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07/16/2010        4.29      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
Dove LBTS off of Datura Ave: south of the pier. Public Parking is limited near the beach entry, so it is best to arrive early. I did not find a close by parking space, so dropped off my gear with a buddy and drove a few hundred yards away to find a space. There are park benches, making set up easy and outdoor showers to clean off gear afterward. The walk across the sand is easy and the swim to the first reef line, which is a bit over half way down the pier, does not take very long in the summer when conditions are usually close to flat calm. The second reef line is at close to the end of the pier. The pier keeps boat traffic light, so there is little danger of being run over while swimming out to the reef: but always a good idea to keep your eyes open. The day I dove, we saw many tropicals, a spotted eel and fairly healthy looking coral. Other folks have seen rays, nurse sharks and other critters. Given the shallow depths, it would be easy to get a 1.5-2 hour dive on a 80 cf tank.
07/09/2010        3.95      Devil's Lake, Baraboo Wisconsin, USA Mid
While visiting family in Wisconsin, I stopped by Devils Lake for a dip off the north shore. Viz was much better than I expected at about 20-25 feet, though became worse if my dive buddy and I got too close to the bottom and kicked up the sediment. I normally dive in Florida, where I live, and had very low expectations for this dive, but I'd come back if I were visiting again. Most interesting were the very abundant and inquisitive fish: they seemed to have no fear of us and came right up to our masks, checking us out. Saw at least four varieties of fish (sorry I am not a fresh water fish expert, so unsure of exactly what they were, though some looked like bass and others like sunfish) and freshwater snails. Someone placed a 'directional' sign with arrows showing distances to Cozumel, Roatan and a couple of other diving sites at about 20 feet of depth: very funny. The boulders and freshwater grasses also create interesting 'architecture' on the lake floor. We went no deeper than 25 feet and temps were mid-70's to low 80's in early July 2010. Again, if I return to the area anytime soon, I will dive this place again. One note: 3 Devil's dive shop in Baraboo has closed so you'll need to get tanks in Madison. I picked up mine at Fontana's off of Mineral Point Rd. on the west side of town.
07/05/2010        4.72      Pompano Beach Florida, USA East
We went off of SE 8th st and snorkeled out past even with the pier and then went down. Rocky, rubble bottom to cross and then you come to a ledge and a rock platform. After the long swim over the plateau you come to the drop off. A must for all divers. Lots of stone fish, eels, larger reef fish, lobster and much more. A nice reef with color and life.
06/13/2010        3.98      Refugio State Beach California Mid, USA West
We dove Refugio this morning. The water was calm and as usual surf was never above knee level. Swam out to the small reef in about 20ft of water in the kelp on the east end on the beach. Saw a small leopard shark, a few rays and a Bunch of crabs. Visibility was surprisingly good I would say 20-25ft. Great dive worth the 1.5 Hr drive from the LA area.
06/10/2010        3.05      Buddy's Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
While exiting the water on the assigned dive ladder on the dock, the dive boat approached the same dock about 2 feet from the ladder with the prop turning. I found this very unsafe and disturbing. There were many divers in the water and boats were coming and going overhead in about 9 feet of water.
06/07/2010        3.96      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Easy entry from dock, then we snorkel out to the clear water. Healthy finger coral. Avg fish. Can listen to the whales.
06/05/2010        4.00      Devil's Grotto Cayman Islands, Caribbean

05/24/2010        2.75      Alexander Springs Florida, USA East
Awesome place for beginner divers or if you haven't been down in a while. Impossible to hurt yourself. Great visibility, but little to see. A nice, easy dive, but plan on being bored after 30 minutes. Great to go with others who don't dive, as they can play in the springs.
05/24/2010        3.55      Gerstle Cove California North, USA West
Great place but, if you hunt fish or abalone, ocean cove (the next one up the road) is even better.
05/19/2010        3.00      Sunken Forest New Hampshire, USA East
A great place to go to get wet. Work on peak buoyancy or hone in on perfect weight, good place to learn and master navigation, you can't get lost.... It's a cove with seaweed barrier to the ocean... if you want to stay in the cove it's only good 1.5 hrs either side of high tide as there is only 10ft water at high tide. Good for newbie. If all goes wrong ' stand up '. I take my boy here to practice
05/16/2010        3.66      La Jolla Shores California South, USA West
(No Comment)
04/25/2010        2.96      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
Its been a while since I commented on this dive site. I think its only fair to give a more accurate account. This is a very popular Training Location. Meaning that on any given weekend, you are bound to run into classes before 10am. I normally don't dive this site unless it's either night, or after work during the weekdays because of the number of people that go here. Entry and conditions change with every day so please know that what might be great one day, can be horrible the next. It's a south facing beach so hard to get lost. There are a few entrances to the crevices and at least a couple tunnels and caves that I don't recommend getting into without training as I have had to rescue a few people that got stuck. I absolutely love this site for night diving and never get tired. I have seen every creature from moray eels, wolf eels, seal, sea lions, octopi, brown shrimp and other smaller shrimp, leopard shark, horn shark, bat rays, thornback rays, sting rays, and hundreds of other creatures both big an small. However, expect to see nothing and be happy if you catch a glimpse of anything as I have gone some times and seen ZERO. I have likely dove this site over 300 times and as I said, its always different.
04/19/2010        3.21      Lake Denton Florida, USA East
The boat ramp on the east shore is open until 4:30 pm. You can unload at the ramp and then park across the street.
03/28/2010        3.28      Punt Vierkant Bonaire South, ABC Islands
The fence was not there. People don't know of this place so it is a quiet beach. Mainly sand, few animal life.
03/28/2010        3.83      White Slave Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Beautiful site with turtles. We did it early morning. After one hour of dive the current and surf were already worst... not for a beginner.
03/16/2010        3.21      Lydgate State Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
This is a great place for kids and families. We saw and took pictures of 1.5 ft long blue fish, not sure about the name.
03/15/2010        3.30      Jade Cove California Mid, USA West
I love jade cove. It's hard to enter and get down the cliff but it is worth it. Plan a good calm day and vis will be good. When I go, it has been like 50 ft vis and is pretty dang amazing.
03/08/2010        3.27      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
This is an interesting site, but pales in comparison to the nearby Devil's Den. If I had to choose between the two sites for a future dive, I'd pick the Den. Blue Grotto was my first spring dive and I found the experience interesting and the surroundings somewhat surreal. Much different than the ocean diving I normally do in Jupiter, WPB and the Keys. The afternoon light cascading through the top of the roof makes for interesting photographs. The water is fairly comfortable at 71-72 degrees, but a hood or beanie for your head is a must. My buddy and I saw all that we wanted to see of the cavern on one tank: actually, after 30 minutes or so (about 50% of the tank), we were looking for things to do. I don't think I'd dive Blue Grotto again, but I am glad I tried it.
03/08/2010        3.60      Devil's Den Florida, USA East
Very nice dive site: lots of swim throughs that allow open water cert. divers to feel like they are adventurous cavern divers without all the dangers of cavern diving (though keep in mind, this is still, in fact, a cavern with an overhead roof). There are some fossils protruding from the walls of the cavern which were interesting. The water temp is 72 degrees, so bring a hood. The employees in the dive shop are very helpful, the picnic tables are set near the entrance to the spring making set-up of scuba gear convenient and the shower has hot water (which feels pretty good after finishing a two tank dive in Feb when air temp was in the 60's). I enjoyed this site more than the nearby Blue Grotto.
03/02/2010        3.72      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
I wanted to provide updated instructions on how to find the Nakaya, as I had problems with what I found in my research. The Nakaya is a good dive, but I'd not recommend it to any novice/beginner divers due to the extreme surface swim, the deep depth, and the danger of the wreck itself. Directions to the Nakaya, starting from the stairs down to the water:
-Swim to the very last and very far white surface buoy on the extreme right (closest to shore).
-It is a long swim, about 320m using the ruler tool in Google Earth.
-Descend along the line from the buoy all the way to the bottom (depth about 25m).
-If you face a compass bearing of 30 degrees (or just ballpark North), and then turn 90 degrees to your left and start swimming, you'll run right into the Nakaya.
-The Nakaya is not far from the line. Maybe 20 or 30 feet. If you miss it for some reason, return to the line and try again.
11/30/2009        3.00      Mukilteo State Park Washington, USA West
This site is closed for diving as of Feb. 2009
11/17/2009        3.85      Boca Catalina Aruba, ABC Islands
We found reef looking much better than April 2009. Plant life has improved greatly. Fish were in abundance, and the entry is great for all levels of snorkeling.
11/04/2009        3.62      Alki Pipeline Washington, USA West
We visited this site a few times this last March and it was great! Very good for beginners as you can get out there pretty far and still not be more than 30' deep. The rocks make for a very beautiful reef full of color! Lots of crab, small fish, anenomies, and plants. We even had a seal swimming with us. Just be careful of current if heading out to the large pipeline as it is easy to get off course and end up in the middle of nowhere with a long swim back :)
09/07/2009        4.10      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
9/6/09: Water conditions were as good as can be; no surf, no current, no surge. We surface swam out about 50 yards and dropped down in the middle of the cove. We checked the right side and then spent the remainder of the dive on the left side. Great area to dive with overhangs, walls, crevices, etc. It was our first dive there and our fourth dive on this vacation. For those of you uncomfortable in doing a beach dive on your own, if the water is flat, it's an easy and highly recommended dive.
09/04/2009        4.05      Ogden Breakwater Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
There is always great diving at Ogden Point Breakwater throughout the year. You have kelp forests teeming with life beginning in the spring and carrying on throughout the summer which makes up for the lack of visibility due to algae blooms. In the fall and winter the visibility can be up to 90ft with white plumose anemones dotting the reef. Stubby squid, schools of rock fish, tube snouts, occasional seals and otters, wolf eels, scallops, chitons, starfish, Puget Sound king crab, anemones galore, sea pens... it goes on! Enjoy yourself any time of year and don't forget to stop off at the mermaid statue just past the first bend.
09/04/2009        3.65      Three Tables Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Conditions were great; flat water, no current, minimal surge. Visibility was good as a result. We entered left of the leftmost table, in between it and the rocks. We surface swam behind the leftmost table, dropped down, and followed some of the 'gulleys' back and forth.
09/01/2009        3.73      Bawley point, NSW Australia, Queensland, Pacific
Very popular site. A lot of life to see. A few quite large resident bull rays do big laps of the area. My favourite dive.
08/28/2009        2.28      Savaneta Beach Aruba, ABC Islands
A lot of coral looks dead, including big elkhorn fields, probably due to 2008 TS Omar. Also saw a large dead sea fan ripped from its base. Remember the way you came in or you will be faced with a field of sea urchins.
08/28/2009        2.85      Kahe Point Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I really regret going during the winter times... It's rough, the waves can get huge and when I went there that time they weren't that big. It's difficult to navigate through with the waves. I would recommend swimming out past the waves and then putting your gear on. It was fairly decent when you get down.. vis was not that great due to the strong current... Big variety of sea life... Saw three green sea turtles, one white tip, and a pod of dolphins! Man, that was really cool... I have swam with dolphins before but the ones there are so playful! Me and my buddy were trying to go back towards shore when we had half tanks, and the dolphins were following us and bumping up against us! It was pretty cute though.. I would definitely go again sometime.. But my overall favorite dive site would be shark's cove. Crowded but nice.
08/24/2009        2.94      Fort Ross North California North, USA West
(No Comment)
08/19/2009        3.00      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
I have two memories of this beach from 1982: The first was when I saw a young woman attempting to exit the water and she kept getting knocked down by the waves and could not get out. If others had not pulled her out I am sure that eventually she would have drowned. Monastery Beach is where I almost died! I went diving with a daredevil diver who was ex Navy Seal. The first time he took another guy and myself down to about 100 feet and we ascended with no problem. The next time we went down to about 180 feet and I narced out and panicked! I shot to the surface and obviously kept breathing or I would be dead. When I hit the surface it was total relief.
08/19/2009        3.77      Satil Eilat, Middle East
(No Comment)
08/16/2009        4.10      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
(No Comment)
08/14/2009        4.71      Buddy's Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
We stayed here for a week at the first of March and had a wonderful time. We sometime dove the house reef twice a day.
08/13/2009        3.80      Three Tables Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Always a good place to go. Dump in here and swim around the outside of the 3 tables to the point past snaggles then into Shark's Cove. Lots of fish and the occasional turtle. Good reef to view most of the snorkel/swim.
07/22/2009        3.84      Ke'ei The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Went to Ke'ei this past weekend. The road there is a bit bumpy but go slow and pretty much and car can make it. It is private land so be nice and friendly to all the locals there. The coves offer fantastic snorkeling with decent drop-offs if you enjoy deep freediving. Plentiful aquatic life with lots of eels visible. Actually saw a Yellow margin there that was 6+ ft in length and about a foot in diameter. Definitely the largest eel I have ever seen in Hawaii and it was not far off shore.
07/12/2009        3.00      Kelvin Grove Vancouver, BC, Canada
As an update, Kelvin Grove beach park in Lions Bay is now open only to scuba divers who live in Lions Bay, and their guests. Village Council decided this in June, 2009. The reason is that the beach is tiny, and lacks change-rooms and washrooms to accommodate diving groups. Too many divers were coming back and changing at their cars and urinating around the parking lot where residents and their children could see them. The Village Council hopes that divers who are residents will keep their guests from doing this sort of thing. There are now 3 spots that are visitor parking, for up to 3 hours. No permit required. Whytecliff or Porteau Cove are good alternatives.
07/12/2009        4.38      France Park, Logansport Indiana, USA Mid
No Comment.
07/09/2009        3.58      Three Tables Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
No comment.
07/04/2009        4.46      The Hideaway at Princeville Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
It is great for snorkeling/scuba. Great, colorful fish. Almost perfect visibility. Not very many people there. Get there early to get a parking space, because the parking lot is really small. No bathrooms or any facilities, so take food/water with you. Going down the trail is the only bad thing about it, but definitely worth it.
06/17/2009        3.00      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Drop car off here. Entry point is Puerto Chiquito. See evaluation below (Oct 20-24 2008).
06/17/2009        3.00      Puerto Chiquito Aruba, ABC Islands
See Manngo visit Oct 20-24 2008. Best to park at Mango Vista and walk the 2-3 blocks to here. Enter the water, swim the 100' to the reef and drift to the channel that enters the Mango Vista lagoon. Best reef on the island.
04/30/2009        4.21      Kukio Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
What a great place to dive and snorkel. The area has been somewhat more developed since the picture but the facilities are really great and as previous divers have indicated, great beach and place to hang out for the day. If you have snorkelers with you, they can have fun too. Highly recommend. Our visited included turtles, octopus, clams, eels and a multitude of fish species.
04/27/2009        2.56      Alger Underwater Diving Preserve Michigan, USA Mid
Did the shore dive around the dock ruins behind Munising high school. This was my first time diving Lake Superior, but certainly won't be my last. The visibility was incredible, well over 30 feet. Very shallow around the ruins, only 15-20 feet. I was fairly comfortable in a 7mm wetsuit in late July. Decently long swim, and the entry was done over rocks, but not overly difficult. There are some old maritime artifacts to see, the majority of which are actually a little bit to the west of the pilings. Nice easy dive for a beginning diver like myself. Not sure it would be of much interest to an experienced diver. I did this dive to get a feel for the cold and clear water of lake superior. Could be easily snorkeled as well. I look forward to diving many of the wrecks in this preserve.
04/19/2009        3.67      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
The surf at times here can be a little tough when you're first coming out. Had a great group of sea turtles the last time we were there and lost track of how close they were bringing us to the rocks. Not making that mistake again! Visibility has been good the past 3 times we went out. We're planning to go again. Great sites inside the cove and if you swim out there's some great intermediate/advanced diving depending on where you go. There are a few caverns with a shark that calls the area home. We've seen at least one turtle every time we've done this dive.
04/08/2009        3.00      Possum Kingdom Lake Texas, USA Mid
Scuba Point is closed and has been sold to a developer for high end RV parking and there is no diving. I know this for a fact as I talked to the owner.
03/14/2009        3.15      Tech Reef Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Tech Reef is a great shore dive. Getting to it is the issue. Now keep in mind that I am telling this as a very green beginner. I am a fairly big guy but new to diving. You have to walk down a very narrow and treacherous path to a small lagoon (where an elderly homeless lady lives, she's nice). Once in the water, the current was very faint. Point away from shore and fin out until you are in about 25 feet of water. Descend and you will find a plethora of swim throughs, caves, turtles and even white tips. The way this dive is situated makes it very easy to swim all the way around until you get to electric beach (which has a much easier beach exit). This dive is awesome if you are willing to handle almost repelling down to the entry.
01/18/2009        4.10      Whytecliff Park Vancouver, BC, Canada
Easy access to park. Lots of parking available, however arrive early in the summer months. Making your way down to the beach you will have to negotiate a set of stairs or a ramp leading to the shore. Consult tide tables carefully. On an incoming tide you may think that by diving on the east side of the bay you may get a drift coming back in; however the tide pushes off the north side and makes its way around to the opposite side which can make your return swim tiring. Best to be tackled at slack tide.
12/30/2008        3.81      Blue Heron Bridge Florida, USA East
This site can be dived year round. Enter the water 20-40 minutes prior to high tide (you're diving at the slack high tide period). I dove the west span and the fishing pier on 12/29/08 with a 3MM wet suit and was comfortable. Many critters such as bat fish, sea robins, flying gurnards, horseshoe crabs, sharp tailed eels, arrow crabs, scorpion fish, drums, parrotfish, trigger fish, spade fish, grunts, other tropicals, octopus, large sea stars (starfish), fire worms etc. etc. Sea floor is mucky, so be careful not to kick up sand which will limit vis for your dive buddy. Scope out the fisherman before entering the water, you don't want to get hooked and, depending on the number of people fishing, you might want to avoid the fishing pier. There are a couple of dive shops nearby for air fills or rental of equipment (I tend to use Force-E which is located west of Phil Foster Park, on Blue Heron Blvd.) Facilities are good with restrooms and outdoor showers. If fish are not being cleaned, you can use the hose at the cleaning station on the west side of the park to clean your gear. But give the fisherman (and woman) first dibs on the cleaning station. I just 'discovered' this dive site two months ago and have dove it 6 times. It is a nice change from boat/reef diving.
12/27/2008        3.75      Bachelor's Beach Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Recent storm brought up some sand, and recent rainfall increased particulate. Orange frogfish atop an orange sponge at 3 meters, 20 meters south of buoy. Wonderful find!
11/22/2008        3.38      Turtle  Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
(No comment)
11/08/2008        4.33      The Canyon, Dahab Egypt, Middle East
(no comment)
10/28/2008        4.09      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Week of Oct 20-24 2008, most of the snorkeling on the island is junk due to hurricane Omar that passed thru here last week. Most shallow reefs are flattened. This is still the best spot on the island to go, as the reef was deep enough to survive. Park at the Mango Halto lagoon, but don't enter the water there. Instead walk down the road 2 blocks, and there you will find a house painted yellow that has a small beach access next to it. Enter here and swim out only 100 ft to about 20' water depth. You will drift over the best beach accessible reef on the island. Drift to the lagoon and enter thru the channel to avoid the fire coral. Google maps shows this area very clearly.
10/22/2008        2.91      Breakwater Cove California North, USA West
(no comment)
10/13/2008        3.64      Troy Springs Florida, USA East
Water clarity is good until stirred up. Good rock wall to explore and work. Not too crowded during the week, but not so good on the weekend.
10/08/2008        3.33      Whytecliff Park Vancouver, BC, Canada
If you want to avoid the student divers, don't dive Whytecliff on the weekends. It's a beautiful site. The bay is sheltered and there is no boat traffic. It's easy to get to, and there is all sorts of marine life. No wonder all the local dive schools train there.
10/07/2008        2.73      Jade Cove California Mid, USA West
Free dove and SCUBA'd here all summer. Found a few small pieces of jade but nothing that justified the time and expense of the trips. Some of the experienced guys that have dived here for years said it was the most 'picked over' and the kelp was thicker than they had ever seen it. Visibility rarely over 8ft. And the surge and current made it tough to keep from banging into the rocks. Occasionally a few rock cod, ling cod but nothing to write home about. Maybe reading all the great testimonies made me build it up in my mind more than I should have, but my experiences have paled in comparison with the other reviewers.
10/02/2008        3.16      Pto Colombia South America, Colombia, Caribbean

09/26/2008        2.99      Exmouth Point Murat Navy Pier Australia, Western Australia, Pacific
(No Comment)
09/25/2008        3.43      Waimea Bay (wall) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Hercules rock in Waianae is a beautiful breathtaking place to swim. There is a 30ft jump and smaller jumps averaging 15ft and 5ft if you are not sure your up to jumping 30ft. Hercules rock also has an underwater cave that is safe enough to swim through. Hercules is a safe clean and alive place. If you are not up for jumping or swimming you could always explore the healthy reef in search for wild life.
09/24/2008        3.45      Octopus Hole Washington, USA West
I have dove at this location several times throughout the past year. The ease of getting to critters and the confidence of finding the right exit point keeps me coming back! If you are at all concerned about currents of diving new places, definitely check this place out. It is not the easiest to get to and from the water, and parking can be tricky, but the dive will make it all worth it. One of the few places I can always go and find at least one Octo! Typically there are 6-8 hiding around tire reefs, walls, under rocks, etc. Just start poking around and you will not be disappointed!
09/21/2008        2.76      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
We went on Friday September 19th. It was a night dive and we were in the water by 9:00. It was about 62 degrees and saw a lot of lobster, squid (some over 12 inches) and lots of skate. There were very few divers and it was not too bad climbing down the rocks to the water line. The current however became very strong at about 50 feet.
09/17/2008        2.28      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Youths/thugs smashed the window of our rental car. When they found nothing, they waited for us to return. They attempted to shake us down and mug us. One solid punch landed on their 'leader' and they ran. Cowards and thieves are all the same. Looking to prey on the weak or the fearful. Visit this wonderful spot in a group and leave nothing in your vehicles.
09/15/2008        1.11      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I'm sure this would have been a great dive site if done at a different time. The conditions were horrible, poor visibility and high surf. The dive instructor said it was fine and normal for the area. It was my girlfriends first time and, by the time she got out there, she was so terrified and virtually sea sick because of the high surf and dark murky water, she didn't even go down. I did and after 20 min of boredom I came up. Its sad that some dive operators are so desperate to make a buck that they take people out when the know the conditions are horrible.
08/06/2008        4.60      Millbrook Quarry Virginia, USA East
(No Comment)
08/04/2008        3.00      Kayak Point County Park Washington, USA West
This is a 'big' test of 'everything'!
07/09/2008        4.85      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
The reef was moderately populated with various ocean fish. While I observed a sting ray and sea turtle at this site on two separate visits to this location on two different days during the same week, don't expect to befriend any fellow snorkelers or divers. The people I met that were going to the reef were peculiarly unfriendly, and they rather be left to their own devices which was the opposite of what I had experienced in the past on vacations to other places.
07/01/2008        3.46      Abay Hospital Bottle Dive New York, USA East
There is a very nice Gazebo and entrance ramp. This is also the location of the Islander Wreck and an underwater platform. This is a great dive to just have fun. You can access a lot from this location including a depth of 85 feet with some current, or stay in the wreck area and have almost no current and about 40-50 feet in depth. East about 100 yards from the bow of the Islander (approximately 30 feet off shore from the entrance ramp) is the platform and West of the Islander is the Hospital and shoot (more advanced diving in the shoot area due to current).
07/01/2008        4.12      Zeelandbrug Netherlands, Europe
I was there last week and made a beautiful dive! Saw loads of big fish, nice anemones, a very rare shell and huge lobsters. At low tide the visibility is better than at high tide, although the entry is bit harder because of the slippery rocks.
06/19/2008        2.75      Canyon Lake Texas, USA Mid
A fun dive location close to the San Antonio area. There's a few platforms situated along the bottom along with several large objects that make it an interesting dive to explore around. Visibility is not the greatest, but manageable.
06/08/2008        2.48      Regina Wreck Or Molasses Barge Florida, USA East
It was a very small wreck but was worth seeing as a one time deal. There were a ton of shells and lots of sand dollars that nearly covered the bottom. In order to find the barge you nearly had to swim into it, and the local Sea Trek Divers shop was very unhelpful and unwilling to accommodate new or out of town divers.
05/08/2008        2.92      1000 Steps Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Excellent dive site. Isolated, shallow, great life, and the steps were fun!
04/21/2008        4.34      Sheraton Caverns Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
(no comment)
04/04/2008        4.47      Salt Creek Washington, USA West

04/04/2008        3.67      Fort Flagler Pier Washington, USA West
This was a great dive. Lots to see on the artifical reef- underwater trail for easy navigation. We missed slack so the current made the dive an advanced dive.
04/04/2008        4.23      Keystone Jetty (Fort Casey) Washington, USA West

03/22/2008        3.29      Haloa Point Maui, Hawaiian Islands
The diving location at the beach is to the far Left. Fairly easy entry and exit, due to small waves and nice sandy beach. On the dive there were many different coral and rock formations that extended out from the beach/point. Didn't see too many fish as at some other locations, but did see quite a few green sea turtles. Max depth is 35ft. With an average of 22ft. There are no amenities such as a shower or bath room at the beach, so be prepared to rinse your gear off at another location. Overall, I would rate this a 6/10.
03/22/2008        2.53      Hotel Barracuda Cozumel, Caribbean
We did our open water dives off of Hotel Barracuda. Visibility was terrific! Compared to the boat diving, there is really nothing to see except maybe do an equipment check.
03/18/2008        2.42      Jade Cove California Mid, USA West
(No comment)
03/14/2008        3.18      Catalina Cove Aruba, ABC Islands
It was fantastic!
03/01/2008        3.20      Summersville Lake West Virginia, USA East
(No comment)
02/29/2008        3.71      Abaco Bahamas, Caribbean
We went snorkeling at Mermaid Reef in Marsh Harbour. This is a reef about 50 yards off shore. There is a small beach there and nothing else. Great to go out and snorkel and afterwards walk up the street to a restaurant for lunch. Great marine life with all types, sizes and colors of fish. The coral looks healthy. There are some charter boats that stop by but they don't stay long. I would hang out on the beach until the charter left, and then enjoy the reef to myself.
02/26/2008        4.16      Malmok Beach Aruba, ABC Islands
(no comment)
02/25/2008        2.39      Hobsonville Point Oregon, USA West
We did this site on a really nice sunny day in February. The entry was the easiest, but he animal and plant life were less than expected. This is what I imagine the moon being like if it was covered with water. You could limit on clams in a hurry, but good luck on crabs, we saw only one. A ton of hermit crabs. The vis was about 8'. Next time up there I might try the lumber dock or the jetty.
02/16/2008        3.47      Alexander Springs Florida, USA East
A very nice place to dive. There were many animals, from otters, to turtles, to fish. This is a one-tank dive though. It's a good place for beginners, with a fair current at the source.
01/22/2008        3.91      Kealakekua Bay (Old Wharf) The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This is a great snorkeling location. We went back a second time it was so good. As we paddled out we were met by a large (30-40) pod of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Lots of reef life once you reach the monument. You can now beach your kayak on shore. If you swim out past the area where the kayak rental shops tell you to beach, there is a cool undersea arch that is fun to swim through (watch out for the black wana though).
01/14/2008        4.28      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Snorkeling was excellent just west of the tombolo. We snorkeled on the east side of the tombolo and only saw a few fish. Once we got on the other side of the tombolo, all of a sudden there were countless varieties of fish swimming the area. Entry is best right in the middle in front of the tombolo where there are no rocks.
01/13/2008        3.13      Carnelian Bay, Tahoe California North, USA West
This site is awesome, and it is a great training site. There is not a lot to see, but you can see Crawdads, Threadfin Sculpin, and tuichubs.
12/28/2007        4.39      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
If you want to see turtles this is the place! Turtles of all sizes were seen on this site. We did several dives here in late December 2007. Easy parking, very short walk, facilities and a very easy beach entry/exit make this a relaxing dive site. The turtles, fish and abundant swim-throughs, arches and caves make it an interesting site to return to multiple times. We also saw several 5-6 foot white tip reef sharks relaxing in the caves. Fish and invertebrate life includes: moorish idols, many varieties of butterfly fish and wrasses, crabs, brittle stars, nudibranchs and flatworms, trunkfish, eels and more. This is also a popular place for snorkelers. You'll get long bottom times here as you don't have to go beyond 35 feet to enjoy the spectacular variety of life. Enjoy!
12/19/2007        4.14      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Incredible snorkeling experience. It was very windy during the time we visited Kauai, but this reef is very protected and easy to navigate. Lots of fish with great visibility. Lots of road construction on the way, but worth the drive!
12/18/2007        3.10      Lake Jacossee South Carolina, USA East
It's an easy entry from the remote boat ramp. Four training platforms, numerous lines to follow to see two small boats, the Bones Family, airplane wing, toilet, etc. Great boat dive on Chinese Junk, or the Graveyard from the movie Deliverance. Chilly water. Low viz if bottom stirred. No facilities. $2 entry per person.
12/18/2007        2.89      Lake Murray South Carolina, USA East
Lake Murky! Although the entry from the Irmo Rec. Area is easy, and the first 50 feet are imported sand, beyond that it is very silty with poor viz. Good for Rescue classes, surface skills and just getting wet, but little to see.
12/06/2007        4.85      Alice In Wonderland Bonaire South, ABC Islands
There are no bad dives on Bonaire. This has one of my favorite double reefs. It is a very easy dive with the best of the best!
12/02/2007        4.45      Whalers Cove (Point Lobos) California North, USA West
Lovely. No taking anything here means lots of big fish. Some algae usually seen only farther south (Eisenia arborea). Lots of coralline algae and invertebrates. Fairly well protected in Winter from swell if you don't mind a bit of surge.
11/06/2007        3.51      Rocky Point Mexico, Puerto Penasco, Caribbean
Go to Cholla Bay to Pinto Point, and you can dive on the north or south side of the point. Water temp was 78 degrees F. Air temp 80-85 degrees F. I took a group of new divers down and they had a blast. Water was warm, and the entry was easy at high tide. Make sure you dive as close to high tide as possible to avoid heavy currents. Feeding the fish with conch was a blast. We had many different species eating out of our hands. Water visibility was great around the rocky areas. Sandy areas were murky but overall great for new divers. Shore dives are typically from 6-25 feet deep. Night dives have great bio illuminesscents. Best time is November. God Bless and have a great dive.
10/24/2007        4.53      Blue Heron Bridge Florida, USA East
Great dive site for both beginners and advanced divers. I saw huge schools of barracuda, angelfish, parrotfish, lots of lobsters, and two huge sting rays. There are endless amounts of small creatures on the bottom, so take your time as you cruise along.
10/13/2007        4.10      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
Had a great time.. Lots of marine life!
10/08/2007        2.87      La Perouse Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Drove out to the site, and encountered the nastiest animal we saw on any of our dives: A pissed off park ranger with a chip on her shoulder. She advised us not to dive there, and sent us back a few miles to a very bad site. Then she chastised us for unloading our tanks right by the dive site. Scary creature for sure.
10/04/2007        3.38      Morrison Springs Florida, USA East
Great Dive site! This is a great place to go dive no matter what level you are. The water was crystal clear the day we went but we were the only people there. You could look at the bottom from the shore and see the bottom. As you dive down to the cavern you can feel the water rushing by you and making you swim just a little to reach the cavern. You need a wetsuit for this dive the water was about 58, and that's a constant no matter what depth.
09/27/2007        3.36      Bradenton Beach Florida, USA East
There is a good fossil bed off the end of the 3rd pier.
09/10/2007        2.71      Salt Pond Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I tried snorkeling here but there were lots of ocean motion and it made the water cloudy. Only saw a couple of fish. I'm sure it would have been better at a more calmer time.
09/04/2007        2.22      Vortex Springs Florida, USA East
(The text of the review was deleted because of *anonymous* negative comments about the management of Vortex Springs- Editor)
08/30/2007        2.93      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Although a wall dive is always fun. Black Rock suffers greatly from over exposure to people. For rounding the point, north to south, this is a beginner dive or intermediate snorkel. The north side (best entrance) has a lackluster entry (sand bordered by a man-made jetty) shifting to a reasonable natural wall as you round the first point. The best views are right on the wall. Look for small fish, eels and corals in the nooks and cranny's. Small turtles frequently visit the wall near the surface to feed (we saw two). Watch for a large alcove on the main face of the wall. Not much to see but fun to stick your head in. The problems occur as you approach the south side and the exit. The visibility drops from 50-60 feet to 10-20 feet and the number of people climbs to unbearable levels. More turtles can be found in the shallows against the rock but in this area, they will be mobbed by tourist snorkels with no respect for any animal (You included. Lots of pushing and shoving to get that photo with the turtle). I found better snorkeling and diving, a half mile to the north at old airport beach. Free parking, easy access, shower, shallow beginner dive (eels and octopus plus a wide variety of fish).
08/27/2007        2.65      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Getting to the site was an absolute nightmare! All the major hotels have taken up access to the beach and parking is far from the dive site and expensive. We were very disappointed.
08/27/2007        3.14      Wreck of the Gertrude Alberta, Canada

08/24/2007        2.33      Rail Road Bridge, Morehead North Carolina, USA East
Crap. Vis is terrible, and there is almost non-existent life. The max depth is about 20 feet. Worst dive ever.
08/23/2007        3.78      Blue Heron Bridge Florida, USA East
Lots of life. We've seen octopuses every time we go. Tons of reef fish, eels, lobster.
08/17/2007        3.31      Kahalu'u Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This site has lots of fish, eels, turtles, etc. Everyone swims out to look for turtles, but they are along the rocks, in close. You'll be sick of turtles by the time you're done with this site. This site is almost too shallow to snorkel, let alone dive. Most of it is 3-6 feet deep.
08/15/2007        3.31      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove this site 4 times on recent trip. Always something different. Saw eagle rays, eels, etc. Nice cave out to left with sleeping turtles and other creatures. Be sure to wave to the people on the dive boats that anchor there, since they paid $125 for a 300 yard boat ride from the harbor to dive the same site you're shore diving. If you're renting tanks from Jack's, it's really easy to swap out at their harbor shop before or after your dive.
08/15/2007        3.45      Wood Cove California South, USA West
I have dove this site numerous times in every season, and I have always found good vis, low surf, and bountiful amounts of fish, lobster, and other creatures. Enter to the right of the big rock on shore for low surf and deep water near shore.
08/15/2007        3.50      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Entry a little tricky, so just go slow. Nice cave off to left with sleeping turtles and other creatures in little crevices. After looking at the cave, you can follow the reef to the left or swim straight out over the sand to a second reef.
08/15/2007        3.99      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Get there early (and preferably on a weekday) to find parking. I saw a pretty big whitetip cruising the reef near the drop off. Great site if you have both divers and snorkelers in your group.
08/04/2007        2.66      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Definitely will not be my first choice for future shore dives. I'll go here again only if ALL other sites are closed. Despite other reviews which said this was a great dive site, our experience wasn't that great. Although they have a trolley to help you get your gear to the beach, you have to pay for it. $1 for each trip up and .50 for each trip down. And, as if that's not bad enough, they charge to transport tanks and or bags. Once we reached the beach, perhaps we entered at the water at the wrong location; however, getting over the reef even at high tide was difficult at best. I literally had to crawl over the reef with my BC fully inflated while trying to avoid doing any damage to the reef. After that, we navigated through the reef maze to reach 25 feet of water. Stick with snorkeling at this site!!
07/31/2007        3.19      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Enter at Makuliea after walking down the stairs. There is beach access and plenty of stuff to see along the way to Honolua.
07/23/2007        3.79      Bari Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Great snorkeling! We left the cruise ship walking up the coast until we came upon Bonaire Dive. Rented snorkels and waded in to find fish at our feet. Moray eel, squid (32), and caught a glimpse of an octopus beneath one of the docks. Great area for beginners and intermediates.
07/22/2007        3.77      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Free dived Tunnels 5 times over the last week. Each day topped the previous. Dolphin visits, family of 9 sea turtles within reach, monk seal, huge eel, white tip sharks. Head out to the edge of the breakers. You will be alone with good visibility.
07/22/2007        3.34      Fort Wetherill Rhode Island, USA East
This site was way too busy for good diving.
07/15/2007        2.26      Rail Road Bridge, Morehead North Carolina, USA East
Cross the bridge to Radio Island and turn left into the pier parking area. The access point is right under the bridge, which parallels the railroad tracks. Max depth is about 20', but it averages around 15 feet. Plenty of Sheephead and urchins, but the vis is not so good - 2 to 3 when I was there. You really need to catch it at high slack to get any enjoyment from this dive. The good side is the ease of access. You can park 50 feet from the entry point. As apposed to the Radio Island jetty, it's a good deal.
07/03/2007        3.47      The Lighthouse Ontario, Canada
This site is awesome. There are lots of cool rock formations and tons of small fish and crayfish. We have also witnessed on occasion a large white silver fish which look like they could've been from Cozumel. We went 6 times this year (2007) already. The water conditions were 56 F and usually wavy on the surface. Overall, amazing site for learning and practicing.
07/01/2007        3.93      Natural Springs Resort Ohio, USA East
It is a nice place to dive, with lots to see and close to home.
05/27/2007        3.00      Quathiaski Cove Quadra Island Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Unfortunately they have removed the old ferry dock that made this site so full of life [government -liability issues]
05/21/2007        3.33      The Pier USVI, St. Croix, Caribbean
I did a Discover Scuba dive at the pier. I was very nervous because I had a bad diving experience before. It was a great dive and I got comfortable very quickly. There are plenty of critters directly beneath the pier.
05/01/2007        3.83      Oswaldo's Drop-off Curacao, ABC Islands
Excellent dive - This was probably the best reef dive we did all week. The reef was healthy, lots of marine life, and just a very relaxing dive. Our entry was a giant stride off the boat dock at Breezes and just followed the line to the reef. Even though we only dove this reef once, we watched many people come and go while relaxing on the beach. Earlier in the week the wind and current made the return trip back to the dock a little difficult and some had to be towed in by boat. Just watch the current and wind and it will be a wonderful dive.
03/15/2007        3.81      Moulton Quarry Alabama, USA East
I love this quarry!!! Even the algae!!! The staff there is great and are extremely friendly. It is a great place for some peaceful diving. The night diving is great, also. Yeah, the temp of the water in 2006 was cooler than norm due to the spring, but the vis was great most every weekend. The vis depends a lot on the number of divers in the quarry and if it had rained like on Fridays. Can't wait until it opens again this year!!!
03/09/2007        2.06      White Point California Mid, USA West
Very tricky entry because of slippery rocks and currents. Lost fins, knife, and fell due to the slippery rocks. Seemed to be some neat animal life in the few feet of water we spent looking for lost gear. I would highly recommend putting fins on in very shallow water and kick quickly to get away from the big slippery rocks!!! Parking situation was close to the entry point and the bathrooms nearby were a plus.
03/07/2007        3.25      Kailua-Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I enjoyed a night dive at this location. I entered at the boat pier off the steps so entry was incredibly easy. I saw lots of different varieties of eels, tons of puffer fish. Enjoyable check-out dive for me.
01/29/2007        3.38      Blanche Prison North Carolina, USA East
Good place to dive.
01/02/2007        3.87      Playa Kalki Curacao, ABC Islands
One of the best shore dives in Curacao. This was our third trip to Curacao.
12/23/2006        2.61      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This is one of the few shore dives available on Oahu in the winter time due to the heavy surf. My daughter and I went to this site in late November 2006 and I was somewhat disappointed. This is because I was at this same location in March 2006 and it seemed much nicer and had many more fish. During this trip the visibility was about 30ft at best and there were few schools of fish. I'm not sure what changed…maybe it was just the time of year. While this is a Nature Preserve area, it has been over populated by too many tourists who have no regard for reef conservation. You have to watch a video about the bay and its rules before you enter the bay. Nonetheless, it's common to see at least one or more tourists standing on the reef even though the video explicitly says "Don't stand on or touch the reef." As a result of the dying reef, fewer fish are coming into the bay. If you are going to SCUBA dive this site, you can get good tips at the information desk located on the beach. The showers and facilities are good. Unless you are training for the Iron man Competition, I recommend paying $2 for the daily unlimited trolley rides. Scuba tanks are an extra dollar or two, but it's well worth not having to lug your tanks up and down the steep hill. Be careful of the surf if you're snorkeling along the left side of the bay just past the reef. The surf can get rather rough there. When a large wave came ashore, my daughter lost her mask and snorkel there, and I almost did also. Luckily we had a backup. Overall, this site is better than nothing in the winter. In the summer, I would head to some of the better sites on the north shore. If you do go to this site, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO AND STAY OFF THE REEF so others can enjoy this site for years to come!!!
11/21/2006        3.00      Satil Eilat, Middle East
I am a Scuba Instructor. I get a teaching permit each year to teach scuba at Blue Springs State Park ($150 annually) I was just informed by the Ranger Station that the park is closed to ALL water activity until March 2007 due to the number of manatees taking refuge in the spring from the cold ocean water. So, if you are planning on diving Blue Springs, make your plans for AFTER March. I will be getting a full refund from the state for my permit.
11/13/2006        3.50      Kamaole 2 Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Lots of fun!
10/09/2006        2.43      Richardson Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Due to its popularity with many of the people here on the Big Island, the bottom conditions and the reef, while still good compared to other states with a more "urban" condition, are incredibly poor when compared to many of the more remote locations on the island where fewer people go. You need to head out for quite a while before the bottom conditions become better, due to the lower human traffic further out.
09/24/2006        2.95      Turtle Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Visibility in the cove was good in the shallow water, but in the deeper areas around the coral, the visibility was pretty poor. Sea life, other than coral, was almost non-existent.
09/19/2006        3.58      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Great spot for beginning divers.
09/09/2006        2.88      Octopus Hole Washington, USA West
Pretty good dive site!
09/02/2006        3.00      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
This was my first dive out of certification. It was GREAT!!!!! A seal was very, very playful and got within arm's reach of me. Seal was nipping at our fins and bobbing its head at me like it wanted to give me a kiss... bopped me in the nose!!! WOW!!!! What a dive!
08/27/2006        3.23      Jim's Crack Timor Lorosae, Pacific
Pictures of Jim's Crack were recently published in Dan Groshong's coffee table book "Timor-Leste: Land of Discovery" (Tayo 2006) but the site is called K-57. If you dive there, look seaward immediately upon entry as many divers have been "buzzed" by a curious and large mackerel who usually comes around to see what all the noise is about. Those with spare air at the entry point on the western end of the wall can drift farther west on a gentle current and examine a shallow under hang at 4-5m which makes a nice decompression stop. Lionfish and bright small tropical fish are found there. The site has the usual cast of characters such as sharks, rays, turtles, barracuda with manta rays seen leaping in the bay and a giant Napoleon Wrasse sighted at the point. We also saw nudibranchs (various), and large coral fans.
08/22/2006        3.85      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Great site. Visibility is lower and current has reversed this year - it is coming from NW, so plan ahead. Also watch out for youth on motorbikes. They smashed a window in my rental car and searched for valuables, including the trunk.
08/10/2006        3.27      St. Ann's Beach Maine, USA East
There's a lot of surge on rough days, but the high tide helps.
08/04/2006        2.83      Loch Low-Minn Dive Resort Tennessee, USA Mid
Platform or shore entry; both are nice. Good vis, warm on top cold on bottom. We were there on a Wed. There were no tank fills & the bathrooms were nasty. Two years ago they were nice. Expect a lecture from Stacy at some point in time. I dove there with different groups 5 times over the years & got 5 lectures. The fish look sick.
08/01/2006        4.19      Saint Marie Curacao, ABC Islands
We just got back from our vacation in Curacao. We went strictly to relax and snorkel. The house reef at Habitat Curacao was the best place we snorkeled all week. I will say we weren't disappointed anywhere we went, though. We also went to Playa Kalki, Playa Lagun, Sunset Waters (that's where we stayed), Cas Abao, Port Marie. Each location had something we liked. Saint Marie/Habitat Curacao had the best all around experience. We saw an eel, octopus, reef squid and all sorts of fish. The vis was good, but the coral was somewhat disappointing, not as colorful and alive as other islands we've been to… but the other reef life made it very enjoyable. We don't normally go back to a location/island a second time, but we would definitely consider coming back to Curacao, and we'd stay at the Habitat Curacao next time. We've snorkeled 14 islands so far; Curacao would be in the top 5, especially for snorkeling from the shore.
07/30/2006        3.90      Biddeford Pool Maine, USA East
Nice easy entry, average visibility of NE, 10 - 15 ft. Saw lots of crabs mating, a few lobsters and flounder. Like most NE dives, it's most interesting exploring where the rocky sides meet the sandy bottom. It's a beautiful location.
07/27/2006        2.54      Ahihi Cove Maui, Hawaiian Islands
We've free dived this area a dozen times over the last 8 years and stop here every visit to Maui. This is the best coral and visibility on Maui in the summer other than Honolua Bay much further to the north. Counted 11 turtles in 45 minutes, and several schools of triggers and goat fish. We had to swim out 200 yards to the south before visibility opened up to +50' in a 20' - 30' deep reef. Visibility within 100 yards of shore was 5'. Most other south shore dive/snorkel sites have been murked up with the small swell from the SW this week ;-(
07/20/2006        3.55      Nubble Light Maine, USA East
Easy to find and free parking. It was a great dive for me as a beginner / intermediate diver during high tide. Got to 37'. Saw lots of Lobster some coral, nice rock walls. Use extra caution with current between mainland and Island.
07/13/2006        3.36      Lana'i Lookout (Scenic Lookout) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I free dove here twice. It's a great place as long as there are virtually no waves on Sandys and Diamondhead. It can be a bit of a drive depending on where you live because you have to drive though Honolulu. Make sure you have a plan on getting in and a plan on getting out and stick together. This place is tough!
07/11/2006        2.95      Canyon Lake Texas, USA Mid
In July, vis can reach up to 15 ft above 30ft which is great for this site.
07/05/2006        3.14      Moulton Quarry Alabama, USA East
Very secluded, wonderful staff. Extremely enjoyable diving, laid back atmosphere.
07/05/2006        3.13      Moulton Quarry Alabama, USA East
Quarry hours are Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday 12-4pm. Other dives by appointment. Beach area has been started and is looking good. Water seems to be colder this year.
07/04/2006        3.51      Innerkip Quarry Ontario, Canada
A great getaway location at a budget price! Very friendly operation, just obey the speed limits and other common sense rules. NICE beach for the kids and many dive boards for every level! The Scuba diving there is awesome--so many fish ! Bass--trout--crappies--pike--perch and many more. Interesting "wrecks" to encounter and you never know what you will find -- from coins to clothing to swim/scuba gear! The eatery is fun and they have marvelous fries! All levels of camping are also very nice from tents to full hookup. All in all a very nice place to go for R & R and scuba !!!
07/04/2006        2.40      Blue  Hole New Mexico, USA West
This is a great place to make your first dive or your 100th!
06/17/2006        2.95      Twin Lakes Scuba Park Texas, USA Mid
Good for beginners but becomes quickly boring for advanced. Vis was pretty poor, especially below 30ft.
06/12/2006        3.93      Boca Catalina Aruba, ABC Islands
Visited Aruba June 3-10 2006. Boca Catalina and Catalina cove, to us, are the best for snorkeling in Aruba. Lots of fish, and great reefs. We got a chance to swim with a sea turtle in 10 feet of water doing snorkeling. Swam around schools of bait fish. And all kinds of fish literally ate food from our hands. Save all of your dinner left overs and feed them. They love it! They ate everything from French fries, lettuces, to left over spare ribs… everything. Very enjoyable site. Jolly Pirate, Pelican Pleasure… everyone drops their anchors here. So if you have a car, definitely get here and enjoy the sea creatures. One gent walked out hip deep, put on mask, stuck his face down the water and promptly screamed "OMG, there are billions of fish here !!!!" :-)
06/03/2006        3.07      Gun Beach Guam, Pacific
Very easy dive assuming the water is calm. If there are big waves...very rarely are...wait till calmer days. Follow the phone cable from the beach out through the reef which is visible from shore. Bottom descends gradually and has some descent coral and marine life. Can see turtles, mantas and occasional sharks. You can park right on beach for short walk to water. Very bumpy dirt road to get down to beach area. No facilities but usually people around walking dogs or enjoying beach. No theft. Visibility is unlimited and water is always warm. Bring bucket to wash sand off as there is sand everywhere and no facilities.
05/26/2006        3.13      Halona Blow Hole Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
It's a nice dive when there is no or little wave action.
05/20/2006        4.67      Cas Abao Curacao, ABC Islands
I Love it!
05/08/2006        3.44      Devil's Grotto Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Great dive, both here and Eden Rock. Over the past 3 years I have dove it about 10 times. Personally, I enjoy the grotto a little more than Eden but they are both very enjoyable. If you're diving/snorkeling in Grand Cayman, definitely check it out!
04/25/2006        3.77      Wood Cove California South, USA West
This was one of the best sites that I have dove on the West coast!
04/19/2006        3.15      Blue Spring Park, Waldron Indiana, USA Mid
Great visibility early spring, when the water is cold, not too many divers come out, and algae growth is at minimum. Late Spring and Summer visibility is 0 ft.
04/13/2006        4.57      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Awesome, awesome place to snorkel. Was recommended to us by a local who said it had the healthiest reef on the island. He wasn't kidding. Lots and lots of fish life. You have to swim a little to get out of the shallow water but it drops off to a good (safe) depth of 20-30 feet. You can swim out farther and the water & current get a little rough, but my wife handled it fine. Farther out, the reef drops off to 50-60-70 feet, then off into the abyss. You can see all the way down…awesome!
03/10/2006        2.41      Woodlands Vancouver, BC, Canada
Not much life, but really interesting topography!!!
03/01/2006        4.55      Coco View Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
The spur & groove topped wall is spectacular. Because of the regional geological dip, the south side of Roatan has walls that are right next to the beach. You need to stay at CoCo View to take advantage of the dive due to the resort setup. If you are a guest, it is the easiest but most spectacular shore dive that I have done. Eagle rays, green morays, reef squid, & sea horses are common.
02/25/2006        4.42      Okinawa Area Japan, Pacific
Diving in Okinawa from the beach at either Sunabe seawall, Kadena seawall or Onna area are all super, great corals, lots of fish, generally good visibility and easy entry. There are hard entry points here but avoid them as they are no better than the easy points. For gear rental or guided dives I'd recommend
02/17/2006        4.42      Ogden Breakwater Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Great dive for plant and marine life. Night dives are excellent. Easy entry.
02/16/2006        3.09      De Palm Slope Aruba, ABC Islands
Curiously intriguing and surprising……yet comfortable surroundings. I suggest binoculars.
02/03/2006        4.28      Dave's Pool USVI, St. Croix, Caribbean
Very good site for snorkeling as you can work your way towards the pier.
01/13/2006        3.83      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Beautiful place!
12/11/2005        3.70      Smith Cove and Bright Reef Turks and Cacos, Caribbean
This was a really nice, easy shore dive. Pretty shallow (about 15-20 feet), but a GREAT night dive. There's a good chance to see sharks, turtles, and eagle rays. Really easy navigation. One tip: Full moon night dive with no lights -- you can see everything!
10/29/2005        3.90      Karpata Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Best dive we did in Bonaire. Dramatic underwater canyon - almost wall like. Must do dive!
10/27/2005        3.12      McKinney Park, Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire, USA East
Fun little place to get away from the crowded sites. GREAT for beginners since it doesn't get too deep. All in all, worth checking out if you are a beginner or have one in your group.
09/18/2005        3.26      Lake Denton Florida, USA East
I thought this was a great place to begin diving. I did my checkout dives here, and I have been back. I hear they are trying to close all access to the lake, mainly due to people not respecting the area. There is a soft shell turtle here that likes to come around for food. It may nip at your fins, but it's not too aggressive.
09/12/2005        3.51      Malmok Beach Aruba, ABC Islands
My wife and I are beginner snorkelers and had a great timer at Malmok. We stayed close to shore and saw incredible numbers and diversity of fish. I would rank this site higher than Baby Beach but definitely lower than Boca Catalina and Catalina Cove. Be very cautious with your belongings here and elsewhere on the island. Don't leave anything in your car or any valuables on the beach/rocks. When we checked out the Malmok entry site, we left an inexpensive digital camera in the rental car for 10 minutes. When we returned the window was smashed and the camera gone. Don't get lazy and let your guard down like I did.
09/12/2005        4.38      Boca Catalina Aruba, ABC Islands
We snorkeled Baby Beach, Malmok, Catalina Cove and Boca Catalina. Boca Catalina and Catalina Cove are really one huge place to enjoy all at once and several times over! My wife and I are truly beginners, but Boca Catalina/Catalina Cove were truly spectacular and a great place to get comfortable in the water. Start out at Boca Catalina. The current moves you northward toward Catalina Cove so you can simply float slowly past the rocks, corals, sponges, and amazing fish without any effort at all. The slower we went the more we noticed below us. We liked this spot best in the early morning. At 9:30 -10:00 AM about 4 boats will arrive and drop a hundred paying customers in the water where they all could have snorkeled for free from shore! To reiterate from my post at Malmok, don't leave anything in your car (ever!). We attached all valuables to our swim suits in plastic waterproof containers we picked up at the canoeing store near home in NJ. Worked great!
09/12/2005        3.16      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Snorkeled here twice. Here we saw the biggest fish but not nearly the diversity of other sites we tried. A great place to practice for beginners. Threes almost no live coral here. The beach is very nice for swimming and relaxing. Stop off at the little stand up the hill toward the refinery that sells coconut water. It's a treat if you haven't tried it.
09/11/2005        4.33      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Simply the best relaxing SCUBA spot on the island. The cave system on the right is incredible!!!!
09/05/2005        3.42      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Been diving here several times. Best entry is from the ladder, or simply step off the wall at the NW corner. Vis sucks (for Hawaii; better than any on mainland West coast, though ) until you get out a couple hundred yards. If you follow the anchor chain out, there are the remnants of a sunken freighter of some sort in about 35 fsw. If you don't mind a short swim, follow the shore line south about 1/4 mile and submerge. This area is a protected marine sanctuary, and the sea life is abundant. Visibility is much better also. Current can be a mother out here sometimes, so if you are unfamiliar with this site, I would only dive it when the seas are calm, and always let someone know where you are diving and when to expect you back. Check the tide tables as well, best to dive at slack tide (duh). Some friends of mine tell me there is another wreck in about 70 fsw, but I have not personally tried to locate it. According to them, you simply continue on the same compass heading you were on while following the anchor chain out to the first wreck, and this will get you in the general area. Don't worry, the vis is good at this point, so it shouldn't be a problem.
09/03/2005        2.33      Red Granite, Green Lake Wisconsin, USA Mid
Low viz, but a few sights to see. Look for a few downed boats and maybe even a snowmobile!!
08/29/2005        3.94      Monastery Beach South California North, USA West
I took my first 'local' dive here at Monastery. I got certified in Hawaii, so the cold waters of Carmel were a little different. The water wasn't as bad as I thought - about 50 degrees, which is pretty warm for this area, as told by my Dive master. For the first dive we swam around the kelp beds at around 40 feet, a short swim out from the shore. The second dive, we snorkeled out a lot farther (also on the south shore), and that was a lot better. The rock formations are large and rugged, and there is a lot more larger fish to see. Saw lingcod, rock fish, jellyfish, hundreds of starfish varieties, and a few crabs. Didn't see any halibut, although we saw a few divers coming out of the water with Perch and some other fish types. Overall, the dive was good and I would go back for some more.
08/28/2005        3.03      King's Beach Fishing Area Rhode Island, USA East
Better than Wetherill!
08/27/2005        3.90      Puerto Chiquito Aruba, ABC Islands
A good snorkeling spot and great alternative to the busy northern spots. Most of the reef is a bit deeper (15' +) but the visibility is very good so it isn't a problem. We didn't see quite as many fish, but lots of different coral. It is a bit hard to find, though, and the driving directions are somewhat dated. It is easy to find if you locate Mangel Halto and then continue driving south a little ways (maybe .5 km). The driveway is partially paved and when we visited there was a yellow and black road sign at the end of the driveway.
08/27/2005        3.88      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
This was a great snorkeling spot. It takes a little while to swim out to the reef but it is well worth it. It's much less crowded than the northern spots and feels more wild. Pretty good variety of fish and coral. The surf can be a bit rough on windy days.
08/09/2005        3.34      Lake Wazee, Black River Falls Wisconsin, USA Mid
Had a nice time at site 2. Diving the wall down to just over 100 ft was great. From site 2, you can reach 100 feet by being only 40 yards or so off shore. I hear the forest on the other side of the Lake is an enjoyable experience.
07/26/2005        3.51      John Pennekamp Florida, USA East
We dove and had a wonderful time. We dove 2 dives, both ranging from 30-45 feet with good viz and almost no current. The reefs, sharks, fish, all of it was incredible! There are even a few swim thru corals and the reef formations are amazing! Highly recommended!
07/24/2005        2.69      Whale Cove Massachusetts, USA East
This dive site was very difficult to haul gear to due to the several hundred yard trek to get to the beach. Not worth the trouble unless you just want to say you dove it (like I did!)
07/19/2005        3.77      Kahalu'u Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I'm not a diver...just went snorkeling here. Someone mentioned in the photos not to leave valuables visible in your car, but don't leave them in the trunk either. We had several items stolen, including our camera with all of our vacation photos on it. This is a fun, albeit crowded place to snorkel, just use caution. After we were robbed we realized there is an obvious ongoing operation in the parking lot. Guys who just hang out in the lot all day.
07/17/2005        3.79      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Harlequin shrimp, dragon morays, dwarf morays, devil scorpionfish, titan scorpionfish, leaf scorpionfish, spotted eagle rays, peacock flounders, frog fish, and many more rare creatures for the trained eye.
07/13/2005        3.67      Lake Travis, Austin Texas, USA Mid
Recently dove this lake at Windy Point. Loads of fish (big cats, perch, bluegill) could be found at the platforms all the way down to 60 feet. Viz cleared up around 45-50 ft as the temp dropped to the mid 70's from the mid to high 80's. A great place to start diving or just to practice some skills, and cheap to get into on weekdays ($5)!
07/12/2005        2.38      HMS Culloden New York, USA East
This was my first shore dive on Long Island. Getting to the site was difficult. In order to get to the water you'll need to hike down a cliff, which is even more difficult with scuba gear. The day I went, visibility was about 6 ft and there was a relatively strong bottom current. If you go, don't expect to see a ship if it has long since deteriorated and is now buried; however, there are a lot of crabs here and, when I went in mid-august, I spotted 2 small tropical butterfly fish!
07/10/2005        3.43      Ahukini Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
While it takes a bit of a kick to get to the site, it is well worth it. The bottom is strewn with old WWII ordinance (DO NOT TOUCH AS THE ORDINANCE IS STILL LIVE) everything ranging from 20mm to .50 calibers to mortar and anti-aircraft rounds. To the discerning diver, one can tell where the ship ground out on the reef. A must for any WWII buff or a beginning diver who wants to try a new dive.
07/08/2005        2.99      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
June 2005 Surf less than 2ft. Great visibility at about 70ft. Water temp 78 deg surf, 74 deg bottom (40ft). Many rocks and formations along bottom. Lots of marine life including: turtles, eels, starfish, octopus, and a variety of fish. Restrooms and shower at location. Foodland located about 1/4 mile.
06/23/2005        1.45      LA - Lunada Bay California Mid, USA West
Dangerous cliff access. Not that good when you get there.
06/09/2005        4.18      Gulliver's Lake Ontario, Canada
Gulliver's is a terrific place to go for your first dive for the year. It will allow you to refresh your skills before you begin some more difficult dives. The lake is filled with small mouth bass that love to follow divers, and they're easy to feed by hand. I definitely recommend going to Gulliver's for your first dive of the year.
06/07/2005        3.76      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
There is always something to see and there is always somewhere new to look at. I could dive Shark's Cove every day.
06/04/2005        3.78      Airplane Wreck Curacao, ABC Islands
We stayed for 10 days at Sunset Waters, and went for over a dozen shore dives through the lagoon to give us some variety from the boat dives (which were very good). The reef at the wreck and to the south ("Wet Suit City") is in great shape. We never experienced significant currents, and the visibility, except for one day after a heavy rain, was Cayman-like. Take a camera and look for bristleworms, lettuce leaf nudibranchs and arrow crabs. We routinely encountered scorpionfish, so watch out where you put your hands! The entrance and exit through the sandy lagoon will spoil you. Don't waste your time diving north of the wreck toward the harbor--it's silted up.
06/01/2005        2.63      Morrison Quarry Quebec, Canada
Great check out area. Excellent for beginners and testing out new gear!!
05/28/2005        3.98      Coco View Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
Very nice wall!
05/17/2005        3.52      Lake Crescent/East Beach Washington, USA West
This site is a good dive for all skill levels. Not a lot of animal life. There are some interesting car wrecks around the point of East Beach. The vis is some of the best in Washington state. The site can be boring if not diving a wreck or rock garden.
05/15/2005        3.18      Ceder Hill Ontario, Canada
An Excellent Dive!
05/15/2005        3.23      The Lighthouse Ontario, Canada
Excellent dive site!
05/13/2005        4.36      Wet Suit City Curacao, ABC Islands
Great dive. Dive this site at night!
05/12/2005        2.87      Magic Island Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Not much enjoyment from Magic Island, the swim out can be difficult, especially around the point where the waves break. You can feel like you are spending an eternity swimming and not going anywhere. Once out there is not much to see, and vis isn't great. Walk from parking lot is long, but not terrible.
05/06/2005        3.88      Makaha Beach Park (Caverns) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Dove this site a few times in April. Had a great time. Was amazed about how much sea life I saw. Seeing a couple reef sharks while going through the caverns and the Eagle Rays "stacked in formation" was definitely a highlight. Lots of curious fish, even got a head butt by one. :-) Viz was excellent at least 75+. Great dive for all levels.
04/29/2005        3.99      Leleiwi Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Good site for Hilo diving!
04/27/2005        3.17      Kailua-Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I went here in 2001and it was great. We sat on the beach in front of the hotel and my whole family snorkeled including my dad who never does anything like that. The area was loaded with fish. All kinds too. I swam with a turtle for about an hour and half. My wife said she was about to call the Coast Guard because I was gone for so long. Lots of fun.
04/20/2005        2.21      Blue Water Lake, Joplin Missouri, USA Mid
This is a good place to do all kinds of dives. Everything from easy 30 foot stuff, to 170 foot + cave diving. A dry suit is really nice to have as the water is usually about 52 ish at depth. Vis can be anywhere from 6 foot to 30 foot + depending on your luck and depth. There's lot's of stuff to see including a airplane, lots of boats, and other misc. stuff. There's plenty of cavern and some cave in this old lead quarry so be careful. Some people complain about the hill down to the water, but its really not that bad if you're in good enough shape to be diving anyway. Air fills and the rental stuff can be had as well as Nitrox and I believe trimix if your qualified. Captain John is a wealth of knowledge in technical diving and will talk your ear off if given the chance. The gate fee is 10 bucks and the "tech club" is an extra 40 this year if you want to go deep with doubles. You will find divers ranging from open water to DPV cave divers here so finding a buddy is no prob. Dive safe!
04/20/2005        2.35      Bonne Terre Mines, Bonne Terre Missouri, USA Mid
Expensive, but worth going at least once. Vis is over 100 feet. The water is cold so bring a dry suit if you got one. There is one bass that lives near the dock, so check him out. Everyone has an different version of this place, so I decided to check it out for myself. Other than being a little, expensive I give it a big thumbs up and have been back several times. Be prepared for the boring safety video and make sure you understand how the system of numbered trails works. They are broken into sets of 4, and you must do 3 or 4 to move onto the next level (and see the cooler stuff). So if you want to go back without repeating anything, you might want to do the 3 dives a day. Each dive is 60 bucks or so.
04/20/2005        2.61      Lake Wazee, Black River Falls Wisconsin, USA Mid
I did my trimix training here. Vis was around 60 feet. Very clear, but very cold. Bottom temps were around 36 F. Most of the dive were right off the ramp (can't remember the site number) We went down a marker about 75 yards off shore, staging gear on the nice sand was great too. I hit 233 a little past Jimmy Hoffa. The wall on the far side is a great dive as well. Very large. It starts about 60 and goes down to 200 or so. You swim along it and prob never see the start or end. This is a awesome place for tech training. Buy the book at the ranger station for some good insider info on the dives spots. Dive safe.
04/14/2005        2.29      Hudson Grotto Florida, USA East
(no comment)
04/11/2005        3.50      Rainbow River Florida, USA East
Amazingly clear. Enjoyable 'float' down the river. Unique experience watching the springs bubble up through the sand on the bottom.
04/06/2005        4.19      Crystal River Florida, USA East
Fun dive! Recommended for all divers of all ages and skill! Also great to snorkel! There are over 400 manatees in Crystal River, not to mention lots of other life, coral, everything! A must for any Florida diver!
04/01/2005        3.25      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Info on Scuba Kiosk at Sheraton: Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00pm. Tank and weights: $22.50. Sheraton-Maui Concierge (808)662-8135 Direct. Hawaii law also requires a dive flag.
03/31/2005        3.87      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Lots of turtles and lots of fish!
03/30/2005        4.52      Turtle  Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Saw huge schools of tarpon and several turtles. The reef is incredible, but be sure to watch your depth gauge, easy to go deep without knowing it. Really no reason to go very deep, very nice shallow dive and your tank will last longer. I also suggest snorkeling out and back.
03/30/2005        3.32      Cannery Park California North, USA West
A lot of people get certified here. Use the entrance at the trail head and seriously watch out for some rocks. Flat in the morning, it was about 55F with a slight surge. This place is also known as Breakwater Beach or Coast Guard Beach.
03/19/2005        3.85      Haigh Quarry, Bradley Illinois, USA Mid
Nice site for Illinois - fairly clear except after rains. Lots of navigation and OW certs done here, not to mention other advanced certs. Has a deep section and other quarry machinery to dive through. Check out web site at Mapquest give directions for listing under Haigh Enterprises. Easy to find with paved roads all the way. Concessions, showers, changing rooms. tank refills and dive service shop on site. Golf cart pick-up and delivery service for refills for extra $1. Concessions at quarry beach.
03/19/2005        4.49      Palancar Park Cozumel, Caribbean
Amazing place to dive. Went to 85 ft and then went on a night dive later. Nice current-not too strong. A lot of swim throughs, but beginner divers tended to run low on air early. Recommend advance or experienced divers go to deeper depths only. All boat dives on this trip. No rough seas. Lots of animal life and coral reefs not damaged by hurricanes of summer, 2004. Love to go back soon!
03/19/2005        3.63      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
100 feet deep and 100 feet visibility - intermediate air dome for emergencies or just testing. No crowds, clear water, no plant and minimal animal life, just a great grotto. Easy for a non-cave diver. Just a walk from the parking and shelters to the steps and the dock into the water via steps. Excellent pre-dive briefing by staff.
03/19/2005        3.85      Manatee Springs Florida, USA East
Lots of manatees - few crowds. Need at least a 3-7 mil suit with hood. Temperature about 72 degrees. Visibility was 10-15 feet early morning. Be aware of FL law concerning manatees. No diving, just snorkeling. No flash photography. No chasing or feeding. Must enter water from boats VERY quietly so as not to disturb manatees. Fabulous experience for everyone of any age. Winter is best time since crowds are few.
03/18/2005        3.52      Union Bay Wreck Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Drive to Union Bay boat ramp and park in front of the Large Propeller. Gear up at the picnic tables then walk to the end of the short breakwater. Enter the water and at the end of the break water there is a float attached to a rope that is tied off to the wreck - you can not miss it. The wreck is 100ft long and covered in sea life, including many large fish and a large octopus.
03/14/2005        3.25      Devil's Grotto Cayman Islands, Caribbean
03/11/2005        2.60      Hoop Pole Cove Massachusetts, USA East
A nice spot, but bring someone who knows the area. If your compass skills are off, you can head into open, dangerous water. Also please, please do not park at the actual site. The residents don't like it and buddies of mine have been towed (deservedly).
03/07/2005        3.58      Mokule'ia Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Hiking the stairs is a challenge, but saves long surface swim from Honoloa to dive the point.
03/07/2005        3.50      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Excellent unless there is surf. Entry can be slippery.
03/03/2005        2.00      Plum Run Diving, Peebles Ohio, USA East
Fun To Dive, but too bad it's closed to the public.
03/03/2005        2.96      Gilboa Quarry, Gilboa Ohio, USA East
Best quarry diving in Ohio!
03/02/2005        4.75      Lake McConaughy, Ogallala Nebraska, USA Mid
It is good!
03/02/2005        3.46      Playa Bengi Bonaire North, ABC Islands
If you scout out the beach before you approach you won't have to hand your gear down a cliff!! We walked a little to the left and just had to scoot down a small sand dune with our gear. (Well, it wasn't a huge cliff by any means. )
02/19/2005        3.13      Bad Medicine Lake, Moorhead Minnesota, USA Mid
This is a great location for beginners to advanced. Crawfish are abundant, and water clarity is excellent for lakes in this region.
02/12/2005        4.66      Coco View Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
CoCo View is AMAZING!! I think every diver in the world should experience it at least once. Good atmosphere, friendly staff, experienced dive masters, excellent dive conditions both in the water and on the dock at the resort. Try it...I promise you'll be back for more & more!!!
02/07/2005        4.32      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
First 100 ft. or so has a lot of silt due to a small creek that enters the bay on the left side of the shore. After that, the snorkeling is great in the clear water. Colorful coral and fish abound as well as several turtles. Bring your underwater camera!
02/04/2005        3.20      Dutch Springs Pennsylvania, USA East
Awesome dive location. Lots to see. I have been there probably 12 or 13 times in last two years, still not old.
01/30/2005        3.29      De Palm Slope Aruba, ABC Islands
I snorkel, so my evaluation is based on that. The site is great for diving. My complaint is that they over charge for the trip there. You used to be able to just pay the ferry ride over. Now, they make you pay 50 bucks to get there, they give you crappy food, and the next thing you know, it's time to go. I love the site for the snorkel, but the price is a turn off.
01/29/2005        4.56      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
Easy entry and exit, and every dive there is something different to see. Take your camera and enjoy!
01/21/2005        4.59      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive site except for the cement block graffiti; you would think local divers and divers from around the world would not allow such a disgrace. Whoever dropped the cement blocks down there smashed the reef with dozens of them, and in such a beautiful environment why would we want to read 'ALOHA' and some ass's initials?
01/20/2005        3.74      Blue Springs State Park Florida, USA East
Awesome place to dive, but it is good to go with someone who has dived there before, since they can find all the cool things. Like the swim-through and the air bubble. Nice and cheap, too; only 10 dollars or 40 for a year round pass to all the state parks.
01/20/2005        5.00      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
Awesome it is well worth it. You will see so many different kinds of fishes and the sharks are really cool. The gear is top of the line and they provide it all. Also we had the last dive of the day and the gear was nice a dry to start out with, and if we had any fitting problems they took care of it.
01/20/2005        3.73      North Star USVI, St. Croix, Caribbean
Entry can be hard. The Wall is absolutely awesome at this site! Loved it!
01/14/2005        4.47      Cas Abao Curacao, ABC Islands
Good spot to be!
01/12/2005        4.45      Breakwater Cove California North, USA West
Break water is an excellent place for beginning divers, it also has its advantages for divers trying to improve their skills and take classes. If you are just in the area and wanting to dive, it has a large amount of wild life and plant life to look at as long as you go out about 150 yards from shore. This site is also very nice since the bottom is not that deep and gives you a lot of time to look around and not worry about air pressure.
01/11/2005        2.94      Mukilteo State Park Washington, USA West
Site can be current-intensive but if currents are read right you can make a mini-drift dive of it.
01/07/2005        2.65      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
Nice site to test if you are up to the challenge of an overhead environment. Good visibility and temp was 69 degrees. Too expensive for what it is, however: $30/day $10 fill.
12/27/2004        2.91      Pompano Beach Florida, USA East
Great for beginner to intermediate scuba. Almost a five for snorkeling. Plenty of shops nearby for fills and for the occasional forgotten equipment. One shop is within a couple hundred feet, off main street. During our visit we saw a large school of 'Lookdown' near the pier, and several unidentified large fish.
12/18/2004        3.38      Cathedral Rocks Massachusetts, USA East
Great site for a deep shore dive. Max depth is 83' at high tide on sandy bottom. Parking is easy, access to water is easy if you walk it without gear first and pick your route.
12/08/2004        3.84      Kahalu'u Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Pretty crowded, but lots of fish and turtles too. Lots of shallow areas, lifegaurds on duty, and a nice big breakwater, all add to the comfort level of begginers.
11/29/2004        4.52      Richardson Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Incredible fish diversity (the most species I have seen in one area on this island), frequented by honu/green sea turtles. There are nice corals in the deeper far end of the cove. Great place for snorkelers of all experience, no need to scuba. Rocks protect most of the cove, so even when the ocean is rough, you can still swim there just fine, but visibility drops. Haven't checked it out at night yet. Has a nice black sand beach to lounge on, but it can get crowded with lots of children. Bathrooms are okay, has outdoor showers. Please don't step on the corals! :0
11/29/2004        3.40      Isaac Hale Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Haven't been scuba diving here, only free diving. Many reef fish, many sea turtles, spinner dolphins frequent beyond reef, have seen Galapagos sharks. High surf, current can get pretty strong, sometimes really bad visibility. Puna has the most beautiful coastline on the Big Island. Caution: not a safe area at night.
11/29/2004        2.45      Clark's Beach New York, USA East
Hard to reach rocky beach, not great parking and lots of fisherman. Technically, I never dove here despite it being a popular spot. Spooked by lots of fisherman that don't seem to mind casting over your head ... which is why I didn't go in the first time. The second time I thought I'd try this spot with a local dive club, the road was closed off with a heavy chain. A few phone calls later found that the property providing access to the beach has been sold by the county and is now private. Unless someone else posts with an update, this spot is now closed.
11/25/2004        4.21      Ponquogue Bridge New York, USA East
Entering the water in the fall is easy and fast ... not many folks fishing off the dock. I suggest you wade to the dock in the water and then submerge when you get there. Beginner divers need to especially exercise caution because you really need to be on top of the time and conditions around you. When the slack is over, the current comes on fast and strong and gets to be a bit of a tough swim (from experience). Otherwise, it's scenic with lots of animal life and rather enjoyable. I went in after a storm and vis was about 10 feet. I'm told most of the time vis is about 30+ feet, enough to see the next bridge post under water. Its a popular spot but you need a parking permit.
11/10/2004        3.43      Mukilteo T-Dock Washington, USA West
Did my 4 open water certification dives here. Very nice. So much to see. Easy in and out.
10/28/2004        3.16      St. Clair River Michigan, USA Mid
Blue water bridge to Black river, shore dive off the seawall. 20 ship wrecks within 3 miles, most are wooden schooners, current is fast and dangerous, need to dive with a local on your first couple of dives. Must be in good shape to climb back out of the water on the ladders. Dives are kicken!
10/24/2004        2.75      The Hideaway at Princeville Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Haven't been diving at this location, but I hike in here at least 1-3 times a year. Warning to scuba divers: This is a long, v-e-r-y steep dirt trail down to a remote beach with NO facilities at all. Tough with heavy gear!! On the photo showing the stairs, the stairs END right after the corner shown, then the muddy trail depends on how hard it has rained the last week - and this is the rainy side of Kauai! Beach is small but beautiful and waves, especially in winter, can be enormous!!! Only get in the water if surf is calm.
10/22/2004        3.54      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
Snorkeled the site the afternoon before diving with family, wife, 20 and 14 y/o. Snorkeled out past the end of the pier. Visibility the same both days 45 feet. Saw school of tarpon, 8-10 of them, each about 5 feet. Saw angel fish, cuda, various other tropicals. Long swim in and out until you see something, but I have been told this is probably the best shore dive in Florida. Saw many of the same fish we see on Key Largo Reefs, just not as many and poorer visibility.
10/12/2004        3.53      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
A little bumpy going in but, once past the shallow water, I enjoyed one of my best snorkeling dives ever. A virtual aquarium of fish. Once past the reef you find yourself in deeper water with a terrific level of visibility. My best dive in Hawaii was of the southern point below the boat hoists. I went in with calm seas and was fine. This is not an area for a beginner at all.
10/11/2004        4.59      Lydgate State Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I have MS and walk with Forearm crutches and enjoyed the climb down to snorkel. I had to go back for more! The time spent at Shark's cove will be remembered by myself and family.
09/30/2004        3.00      Jeff Davis Memorial Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Really good!
09/28/2004        2.78      Vortex Springs Florida, USA East
I did my OW check out dives here. And have been back once since. It's a pleasant dive. The area is not huge but good. There are usually a large number of classes here. So they can stir up the water and knock down vis. I would try to get there real early or during the week to avoid the crowds. This is also a good place to practice your skills, as there is no current. Much of it is in the 30 or so depth. And a good place to go in Winter, when the Gulf is too cold.
09/25/2004        4.04      Playa Kalki Curacao, ABC Islands
A great site for both snorkeling and diving. During our snorkel trips we encountered a lot of animals, like turtles, eagle rays, big schools of fish, lobsters, snake eels and moray eels. Another great site which is not included on this site, but can be dived from Playa Kalki, is Watamula and is one of the greatest dive sites on Curacao. We saw a very big green turtle, a lot of moray eels and flying gurnards here. This site also features a 'forest' of plants and soft coral and massive mushroom corrals. You can also enter Watamula by a 'dive-yak' which can be hired by request. By using this special kayak you will have a very adventurous dive trip.
09/25/2004        4.13      Playa Lagun Curacao, ABC Islands
We had a great and easy shore dive. We saw a big stingray and a lot of other fish including moray eels and angelfish.
09/24/2004        3.32      St. Lawrence River Ontario, Canada
Rothesay (Prescot) and Conestoga (Cardinal) wrecks. Excellent wreck dives.
09/24/2004        3.53      St. Lawrence River Ontario, Canada
The Bruce ( Ottawa ) in the Ottawa river. Nice wreck dive located directly bellow the Ottawa rowing club site docks. Easy to find wreck. Water is very dark so the visibility is very low. Fun dive for intermediate and advance divers. Not recommended for beginners.
09/24/2004        4.03      Whytecliff Park Vancouver, BC, Canada
I am from Ottawa and I dive in fresh water ( St-Laurence ). I was amazed with the difference between salt water and fresh water. The aquatic live of salt water is amazing. I saw millions of star fish at this site.
09/22/2004        3.59      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
This is a great place to learn how to scuba without having to take the course in a pool. It's the perfect environment to practice, and that's where I learned! It's also great for a first time night dive!
09/22/2004        3.63      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Amazing! But unfortunately I have heard that, ever since the hurricane, all of the reef had been torn to pieces, and it's a wreck. Can anyone confirm this?
09/20/2004        3.21      Hoop Pole Cove Massachusetts, USA East
Good dive site... challenging entry/exit. Go at high tide.
09/19/2004        4.00      Mendocino Bay California North, USA West
Great place to go Abalone diving. Watch out for those seals as they will come right up to you.
09/17/2004        4.22      La Jolla Cove California South, USA West
The best place to snorkel. You don’t have to worry about waves because there are none. Parking really sucks and is the number one turn-off about this spot.
09/06/2004        3.79      Atlantis Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Easy and enjoyable site!
09/01/2004        2.71      St. Lawrence River Ontario, Canada
Rothesay (Prescot) and Conestoga (Cardinal) wrecks.
08/27/2004        3.79      Sea View Hotel Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Dove the Sea View 2 days after Charley hit Grand Cayman. Vis was still very good. Easy entry and exit. Great place for after dive refreshments. If you're willing to swim a little you can get to the wall from shore.
08/16/2004        4.38      Marine Room California South, USA West
Reef can have a tremendous amount of life due to being in a marine preserve, including large schools of bait fish, bat-rays, sting rays, leopard sharks, barracudas, kelp bass, etc.
08/15/2004        4.70      Cardiff State Beach California South, USA West
When the surf is flat this shallow reef dive is one of the best in CA. The Surf grass, hollows and channels, and kelp provide fantastic habitat for sheep-crab, lobster, sheephead, banded and shovel-nose guitarfish, as well as myriad smaller creatures
07/31/2004        4.01      Makaha Beach Park (Caverns) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Great location, especially with the turtle cleaning station, massive turtles....if you can find the right spot to look. Great for snorkling/freediving too.
07/30/2004        3.31      Ke'e Lagoon Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Nice sheltered entry with lots of turtles and fish on outside of reef. Get there by 7 or 8 and you'll have the place to yourself. Get there by 2 and you won't find a parking place!
07/27/2004        2.18      Playa Lagun Curacao, ABC Islands
Nice spot but not worth a listing in the top ten of Curacao places. Saw turtle and lobsters. Small area in front of the lagoon is the best. The Dutch dive shop at the parking could use some more focus on customers. Had to do my best to get tanks and drinks. Almost seemed too much trouble.
07/26/2004        2.98      Lana'i Lookout (Scenic Lookout) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This by far is one of the best dives on the island. During the day the visibility is great, and at night bring a spear because if you want fish you will get them here. Before you attempt this dive call the surf report line. If waves are more then 3 feet forget the dive; if wave are one to three then the dive is doable but it will be rough getting in. I love this dive! Every time I go there it is different. And I always find something new.
07/17/2004        2.59      Twin Quarries, Circleville Ohio, USA East
Good training site!
07/12/2004        3.00      Cerulean Springs, Cadiz Tennessee, USA Mid
This place is in Kentucky!
07/01/2004        3.30      Ship's Cove Maine, USA East
Great site for an easy dive. The rock wall on the left side of the cove can be fun to explore.
06/30/2004        2.69      Cattle Point Park Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Pretty boring dive, lots of leaf kelp some grass, a few crab, starfish, etc. Went out about 500 meters and only got to 30 ft
06/29/2004        2.82      Salt Island Massachusetts, USA East
No comment.!
06/24/2004        3.34      Monterey State Beach California North, USA West
The dive here is not so much the in-shore part but the two "wrecks" (a yacht and half-track) about 400yds out, the kelp gives them away in the spring/summer months. A long surface swim is needed but they are only in about 30 ft of water. The wildlife is very good, probably since the site has rarely been visited by divers. The current can be strong but the underwater trip back to the beach is pretty good with beds of Sand Dollars and Starfish scattered everywhere. Need to get in early for a parking spot.
06/13/2004        3.83      Gilboa Quarry, Gilboa Ohio, USA East
This is a wonderful dive site. Just be sure you check in at the office first. The owner is a wonderful guy as long as you follow the rules and the staff is great in helping answer your questions.
06/11/2004        4.05      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Clear clean waters, easy currents in tide pool, excellent sea life, somewhat rocky shore.
06/09/2004        3.54      La'ie Point Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
It was an awesome time up at La'ie Point in Oahu. It totally rocked!
06/05/2004        3.65      Sheraton Caverns Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Very nice beginner dive site and night dive site.
05/29/2004        3.60      Lake Wazee, Black River Falls Wisconsin, USA Mid
Wazee was great. This was my first dive past 30ft and it was bright visibility and about 20+ft. Water Temp at 67ft was about 40. Had fun and will go again.
05/26/2004        3.62      Mermet Springs, Vienna Illinois, USA Mid
There is a lot to do at Mermet. I think the best is the Boeing 727.
05/25/2004        3.55      Smith's Cove Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Saw more wildlife on this shoredive than most of boat dives!!!
05/19/2004        1.73      Nelson Ledges Ohio, USA East
No comment.
05/19/2004        3.78      Cemetery Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Possibly the best snorkel sight on 7 mile beach, Cemetery Reef is an easy swim about 100 yards from shore. The larger coral heads nearly poke out of the water, and are full of crevices for exploration. Fish food and an underwater camera make for a more memorable experience.
05/17/2004        3.90      Lighthouse Point Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Because of the current a very nice but very rough site. Large and much soft coral (not seen any other dive site at Bonaire). Hard to get in, fast current while diving, dangerous to get out.
05/17/2004        4.16      Gilboa Quarry, Gilboa Ohio, USA East
No Comment
05/17/2004        3.34      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
No bugs, no cars broken into, or broken glass for that matter. You need to get there by 10AM or so, or the parking fills up quickly as space is limited. Getting in and out of the water's a little tricky due to round rocks near shore. There's not much to see in the middle, but along the sides snorkeling is great. Lots of turtles, eels, butterfly fish, parrot fish.....the list goes on. Go to the blowhole at mile marker 38 after snorkeling at this location.
05/14/2004        1.65      Aurora Reservoir Colorado, USA West
Not much to see other than some crawdads and a Cessna twin engine that was sunk and stripped of anything remotely interesting. Tons of cert classes and tons of mud. Visibility almost always poor. Otherwise, it's AWESOME.
05/12/2004        4.14      De Palm Slope Aruba, ABC Islands
Best snorkel spot in Aruba. No cheap ferry-- you must buy a snorkel package for 50. Well worth it as you walk into the water from stairs (from the bar). Blue parrot fish, sea turtles, and crab are common. The coral close to the access point is not great. Best to swim out past the pink buoy to 20+ feet of water where you will find a "healthier coral" and turtles. Go with a group as the waves will toss you around this far out and you must pass over a shallow coral wall to get to the deep stuff.
05/03/2004        3.42      Amphitrite Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Go to sunset House Hotel in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Giant stride off the concrete walkway and you are in 15 feet of surge. Head 150 degrees until you hit 50 feet depth and there you will find Simon Morris's 9 ft cast bronze sculpture of the most beautiful mermaid, Amphitrite. The reef is bashed from beginner divers, those taking courses, and much use, but still plenty of marine life. Very crowded!!! With rescue courses tying people to the mermaid, navigation courses, photography courses, open water courses. The exit was a few short steps up the ladder and a freshwater rinse off. Easy, pretty, way too busy but the mermaid was a joy to behold with all the angel fish surrounding her head. After Amphitrite, the best part was the apres dive beer at My Bar a few steps from the shore.
05/02/2004        4.95      Airplane Wreck Curacao, ABC Islands
We stayed at the Sunset Waters resort at which the dive site is located. We did multiple day and night dives. Excellent coral and fish life. Best reef diving is to the left of the lagoon. Excellent dive shop!
04/30/2004        3.05      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
This site is large and has lots of stuff on the bottom, I'll give it that. It is also really good for beginners. But really it's just a beach with a bunch of junk sunk; the terrain is just sand and lots of it. To see anything substantial requires a long surface swim. If nothing was sunk there, it would be a pointless dive. To those who think this is the best site they've seen, come up to Vancouver and dive the Cut at Whytecliff Park; You won't regret it.
04/30/2004        2.95      Superior Producer Curacao, ABC Islands
Superior Producer is the best wreck out there. It's a little scary when the large cruise ships are in, but well worth it. Sometimes the water is a emerald green color on the way down, but it will clear up once you hit the wreck. Watch out where you park your car as local hooligans might try to break in. A good solution is to have someone drop you off and arrange a pickup after the dive. Make sure to check out the artifacts left over in the hull of the ship, there is a purse and a shirt down there for sure. The best secret is the air pocket in a cargo hold on the side of the ship. Nothing is stranger than breathing air under 100 feet of water! (Great spot for a quick romantic moment, as well.) =)
04/29/2004        2.77      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
Went to Blue Grotto as part of my open water checkout. Nice place, but can become easily over-crowded due to small size. Must put on gear near parking area and descend about 30-40 feet/50 yards down uneven stairs to entry/exit point. This isn't bad on entry, but after a dive the return trip up the stairs can be challenging.
04/29/2004        4.56      West Palm Beach Florida, USA East
WPB is some of the best diving in Florida. Trips are reasonable price also. If you want a GREAT charter, 2 boat slips over from the Rampage is the NARCOSIS. I've dove both and the Rampage requires you to exit the water on your knees. Very uncomfortable. You will not be disappointed when diving the Narcosis.
04/29/2004        3.11      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
Easy to find location. Camping on site is available and is a good location for check-out dives. This dive will help someone get over the fear of darkness. There is a guide line down and around large rock formation. It's an experience, but I would only take a new diver back there. Not too much for the experienced diver.
04/29/2004        3.64      Cemetery Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Awesome snorkel site. We had a windy week which made the other areas on Grand Cayman a bit rougher, so we kept coming back to Cemetery Reef over and over again. Re Directions: It's right by the cemetery across from the fire station.
04/27/2004        3.75      Plum Run Diving, Peebles Ohio, USA East
(no comment)
04/26/2004        2.44      Aquatic Park Alabama, USA East
Decent Stuff to look at. Vis was low when I went and not much animal life that I could find.
04/23/2004        3.72      Albert Head Lagoon Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Good Dive, abundant Marine life ( Octopus, anemone urchins) with a bottom depth from 20 to 60 feet. Easy shore entry, little current, fair visibility make this an excellent beginner dive or for one who just wants a relaxing dive with a fair bit or marine life
04/15/2004        3.61      South Crescent Bay California South, USA West
I've been diving Crescent for many years, because this site has a lot to offer. Deadmans reef, Seal Rock and Pinnacles are more advanced type dives but can be done by less experienced divers, as long as they are accompanied by more experienced divers who have dived this area before. Average vis. in winter is approx. 15ft with avg. temps around 55 degrees. I have experienced 50ft vis and temps in the mid 60's. Like most good dive sites in Southern California, you need to go to the beach and check the conditions for your self! I would have missed out on some great diving had based my decision to dive solely on dive reports from local shops and or publications, etc. If you're in need of a buddy, there are several great dive clubs in the local area that welcome new divers of all levels of experience with open arms. You don't even have to become a member to dive with the clubs, in most cases.
04/15/2004        3.12      Pebble Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Nice easy dive with decent temperature, but skin suit, wet suit, hood and thick gloves are strongly advised. Large amounts of flounder and striped bass had been seen several times. Crabs inhabit the majority of the shallower bottoms.
04/12/2004        3.69      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Aloha, we went in the morning we were about 60ft when we encountered pods of spinner dolphins about 200 yards from entry. We saw a white tip shark and the rest of fish life was plentiful.
04/07/2004        2.99      Hearst Beach California Mid, USA West
When I came in the summer and every time I drove by this spot the visibility looked pretty bad. We dove it once and had about 1ft vis. Besides that this spot is easy to enter and has some excellent potential with lots of reefs and kelp beds. I will return on a better day.
04/07/2004        3.53      Jade Cove California Mid, USA West
This is referred to as a gorilla dive for a reason, it's tough, I mean really tough. First of all for either the north cove or the south cove the hike is very difficult and you will have to hike down washed out trails down sea cliffs with very loose rocks and poison oak. Be prepared to hike all of your gear and bring some good hiking boots also. The surge is very strong as is the surf and the shore line is predominated by boulders and a small spot of gravel beach. I recommend that you take your time with this one but the benefits are very rewarding. Here at jade cove is one of the few places you can actually hunt for California Blue Jade and it is fairly abundant here to. The fish are huge here and I believe it is one of the few places I have dived in CA where you can see some pristine wildlife due to its inaccessibility. Bring water and food, and maybe a wheel barrel to carry your stuff. Good luck because you will need it.
04/06/2004        3.00      Malibu - Redondo California Mid, USA West
04/05/2004        4.08      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Have dove this site many times, for its visibility and ease of access. Hardly any beach, so sand doesn't get stirred up. Mucho turtles, spinner dolphins, and long finned anthias on south side. One of my favorite sites. Go early and avoid the crowds and snorkel boats.
04/05/2004        3.00      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
More and bigger reef fish here than anywhere on the Big Island. I need more dives to see it all, chain and boiler are extras for topography. Saw an eagle ray here on my wife's birthday, her favorite present.
03/29/2004        4.00      Fox Island Washington, USA West
I have only dove the west wall here. This is a very beautiful dive site with nice ledges and a lot of vegetation growing on the walls. We dove down to the lower second wall first and it was cool to find an octo in one of the many holes in the sandstone walls - nice contour. The shallower wall was my favorite part of the dive as it was covered in various kinds of kelp and a lot of small creatures living amongst them - quite a few nudibranches. I think the thing that sets this dive site apart from other dives I have done in the narrows is the abundance of plant life. The day was so nice we could look up the wall and see the sunlight shining through the kelp as it swayed with the current - very nice dive and a must do.
03/29/2004        4.85      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
Check out the new boat that was sunk. Right now, there are three boats right together. The new boat is a 40' wooden boat sank about a month ago
03/28/2004        3.48      Lydgate State Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
This was an EXCELLENT place to introduce small children to snorkeling. The protective sea wall keeps the water very calm so there are no waves or currents, but within the wall there is quite a variety of fish for the little ones to see. There is also a nice sand beach and a second, smaller and shallower protected area for toddlers. There are bathroom facilities, a huge playground, and a snack bar nearby. A wonderful way for a young family to spend the day on Kauai. Experienced snorkelers and divers would probably not be interested in this area.
03/26/2004        2.67      South Casa California South, USA West
Tough Diving!
03/19/2004        3.40      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Hands down a top ten dive location for Ventura County.
03/19/2004        3.85      Eden Rock Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Great Snorkeling site. They have an on-site Scuba and Snorkel facility for rentals and arrangements. There are stairs for entry into the water. If there are waves, it can be a little tough to navigate and tough to get your fins on. Watch out for sea urchins. Wish I were there now!
03/16/2004        3.58      Kapalua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
This site is wonderful for the beginner to the advanced diver/snorkeler. The entry is easy and the reef is shallow. The first 50 feet in are a bit murky, but once out of the river runoff, it is fantastic snorkeling. Leave your car unlocked - the locals like to look through your stuff and if you lock your doors they will break in.
03/12/2004        4.35      Chankanaab State Park Cozumel, Caribbean
This is truly a beautiful snorkel. Anyone would enjoy this to the utmost!
03/10/2004        3.43      Aliso Beach Park California South, USA West
The best area is at the very north end of the beach where the reef and Aloso rock starts. Great underwater structures and caves as you progress North through the reefs. At the very tip of the rock formation the current and swell are very strong DO NOT GET CLOSE TO THE REEFS, you can get projected to it and risk injury or death ( Summer 1994) Life and plants are there and not near as abundant as it used to be before the construction started on top of the cliff. The storm water runoff deposited so much dirt and soil than the area lost 50 to 70% of its beauty, it is however still very interesting and inhabited. Night diving is great, lots of lobsters, calicos, perchs, Garibaldis and some occasional sand shark and rays still swimming around. Be safe.
02/29/2004        3.65      Black Sand Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great site. Entered a cavern with at least a 400 lb turtle. Many eels and scorpion fish
02/29/2004        2.82      USS Huron North Carolina, USA East
There is a public beach access about 150 yds North of the Nags Head Pier. The access has a historical sign about the wreck, plus, there is a pavilion that describes the history and current description of dive site. The wreck is usually buoyed during the summer months. Swim to anchor line and down to bow. Explore the wreck, however, do not take anything with you. This wreck is protected by the state. There are still cannonballs, guns, etc that can be observed. Rinse off showers are available when you exit.
02/26/2004        3.61      Sunabe Seawall Japan, Pacific
Excellent site for all levels though not much hard coral. For this you should spend 70 dollars and go to the Keramas (near by islands)
02/17/2004        3.24      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Good place for snorkeling. Care should be taken near the rocks as the surf can be strong.
02/17/2004        3.12      Lydgate State Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Can't evaluate the scuba, but the snorkeling here is great for beginners or people who are looking for an easy snorkeling experience. There are 2 man-made, protected pools; 1 with shallow water for small children and another with deeper (7'-8') for more experienced swimmers. There's a surprising variety of fish in the pools.
02/16/2004        2.52      Aquatic Park Alabama, USA East
It's one of those dives to do once to get in your logbook that you dived a quarry with a minuteman missile in it.
02/14/2004        2.87      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Go in the morning before the crowds arrive. We went 30 to 60 minutes after sunrise, and pretty much had the place to ourselves. Turtles are seen often, which was a highlight. Fish are plentiful, but not teeming. We went once in the afternoon, when it was crowded with people, many of them poor swimmers with only rented masks and snorkels (no fins!). I was a lifeguard for 3 years, and had to tow one woman to shore who was in trouble in 50 feet of water. Two days later, a man drowned (and died) at the very same spot (February, 2004). I've snorkeled the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, and consider them to be much better (far more color and more fish). But try Black Rock and see for yourself. Just not in the afternoon. And wear fins. I also found a light full body wetsuit to be a big help protect from slightly chilly water, and also the sun. But 95% of the other people I saw wore only trunks and meager (rented) gear.
02/10/2004        3.94      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Did this as a night dive many years ago - thought it outrageous. Saw 3 types of scorpion fish, the mother of all turtles, and much much more. A very memorable dive. Did this by snorkel more recently. 3 spotted eagle rays greeted me upon entry. Even the hotels and tourists cannot scr*w this up! I have done this snorkel several times. Just beautiful - rainbows over the Maui mountains. PS. if you start at the north Sheraton side and dive/snorkel towards the Sheraton you can sneak a hot tub at the hotel.
02/04/2004        3.62      Koko Kai Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
If you look at the aerial picture we actually went in to the right almost to the end of the picture its the second to the last cove, we dove against the current for a while and then let the current bring us back to the entry point where we exited.
02/04/2004        3.62      Halona Blow Hole Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive for beginners especially going out with some experienced guys. Relatively easy although can be a bit to get out, but once you get out it is smooth diving. During the day saw a snow flake moray on the sand, lots of turtles even in the cove, and lots of reef fish.
01/30/2004        2.44      Lake  Geneva Wisconsin, USA Mid
Shore diving is illegal on Lake Geneva. Heavy boat traffic in summer. Very clear water..( spring fed with lots of sand bottom. Very nice diving here but remember it's a big tourist area. Lot's of rental boats with people that don't have a clue what a dive flag is!
01/18/2004        4.72      Ogden Breakwater Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
It is hard to beat Ogden Pt. Breakwater - you can find everything here - even uncommon things like brachiopods. Also, the dive shop has the most friendly employees that I have ever met.... even as the staff changes when I come back year after year! The only downside is that you will have to contend with fisherman ... bring a knife and watch out for hooks.
01/16/2004        3.95      Small Wall Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Capt Dons has the best people. I want to move to Bonaire! Dive master Chris, you are the man!
01/13/2004        3.48      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
The surface water temperature was cold due to fresh water run off. The water was warmer at depth. Saw lingcod, greenling, shiner perch, tube snouts, sunflower stars, metridium anemones, brittle stars, a fish-eating sea star, crinoid sea stars. Definitely a place to visit again.
01/11/2004        3.69      Vero Beach Florida, USA East
My very first dive was done at Vero. I was given a tour of the reefs by a 16 year veteran to those reefs. Conditions can be perfect with great (25'plus) vis, no surge, little current, lots of plants and animals...just watch for the urchins. Because of the urchins, gloves are a necessity and wet suit is better than bathing suit. Conditions are best here in the spring and early summer. If seas are bad, be prepared for a rough dive. Surge can get bad and because of the shallowness of some areas coupled with hundreds of urchins, it is best to not try it in bad seas. If seas are calm, if wind is calm, this is a great dive for the inexperienced with an experienced buddy. If there is beach restoration in the area, vis will be horrible. Be watchful for the treasure hunter boats because they will stir up the bottom and turn a great vis day into a dark and 0 vis day in a matter of seconds. See for aerial photos of reef areas and photos of the wildlife.
01/11/2004        4.00      Marine Room California South, USA West
The surf can get high here. But when it is low it makes for an easy shore dive. In shallow waters you can see Leopard Sharks, and at night a lot of Lobsters.
01/11/2004        3.46      St. Andrews Jetties, Panama Beach Florida, USA East
Not really the jetties, but the rocks inside the state park to make the "kiddy pool". I snorkeled it last summer not realizing that would have been the perfect opportunity to scuba alone. Very shallow, many families up on the beach, lots of people in the water, but not so many near the rocks because the depth is over your head. Very snorkelable, but would have been even better on scuba. Lots of sergeant majors, some grouper, one a really good size. Lots of mullet, some plant life, some sponge life. Pretty decent get-a-way if you are on a 4 day vacation with your in-laws! The stone crabs were releasing their eggs when I was there, Fathers' Day weekend 2003. That was really neat. Must research if they do that in accordance to lunar phases like coral. Hmmm...Definitely going back Fathers' Day weekend 2004! Shore entry very waves! Bottom condition, it's not the Bahamas, but there are some cool things to look at. Facilities...the restrooms were a bit of a hike away from where you enter the water, but there are fresh water showers closer to the water. I would do a night dive here, but not alone, because I am chicken! Those more advanced and/or experienced in different sites may be bored with this site. Visibility was about 15 or so feet when I was there, but I could see that conditions here could probably go downhill very quickly with an afternoon thunderstorm or tide change. The current gets really bad if you attempt to go through the opening in the rocks to go to the other side. I tried on snorkel but chickened out. ;) Yes, I am a girl and I was alone! :)
01/08/2004        2.66      Winchester Bay Oregon, USA West
We entered next to the crab dock which was really easy. The surf sloshed us around when we tried to put our fins on. The visibility was the "dive by brail" kind, maybe a foot of vis. Because of the vis, we say no wildlife.
01/03/2004        2.47      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
This site would be best for Open Water divers or Cavern divers. I am a cave diver and found the site to be mildy entertaining.
01/01/2004        3.48      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
This site is almost always easy to enter and plenty of sea life to experience. Probably the biggest downside is the congestion both above and below the water. Last time I was there I counted at least three classes.
12/29/2003        3.70      Town Pier Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Well, it's great for the kids, and great diving for me personaly. I don't dive much but I like the beach due to the surf.
12/22/2003        4.13      Playa Lagun Curacao, ABC Islands
Great site, especially for starters.
12/20/2003        3.46      Cemetery Reef Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Excellent snorkel location, not overly crowded and was enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Park on the main road outside of the cemetery and walk down the laneway beside the commentary to get to the beach.
12/17/2003        3.51      Pukano Point Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Good Dive spot for shore dives, some interesting swim throughs, occasional good shell hunting, the "turtle cleaning station"! A good dive spot that will suffice for those who want an enjoyable easy long shallow dive or some interesting sights for those who venture deeper!
12/17/2003        3.25      St. Clair River Michigan, USA Mid
Great place to dive for intermediate to advanced divers. No place for a beginner. I'm not referring to certification but rather experience.
12/14/2003        3.12      Waimea Bay (wall) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Nice, and good for the kids. Safe protected area.
12/14/2003        3.12      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Nice! Had to go out quite away off the beach. Saw some sea turtles. It was a little eerie, and now we know why: we didn't see any, but I guess this is where the BIG tiger shark hangs out.
12/08/2003        4.13      Buddy's Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Very Nice!
12/07/2003        3.45      Lake 16, Martin Michigan, USA Mid
Nice diver platfom at 15', cars, boats, a few snowmobiles, other things on the bottom to see. Most everything is tied together with yellow poly rope so fnding them is easy once you find the dive platform. The bottom is at about 85', almost a complete dropoff once you get out 40yds from shore.
12/02/2003        4.85      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
Strong current, bring coins for the meter, cold water showers
11/29/2003        3.12      Superior Producer Curacao, ABC Islands
Good site, nice wreck!
11/28/2003        4.11      Dutch Springs Pennsylvania, USA East
The Disney Land of the east cost for divers. Great place to learn to dive or for advanced divers to get wet and try out gear for their next big dive.
11/26/2003        4.18      Anahola Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Beautiful view and setting, safe for beginners
11/21/2003        4.60      Blue Hole Bonaire North, ABC Islands
One of our favorites, can have some surf at times.
11/21/2003        4.12      Cai Bonaire South, ABC Islands
This is a guided dive only. Do not attempt it if you are not experienced with the site.
11/16/2003        2.31      Monarch Ontario, Canada
Exciting daytime dives can be made on this intact wreck. Night dives are even better! Beware heavy daytime boat traffic overhead. Surfacing anywhere but at the shore is dangerous. Using a float & flag impossible due to strong currents. Intermediate / advanced dive.
11/14/2003        4.05      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
My wife and I did this dive 01/03/03. It was great because the staff treats you like a real VIP. Best thing is all equipment is provided, set up, and cleaned by their staff. The sea-life was unafraid of the divers. I had to swat away several Porkfish who kept pecking my legs. Got up close to the sharks, rays, and the Grouper who would grunt if you got to close. A first class tour. We will do it again on future trips to Disney.
11/12/2003        4.46      Ascension Island United Kingdom, Europe
Great place!
11/12/2003        3.60      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
It was pretty cool! We saw lots of sea turtles. The water was really cloudy until you get way past the reef.
11/12/2003        3.62      Cai Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Easy access from ramp to Lac at Cai. Try to go weekdays; sometimes used for parties and festivals on weekends. Mounds of old conch shells. Conch in Lac has all been taken years ago by Bonarians. Watch for jellies in Lac. You must swim through a challenging surge zone 10-15 ft deep to reach the reef. Stay underwater and navigate through sea fans by compass; at least a 20 minute swim. Return from reef with at least 1,000 psi in tank to leave a margin for this swim. Down to 50-60 ft reef is rough from surge but beautiful. Huge sponges. Many parrotfish, angels and butterflies, much bigger specimens than at any other Bonaire site. Schools of blue chromis. In dives two successive years at this site did not see sharks, baraccudas, rays, turtles or other large animals.
11/06/2003        3.75      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
Good dive site. Entry over the sand ok. Third reef is great once you get there. Remember: Whatever reef you go to will determine your return swim
11/03/2003        4.33      De Palm Slope Aruba, ABC Islands
There are large groups of enormous blue parrot fish and all kinds of other parrot fish as soon as you enter the water. They are fed so all the varieties are over-sized. Shallow reefs can be hazardous but deeper water near the buoys. Also saw octopi, peacock flounder, gold-tail eels, trumpets, hogfish. Bought an all-day snorkel package which was well worth it. It included transportation from resort, ferry to island, lunch, open bar, showers, equipment, easy entry from dock. DePalm owns the island and facilities and also offers snuba and sea trek with helmets for beginners.
10/26/2003        2.75      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Watch out for the barracuda in the murky shore entrance. A friend was bit this week and ended up with six inch gash on his arm that required 40 stitches and now has a 1 in 3 chance of further infection. Once you get to the clear water though I understand that this is the most beautiful spot to snorkel.
10/24/2003        3.33      Haigh Quarry, Bradley Illinois, USA Mid
A bit of a drive from Chicago, but well worth it. Gear rental onsite.
10/22/2003        3.93      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Favorite dive spot for ten years now...
10/11/2003        3.06      Higgins Lake,  Higgins Lake Michigan, USA Mid
Ross Township park. Light rock and sand entry. Sand bottom swim area moderate seaweed deeper out.
10/10/2003        3.34      Lake Travis, Austin Texas, USA Mid
Great beginner site. A lot of divers on the weekends. Vis decreases quickly because of so many people. Park is Bob Wentz Park at Windy Point. It has platforms for classes and a whole lot of hungry fish that love hot dogs! I recommmend this site if you need to dive and just can't wait.
10/02/2003        2.84      Haigh Quarry, Bradley Illinois, USA Mid
A great place for the beginning diver to get some experience in a somewhat controlled setting before venturing out to sea. Lots of sunken objects to explore, tons of fish and an all around good time.
10/01/2003        3.45      Ginnie Springs Florida, USA East
Large main basin at Ginnie. Plenty of room to move without bumping elbows with snorkelers.
09/27/2003        3.67      Boca  Grandi Aruba, ABC Islands
Walk out to edge of reef and drop in but don't go straight out. Go to the right and stay close to shore. Lots of deep caves and an occasional lava tube. Lots of Aweoweo. Since area is now protected, the sea critters are coming back strong!
09/25/2003        3.91      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Easy entry, easy exit, easy road access, good visibility, not very deep, but enough critters to keep your interest, friendly locals, fun dive, what more is there to say about this site.
09/24/2003        4.50      Octopus Hole Washington, USA West
A relaxing dive!
09/23/2003        2.87      White Rock Park, St. Paul Indiana, USA Mid
09/23/2003        3.47      Ole's Cove Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
A long surface swim out to a rewarding reef dive.
09/23/2003        3.53      Tuwanek Beach Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
A beautiful dive with easy entry and a good intermediate dive if you go all the way around the inland.
09/20/2003        2.84      Blue Heron Bridge Florida, USA East
Probably the best beach dive in Florida!
09/17/2003        3.87      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
Was a perfect place to learn.
09/15/2003        3.78      South Crescent Bay California South, USA West
I dive this site on a regular basis. It has great scenery and plenty of life, micro and macro. Dead Man's reef and around to the Sea Lion rock are for more advanced divers, especially when conditions are rough, but are great dives. Average visibility is 10-12 feet, but I have seen it as high as 25 and as low as 2 feet.
09/09/2003        2.54      Venice Beach Florida, USA East
Viz was better than I anticipated. Sharks' teeth are about a 1/4 of a mile offshore. Lots of sand dollars, too.
08/29/2003        2.85      Phosphate Dock Florida, USA East
Unbelievable fish, Goliath Grouper at the end, lots of big snook and snapper, dangerous currents, dive only at slack tide.
08/29/2003        3.04      Twin Quarries, Circleville Ohio, USA East
This is a shallow quarry, but the water is warm and it is a great place to practice buoyancy
08/21/2003        3.00      Alexander Springs Florida, USA East
This is a good site to do some open water training or just a short relaxing dive. There is a spring with a small cavern. The cavern is small and is safe for novice divers.
08/18/2003        3.86      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
Great place to go without leaving the country. The site has a wide range of animal and plant life. It's nice to stay in a hotel on the beach and walk right from the room into the ocean.
08/14/2003        3.56      Dania Beach Florida, USA East
There are two areas to dive in Dania Beach. The most popular is off of J.U Lloyd state park and known as the Erojacks. The Erojacks were put in to control beach erosion and have become a popular artificial reef dive site. Angel fish, parrot fish, nurse shark, lobster are permanent residents and snook, tarpon and turtles are occasionally seen. The jacks look like the ones used in the children's game except they are made out of concrete and are four ft high. They are stacked and run from about 100 yds offshore to the first reef line. Directions: Dania Beach is about 5 miles south of Ft Lauderdale. Take Dania Beach Blvd East to the end and follow directions to J U Lloyd Park. Park at the first lot. The Erojacks are located directly offshore of the 2-3 jacks that are sitting on the beach. There are usually boats and divers on the site. It runs east-west. The second area is the south end of the public beach, marked dive area. There are several reef spots along the first rock ledge. Line up with the center line of the first condo and swim east to the ledge. There is a nice little reef on the east side of the ledge at this point.
08/12/2003        2.42      Aurora Reservoir Colorado, USA West
This dive falls into the category of my worst day diving is better than my best day working. Aurora is a pleasant little dive and an acceptable student checkout site. As Colorado dives go it is average. The bottom is very silty and vis can go to 0 in a second. In the deeper water the silt is black so we are talking about total blackout conditions. There is an airplane wreck marked with a buoy. Although there are fish in the resevoir I have never seen one while diving. Lots of crawfish and some of those babies are big so there's good eatin'. Make sure you have a fishing license. The beach is nice to set up and have a picnic lunch. Overall, I'd rather dive anywhere else, but since we're talking Colorado and there isn't much else, dive it and enjoy being underwater.
08/04/2003        2.81      Breakwater Cove California North, USA West
This site gets packed on the weekends with classes. If possible I would pick another site if you are an experienced diver. Otherwise, this can be a good dive to get acquainted with cold water diving. It's very safe with instructors and tourists everywhere to bail you out if you get in trouble. In the sandy areas at night many small octopus can be found. Also along the rocks I've seen brittle stars come out at night.
08/04/2003        3.41      Cannery Park California North, USA West
The gray building next to the bathrooms has an underwater pipe, if you follow that out to the end and then keep going to about 55-65feet you will find the Metridium Field, beautiful large white anemones.
08/04/2003        2.61      Monterey State Beach California North, USA West
We dove here with a class. This beach is much less dove than the nearby Breakwater. I was surprised at the life we saw in the sea grass and below the large floats out from the beach. I wouldn't write this off as not worth a look. Very easy beach entry, depth of 15-35 feet, very little boat traffic, although it is a big kayak entry and exit. Great for beginners.
07/24/2003        3.37      Wood Cove California South, USA West
Surf was just this side of do-able - thanks to long lulls between large waves, we were able to make it in ok. Plenty to see straight out and to the right, but lots of surge the day we went. Kind of cool in a way, but it did make one of our divers seasick! 88 stairs between parking and the beach, so take your time climbing back up after a dive!
07/24/2003        3.02      Malaga Cove California Mid, USA West
We went snorkeling in the early afternoon, and the vis was pretty poor - but we heard some sharks had been seen earlier. Easy entry; very light surf. If the dive is a bust, it's a nice beach to hang out on and play in the water (if you don't mind dodging kids learning to surf!)
07/22/2003        3.00      Olowalu Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Whoever said Olowalu isn't a dangerous place is mistaken. This is a known tiger shark breeding ground. You might want to change your wording about the place, because you are way wrong about the dangers here.
07/06/2003        4.60      Coki Beach St Thomas, Caribbean
Really enjoyed this dive. It's easy in, easy out. Coki Beach Dive Club has equipment on the beach ready to go. They are great to work with and we go out with them every time we visit St. Thomas!
07/03/2003        4.56      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
We had never snorkeled before and there can't be a better place to learn. If you stay inside the wave breaker, there is no current or waves to contend with. The visibility was great and fish were everywhere. We went early on a Sunday morning so the crowd was very small. It was a great experience for everyone who went.
06/29/2003        3.79      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
Once you park, put your quarters in the meter! Max on the meters is 4 hours (15 min for each quarter) The beach police are always checking up on the parking conditions so security is very good! (still use common sense!) There is a fresh water shower right there to rinse off. Gear up in the parking lot and a very short walk (about 100 feet to the water. Swim out towing your flag ( remember the beach police...) about 60 to 100 yards out to the first reef in about 14 fsw. Lots of juveniles, gorgonians, reef squids and other marine life. 2nd reef at about 150 to 200 yards out is in 20fsw and a lot more lively! The 3rd reef I would recommend a small boat. Dive at least 2 hours before high tide, go early in the morning. Be prepared to be approached by lots a people asking "What's down there?" I usually park on the south side of the pier in the 1st parking lot after turning right off of Commercial Blvd at the beach. be sure to stay at least 150 or more yards from the pier which is an excellent reference point. Great loc for night dives!
06/11/2003        1.66      Whiskey Cove Lane Vancouver, BC, Canada
06/10/2003        3.13      Ulua Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Thanks! We had a beautiful day. The beach has shade trees and everybody can snorkel. Ease of entry and approach to the reef was great.
06/08/2003        3.15      Henderson Point Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Nice deep walls and canyons if you swim out past the reefs. The topography is quite dramatic. There is not as much life here in the inlet as some of the more exposed Victoria sites. Don't expect the rocks to be covered with large invertebrates. Big jellyfish in summer and fall. Lots of octopus dens. Visibility sometimes approaches 100 feet, although in late spring and early summer, plankton blooms can reduce it to a few feet.
06/08/2003        3.02      Willis Point Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Great for technical divers who want to go deep. At the base of the wall, the boulder-covered bottom slopes down as deep as you want to go. Not much life on the wall itself. Near the bottom of the wall there are some chimney sponges. Some have decorated warbonnets living inside. DON'T TOUCH! If you touch the sponges, they will break and die. These aren't normal "spongy" sponges, but fragile, slow-growing "glass" sponges. A diver who has been diving here a while says that there used to be one of the biggest Cloud sponges in the area here, but curious divers kept poking at it and it crumbled away. Be aware of where your fins are kicking.
06/08/2003        3.31      Mystery Wreck in Deep Cove Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
I've often heard the visibility can be bad at this site, but every time I dove it, visibility was about 50-60 feet (good for here)- Avoid this site in the late spring and early summer. Lots of perch schooling in the wreck. It is pretty crumbled except for the iron bolts and some remaining planking sticking up about 10 feet from the bottom. the bow is mostly intact (made of metal). Near the stern, there is a large metal water or fuel tank and some piping and valves. Could this barge have been a floating gas station? They were pretty common at the entrances to marinas back then. If you swim around the sand away from the wreck towards the shore, there is a lot of old, interesting junk and bottles scattered about. If you swim out from Setchell Point, there is a reef that goes down to about 70 feet deep. There are several smaller reefs past this out on the sand. Not much life on the main reef, but there are huge plumose anemones and lots of rockfish on the smaller ones.
06/01/2003        3.36      Ahihi Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
(No Comment)
05/19/2003        3.81      Sheraton Caverns Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Only the second dive I've ever taken, Sheraton Caves was a real treat. Experienced sea turtles sleeping in caves, petted a huge moray eel and spotted what seemed to be a stonefish (from a fair distance away). Great time and no one else around but my wife and our guide. Check it out!!!
05/19/2003        2.88      Back Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Back Beach is one of the easiest shore dives on Cape Ann, and probably the best site to bring non-divers, as there are restrooms, a sandy beach and a short walk to shopping and restaurants in downtown Rockport. It is also extremely popular with dive classes. Weekends in the summer are very crowded with both divers and non-divers, and parking can be very difficult. Because of the crowds, animal life can be sparse at times (especially lobsters), but it is still a very pretty dive, particularly on the left side of the beach along the rocks, where the plant life is most plentiful. You can often find sea ravens, striped bass, skates, flounder and at night, squid. It is an excellent night dive because of the ease of entry (walk right in…) and sheltered beach. Depths are shallow, most of the area below 30' and visibility is typical for New England, ranging from 20+ feet (if you're lucky) to less than 10' at times.
05/17/2003        3.24      Hilma Hooker Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Great site- a little rough on entry because of surf and urchins!
05/15/2003        4.52      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
We found this to be a good site to snorkel. We saw lots of fish, and lots of different varieties. The site provided good underwater photo ops as well. We also saw an endangered Monk Seal on the beach while we were there.
05/14/2003        3.25      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
Folly Cove is a great beginner dive, entry is very easy except at mid-tide there are some slippery rocks. Maximum depth at the mouth of cove is approximately 45', most of cove is shallower. The left side of the cove is a wonderful rock wall with lots to look at, the right side is mainly boulders but also interesting. The center is pretty bare. An excellent night dive. Drawbacks: No facilities and very limited parking - resident only during peak hours in the summer.
05/13/2003        3.53      Dinner Rock Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Woohooo [We think that means he likes it? - Editor]
04/04/2003        3.88      Leleiwi Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great place and near town.
04/04/2003        4.75      Richardson Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Best beach on the East side of the Big Island.
03/23/2003        4.11      Coco View Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
Extremely easy entry and exit.
03/18/2003        5.00      Spooky Channel Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
One of the best dives in the Bay Islands. A cut through the reef where the coral is growing together over the top. 50 ft wide, but only about 12 ft. at the surface. Big coral heads to swim around. Can (and should) be done at different depths. Deepest spot 90 ft. Good depth 45 ft. But for best conditions (visibility, current, etc.) always consult the Dive masters at Bay Islands Beach Resort. Depending on conditions, they can run you out to the outside of the reef to do it from sea to shore. This unusual and spectacular dive is reasonably advanced and should be done at the right times for maximum enjoyment. A fabulous night dive, too. Full of marine life as well as coral formations.
03/09/2003        3.09      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
The bottom is pretty ugly here; rusty metal, old tires and mud, but the wrecks and marine life make up for it. Plumose anemones, rockfish and big lingcod.
03/09/2003        3.98      Ten Mile Point Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Colourful jam-packed wall. Anemones, cup corals tunicates, zoanthids, sponges, etc. Lots of red Irish lords, rockfish and huge cabezon. Definitely bring a light to see all the colour. Sometimes visibility is really good and sometimes really bad. Arrive early and wait for slack (important).
03/09/2003        4.45      Ogden Breakwater Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
I have done about 100 dives at this site and never tire of it. The best part of the breakwater is near the end, but it is quite a hike in full gear. Lots of wolf- eels here. Huge lingcod and fish-eating anemones. Tons of rockfish, nudibranches, etc. I find the best visibility is in august to October. The kelp forest looks great in summer and early fall.
03/09/2003        3.00      Saxe Point Park Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Average dive, pretty shallow though. Nice little undercuts and crevices in the wall. That's where most of the life is. Use a light to see the colourful coating of sponges in these little "caves". Visibility can be pretty bad, especially when the weather's been rough.
03/09/2003        3.25      Kelvin Grove Vancouver, BC, Canada
Used to dive here before the locals became frightened of the strange monsters in rubber suits. Nice wall with burrowing sea cucumbers and feather stars. A seal used to play with us here. He's probably lonely now.
03/09/2003        3.78      Whytecliff Park Vancouver, BC, Canada
Awesome deep walls.- A lot of places to explore. I like to go around the point on the right. Seals hang out here- almost guaranteed.
03/09/2003        3.05      Clover Point Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Fish-eating anemones, rockfish, kelp; the usual Victoria stuff. wicked current. Dove at slack, but almost got swept away, even in the bay. Be careful.
03/09/2003        4.40      Whalers Cove (Point Lobos) California North, USA West
This is one of the best all-around cold water shore dives I've ever done. I've made four dives there and could spend years poking around the place. The only downside is you have to secure a reservation for diving through the California Parks
03/09/2003        2.31      Esquinalt Lagoon Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Flat sand bottom. Shrimp, lots of Dungeness crabs. Had to swim out on the surface for about 20 minutes to reach 40 foot depths, but easy beach access. If you're after crabs, great, but not much else to see.
03/06/2003        4.17      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Wonderful views of large parrot fish, trumpet fish, damselfish. Very busy shallow beach with lots of swimmers and facilities and a snack bar. Crowded with snorkelers at the passes where the best views are. Also strong current and surf in the passes when we were there in December. Expensive taxi ride to south end of island unless you rent a car.
03/06/2003        4.19      Catalina Cove Aruba, ABC Islands
Great snorkeling with abundant fish including cuttle fish, blue-spotted cornet, octopus, huge angels, flounders, eels, box fish, cow fish, puffers, groupers, parrots. Also the fish were much larger than the ones we have seen further north as in Antigua. In some areas the water was 'thick' with sargeant majors. Easy entry and relatively warmer waters than in the lesser Antilles. Went to Catalina via local bus several times and left our dry stuff on the beach with no problems. Never crowded in early December even with excursion boats anchored off shore.
03/04/2003        3.70      Olowalu Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Very good snorkel site.
02/04/2003        3.50      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
Great site for easy shore access to wrecks. Plenty of sea life with large Lingcod and Octopus being the main attractions.
02/02/2003        3.92      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
We had a blast here only had to go a couple of feet from shore to see lots of large fish. Great site for beginners; all of us were. Couldn't believe how many varieties we saw; the Sea Turtle was the highlight. Recommend to all.
01/15/2003        3.10      McAbee Beach California North, USA West
McAbee is an excellent training beach or a great place for a night dive. Lots of interesting rocks and plenty of fish and invertebrates. Kelp can be an issue in the summer, though. There is a buoy about 100 yards out that is great for divers not comfortable with free ascents and descents yet. McAbee is also a fun place to visit for non-divers. It's right in the heart of tourist Monterey so there's plenty to do without diving.
12/14/2002        3.02      Makapu'u Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Surf was very heavy, making entry and exit an adventure; fair number of large fish schools.
12/14/2002        2.76      Koke'e  Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Not much to see; also the street the directions tell you to turn on was not marked when we were there - but it was the first right after mile marker 13 (going east).
11/08/2002        4.12      Kahalu'u Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Ichi ban
11/02/2002        3.64      Kahekili Beach (Old Airport) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great location for beginning diving.
11/01/2002        3.54      Boca Catalina Aruba, ABC Islands
Super place!
11/01/2002        2.63      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Only saw fish in one area, where the reef breaks into the ocean.
10/24/2002        1.96      White Point California Mid, USA West
The entry is great but the Vis was very very poor. I'd guess the best was about 5 feet. My buddy and I dropped in and got out ASAP. We drove north about 2 miles or so to the old Marine Land. The diving there was great that day, about 15-20 foot Vis. The walk is not the best but well worth it that day. Good luck! And Remember, keep old Marine Land as a backup if white point turns out bad.
09/16/2002        4.26      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
09/15/2002        2.99      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
Best Laguna beach dive.
09/12/2002        4.29      Mukilteo T-Dock Washington, USA West
Dove this site on two consecutive days. The second day we dove at 0645 at a slack tide. Vis was excellent. The cabezons and lings on the north wall of the dry dock were huge. Over the years I've heard lots of great stuff about this site. It definitely lives up to its billing. Easy entry, current not a problem, easy to navigate.
09/08/2002        3.21      Siuslaw River Oregon, USA West
easy access at high tide visibility was poor on the bottom below 30 feet but good to 20 feet
08/19/2002        4.14      Willemstoren Lighthouse Bonaire South, ABC Islands
A good spot to see turtles and rays. Saw both in one dive. Entry good, but avoid this site in really heavy surf (unusual for Bonaire). Rarely see more than one vehicle at dive site...doesn't appear to be heavily dived.
08/16/2002        3.03      Seacrest Park Washington, USA West
This is an OK dive for beginners. Not too challenging, but not SUPER interesting.
07/24/2002        3.74      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
(No review given)
07/03/2002        3.38      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
I experienced some of the best conditions ever at this site in October of 1993. The ocean was FLAT for about 8 days in the middle of the month and I was fortunate enough to make about 9 dives during that time. Diving Zen was achieved with visibility exceeding 100'. This made for incredible night diving conditions, too. BE CAREFUL, as these conditions are extremely rare for this site. I have over 50 dives at this location and most took place during average conditions, at best. Once in the water, it is a most rewarding site. The steep drop-off provides a great wall dive and there is plenty of kelp, mammals, fish and invertebrates. Safe egress is the key to success here. Be prepared to crawl (a lot), making sure your BC is EMPTY when you start. Otherwise a wave will pick you up an pound you on the steep beach. I've seen people get absolutely pummeled on average days. This is definitely an advanced site. I would not recommend ANY novice divers (even w/ advanced supervision) as this just puts both buddies at risk. Practice on the S. Monastery side before taking the plunge up the beach and enjoy!
05/31/2002        3.60      Waimea Bay (wall) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
First night dive site for the wife and I, great entry and exit (even with knee-high waves). Excellent orientation lighting, especially if the bell tower at the church is lit (and a well-placed traffic light). Turtles, lobster, octopus, long lava trenches to sneak along. Plenty of archways to explore and minimal current if there's no appreciable swell.
05/30/2002        2.98      Windansea California South, USA West
Not that great for visibility. I'm sure there would be a lot of bugs out here during season, and it would be an easy night entry. But for a fun day dive, this place lacks in visibility.
04/06/2002        4.47      Karpata Bonaire North, ABC Islands
I think this was the most beautiful site on Bonaire and I've seen a lot. It had the most plant and animal life, real easy to enter. There's just one but: don't leave any valuable stuff in your car!
03/24/2002        2.92      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
Popular site for classes.
03/24/2002        3.21      South Crescent Bay California South, USA West
There are sea lions to dive with.
03/24/2002        2.83      Divers Cove California South, USA West
Large manta rays can be spotted.
11/06/2001        3.46      Savaneta Beach Aruba, ABC Islands
I just dove this site in Oct of 2001. If looking at the Arial picture, we entered the water to the left of the last little clump of trees on the left. There was a little boat tucked into the trees at that clump. A long snorkel in and out will save air, but can get tiring if it is choppy. The coral formations along the top of the wall are incredible and in about 20 feet of water so still plenty visible if snorkeling. The depth begins to drop to well over 200' so plan accordingly. Best bet is to check the current when you get to the edge and start your dive into it. Have fun.
11/06/2001        3.81      Puerto Chiquito Aruba, ABC Islands
This is a great spot for snorkelers and/or divers. Easy access in and out of the water. As you walk down toward the water there is a ladder over to your left. Make note that the picture used for the aerial shot is an older one and the pools are not as defined any more.
10/24/2001        2.80      Windansea California South, USA West
Good site!
10/17/2001        3.40      Ahukini Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
having dove this site several times I found that when the conditions allow to dive here it can be the best dive on the island of Kauai.
08/23/2001        4.07      Tori's Reef Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Really enjoyed this dive, lots of plant and animal life. Will definitely do again in Nov!!!
08/02/2001        4.19      Karpata Bonaire North, ABC Islands
We saw no less than four green turtles on this dive! Wonderful sea fans and gorgonians. Look out for octopus in the shallows.
08/02/2001        2.35      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Rather ordinary, but then again I had just got back from Palau
05/09/2001        3.75      North Belnem Bonaire South, ABC Islands
In March 2001, good site for seahorses!
        4.31      Halona Blow Hole Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
(no comment)
        3.88      Tacoma Narrows Washington, USA West
This was a good boat-drift dive. We saw a cute octopus just sitting on top of the rocks, a grunt sculpin, and lots of red irish lords. Our dive buddies saw wolf eals. We also found tons of human-made stuff that had been 'lost overboard' while constructing the bridge.
        3.55      Lana'i Lookout (Scenic Lookout) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
As you can tell by the year it was quite a while ago, but I remember like it was yesterday. No bones about it, this is an intermediate to advanced dive; I just happened to make it as a beginner without a local guide. The first time we went was in late spring, early summer, when the big waves are coming in from this side of the island. The swell was 6-8ft and the waves were breaking on the rocks at about 10-15. It was not for the faint of heart. The climb down was nice, the tunnel was a cool experience and the walk out to the entry was over some even rock. We jumped in off the spit, timing the entry with the swell. This was one of those dives where you put your fins on after you are on the bottom. The life was interesting and varied and it was a wonderful dive. I haven't read all the posts, but it is useful to know that there are two exits from this entry. One to the right of the entry, and is only for the serious diver/swimmer. One of my group was picked up by a wave and not so gently deposited on a boulder (he walked way with everything but his pride intact). The other exit is farther to the left. You hook around the outcropping and back into 'Eternity Beach' (THE beach scene in From Here to Eternity). It's a nice sloping exit and quite a few turtles hang out in the area. Remember, look but don't touch.

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