred yards past Cambria Rock, gear up, then drop down to 55-60 feet. The plant life is great (lots of kelp) but the fish life is astounding. Big reds, lingcod, blues and other rockfish lined in a vertical column all the way to the surface. Take a spear gun and get ready. In my opinion, this is the greenest dive anywhere. I would consider it either intermediate or advanced only because you are so far from shore. I dive solo lots, so I am prepared with a pony and extra gear. Also, make sure you start your ascent with at least 1000 psi. The kelp beds are quite large here and you may have to swim under them to get back to the boat. Cambria Rock cannot be dived much of the time, but when it is divable, it can be great!
01/29/2006        3.43      Lovers Point California North, USA West
I've dove Lover's Point on a few occasions with different results. My first dive the viz was about 30 feet and I went to the reef on the North- a nice dive. On the last two dives the surge was pretty rough and not unlike a washing machine. I guess picking a good day is important here. I prefer Coral Street, McAbee, or the Breakwater Pier to this spot.
01/29/2006        3.25      Lake Ouachita Arkansas, USA Mid
I've dove Lake Ouachita for a few summers straight now. I dove the dam in '04 and went down to about 80 feet. Then I came back up and followed the rope going off of the rocks on the dam and found a mailbox (with a fish in it), a golf cart with clubs, and some sunken boats. The first time I dove it the viz down deeper was probably about 30 plus feet. It looks real deep and dark below the sunken vehicles. Not much fish life here, but a great freshwater dive. The steps leading down to the dam are nice. Lost a nice mask (clear) and snorkel here. I also like diving across from Mountain Harbor, I believe around island 18. Some nice coves and points there, and with a bass boat you can look for good viz. When I hit 22-25 feet, the water does get cold. Take a 7 mil suit if you plan to dive deep, otherwise a 3 mil would do the job. It gets dark real fast here, so I mostly dove the islands to 25 feet max. Lots of fish life around these islands. I do agree that you need a boat to dive Ouachita. I'd be interested in other spots to dive in this lake.
01/29/2006        4.59      LA - Casino Point California Mid, USA West
Casino Point is one of my favorite dive spots anywhere. The viz is usually great and the fish life is amazing. Dove for two days in July and on the second day saw a giant sea bass in about 70 feet. Followed him around for twenty minutes or so. Also met Dr. Bill Bushing. Lots of Garibaldi and Calico bass here, a few sunken boats, and a J. Cousteau plaque. For the money, one of the best dives anywhere. P.S. I also like the boat ride and room rates. Going back this April.
01/13/2006        4.77      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove Place of Refuge twice during my Hawaii stay. First dive ponied up, dove to 100', and looked off into the blue abyss. Man this is a nice dive site! Second dive was with my friend Kelly Robinson. We dove to about 80' a made a few wide circles around the area. Saw turtles, a few nice spotted grouper, and lots of fish. I know I will never forget this dive. What an amazing place!
01/13/2006        4.77      Old Kona Airport beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove the Old Kona Airport North End three times a week ago and it was truly a great dive. Lots of fish life and a nice underwater bridge. I also found a nice tunnel between two reefs filled with fish. Viz. to 80-100 feet. Very easy dive but watch out for the urchins. I ended up going a little ways around the end of the beach near the big lava bank and found good spots to enter. Excellent dive. Man, I loved Hawaii!!
12/01/2005        3.76      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
I dove Monastery Beach with my friend Dan Angel from Oakland. It was a flat day so we had no trouble getting out. Viz was not too good. We tried to find the ledge to look off into deep water, but no viz. Had a great dive but, since I dive alone much of the time with a pony tank, I do not dive Monastery. Dive this site on a flat day, as the swell can be very dangerous.
11/28/2005        3.99      Coral Street Beach California North, USA West
Coral Street is one of my favorite dive sites. Good fish life and lots of kelp. Can sometimes be a little rough getting in, but very worth it. Go out through the channel and head north for good reef life. Take a kayak and go straight out into the kelp. Good kelp in about 30 feet of water. Have found some good gear here as well. Be careful, I once got caught in a longshore current off of Coral Street. Bought me a good pony tank the next day. Have seen many photographers taking pictures in the reefs off of Coral Street.
11/28/2005        3.23      Breakwater Cove California North, USA West
I have dove Breakwater many times in the past. I consider it a good place to dive, and it is especially good when the weather kicks up at other dive sites in Monterey. I first started out kicking out into the kelp and diving the rock formations there, but later I began to surface swim out past the bathrooms on the jetty, drop down, and dive back to shore. Nice place to dive. Good life next to the breakwater, especially on good days. Bring quarters for parking and get there early on the weekends.
11/28/2005        3.35      McAbee Beach California North, USA West
McAbee Beach is a good dive in the heart of Monterey. Park on the street, use the meters, and walk down the path to the beach. Kick out to the kelp (35 ft), and dive back to shore. Some pretty nice fish here, although I can't help but think there should be more fish in Monterey overall. Some of the old-timers have told me there used to be lots more. You can also view the beach through the web cam les
11/27/2005        4.15      La Jolla Cove California South, USA West
Dove La Jolla Cove Thanksgiving day and what a great dive! Could easily be compared to Casino Point, but not quite the vis. Good vis to 25-30 feet. Lots and lots of fish. This was one of my best dives ever. The next day the vis was down to 10 feet, with a surge. Dove that afternoon and the vis was 5 feet with washing machine conditions. What a rough dive! Got to practice the Monastery Crawl on the way in. Overall and excellent dive. Loved the lobster and Garibaldi.
01/19/2005        3.79      Sewer Plant Beach California North, USA West
I dove this site a few days ago and what a great dive I had. The tide was high and the swell low, so it was the best time for diving this site. Didn't see as many fish as I usually do here, but the rock formations and plant life were excellent. You might want to take a tube if diving alone; the swell can get big and change fast here. The best thing about this site is are the rock formations and big drop-offs, and the water can be very clear, with horizontal vis. to 50 feet. Overall, a great dive but be cautious and pick a nice day.
12/24/2004        1.98      Hearst Beach California Mid, USA West
I dove this site a year ago and it was a lot of work. I carried my gear to the north end of the beach with a dolly, and went through the 2-4 foot surf to dive next to the wall. I kicked way out, but the water remained shallow. When I finally dove, the water was beautiful, with lots of sand dollars- a crystal blue (20 ft. depth). In order to get into the rocks you have to use a yak or paddle WAY out. Saw no fish but I was in sand nearly the entire dive. I have dove from kayak a few times here, but the viz can be really bad. Pick a good viz day and the diving/spearfishing can be great. Dive further out near the point and kelp. I have seen divers kill big lings and lots of rockfish. P.S. One of the best dive sites in the state is nearby. Cambria Rock is about 10 miles south of San Simeon and the diving can be excellent with a boat or yak. Drop down in 50-60 feet and see literally thousands of rockfish and some big reds and lings. Pick a flat day for this, as it gets rough far out at the rock. Anchor your yak and drop down the anchor line. Be ready for some big fish! Some of the old-timers have told me that the water is generally clearer in Cambria than other nearby places.
12/22/2004        3.69      Morro Rock South California Mid, USA West
Morro Bay South is also called Target Rock. There is a large rock near the side of the bay and this is a good place to start diving. Vis. Here is different at different times. One good rule for Morro Bay is always dive the high tide. Currents sweep you in and out of the bay otherwise. The bottom life can be amazing: giant spider crabs, big lings, cabs, a few rockfish, and lots and lots of giant rubberlip and other perch. I recently cut a 4 foot leopard shark loose from the bottom of the bay. Great diving but check the viz. If you can't see down past two feet in the water, don't think about diving; the viz will be down to zero. A most underrated dive!

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