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04/22/2011        3.34      Bahia Honda State Park Florida, USA East
I lived in the Keys for a few months and while the keys have a poor reputation for shore diving those of us who live there have the need to get wet and can't always afford the money or time to get on a boat. You don't expect to see much on shore dives there and the vis is usually poor so I wouldn't travel just to shore dive the Keys but it's very doable. Bahia is a nice spot and it's usually easy diving, watch the tides of course or you can find yourself a long ways from where you started.
12/22/2006        3.71      Ahihi Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
In the past we haven't had much luck diving here as conditions weren't right. But this year in November it was perfect. A little chop at shoreline where the rocks meet the water, so don't mess around going slow and it'll be easy enough. The coral is in great shape here and this site is now on my must-do list.
11/16/2006        3.10      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Here's the thing. It's changed here. The owners of the land, as mentioned in the earlier review, request a donation. I didn't drive down there, but instead parked up on the road as before. Well, I had a friendly chat with the owner but then some snorkelers (obviously vacationers) walked up and there was no such thing as a "donation". It was a fee, flat and simple. The happy Hawaiian said "5 dollars now". The young tourist said he parked up on the road and didn't have 5 bucks with him. The Happy Hawaiian said "Then you go now because someone will break into your car". Sound like a threat?? It did to me. Horror stories about this guy are getting passed around the dive shops. On one day he said the dive site was shut down and no one was allowed. When the scuba diver told him that the diving was still good, it got ugly and the diver said you don't have the right to deny me access, which is very true. He was denied, and there was nearly a fight. So the authorities are gathering evidence to pursue this character. But it's an old Hawaiian family, so don't hold your breath. A great place ruined by local stupidity; what a shame. I love it here.
03/29/2006        3.42      Front  Porch Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
We were guests at Anthony's Key last week and we had a wonderful time. I used this site for open water checkouts for a new diver. The reef conditions are fantastic but it's a long hike out. The water is about 1 foot deep for around 100 feet, then it quickly drops to 3 feet deep for another 100 feet but you can snorkel or surface scuba until you get to open water there. Anthony's Key specializes in boat diving and lodging but this site is open nearly every afternoon. The DC3 dive is in the open channel, this site is not. The DC3 dive has very limited visibility while this site has fantastic vis. If you're on Roatan do this site and stay at Anthony's Key.
03/29/2006        2.36      Spooky Channel Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
This very much is similar to cavern diving. In the channel itself the visibility is as poor on Roatan as I've seen. But the structures made it a worthwhile dive in my book. On the outside reef it is more Roatan like with a gorgeous reef and abundant sea life. This is a better boat dive than shore dive.
06/05/2005        4.04      Haloa Point Maui, Hawaiian Islands
There is a south swell hitting right now so the vis was horrible today. But that isn't always the case. What was fantastic today was a large pod of spinner dolphins came up to us and spent the entire dive messing with us. In 40 years of diving I have never had dolphins spend more than a minute or so with us; but 60 minutes? Amazing. Parents with young ones would come up to within 10 feet of us. A dive I'll never forget, even though the vis sucked. One of the best ever.
06/05/2005        3.98      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Today Honolua was as good as a shore dive can get anywhere. The vis was well over 100 and the coral is looking very healthy. There were large schools of fish and the word is out because there were 3 large cattle boats pulling into the bay when we left about 9am.
05/30/2005        3.66      Pu'u Olai Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
We've done this site many times from shore, but today it was a second dive off of the B&B Scuba boat. Either way it's a great site. There was a large octopus out in the open today. It seemed tired :) The assortment of critters was amazing. Lots of eels, lobsters and even a frog fish. No sharks today, and the water is warming up, currently 78 degrees. Don't miss this site.
05/26/2005        3.89      La Perouse Maui, Hawaiian Islands
It had rained the day before and the vis was horrible until you got close to 35 feet deep which is a long swim. Then the vis was maybe 40 feet. Still the coral formations are as pretty as I've see on Maui and the sea life was plentiful. Lots of hikers in the area were there looking at the dolphins who were putting on a show. We didn't see any dolphins once we entered the water. Pay attention to the overview photo. You must take a compass heading and head for that outside point. Not much to see until you get there.
06/03/2004        2.71      Nellies Cove Oregon, USA West
Our vis on this dive was as high as 3 feet and as low as 6 inches this past weekend. In the cove you could get the shadows of fish and it might be decent conditions for a hunter as they'd never see you coming. This is Oregon diving and you never know what you'll get from one day to the next. There is a bloom going on right now. Off shore a couple of miles at the reef divers had the same vis until they dropped below 40 feet and then the vis was great. Shore divers got to burn gas is all.
06/12/2003        4.17      Ulua Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
One of the easiest shore dives on Maui. Unless the summer swell is pumping this site should allow you to enter without any problems. Most dive the reefs to the right, but there are some interesting points on the left side also. This morning it was very crowded with students. I suggest that if you want to sort of ease your way into diving on Maui that this is a good place to start, especially if you haven't done much diving recently. I was very surprised to see 4 kids that are of about 10 years of age all taking classes from different instructors this morning. They are getting younger aren't they. But this beach is about as safe as they get, when the surf is down.
06/12/2003        3.69      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
I am logging this dive twice and things have changed since I last dove here two years ago. Plus I felt that someone showing up in the near future might appreciate it. When we dove here in the beginning of May it was nearly undivable as a huge swell came in and the entry alone would have been too dangerous not to mention the horrible visibility. But.....The last few days have been fantastic here. The summer swell will make things worse before long but it's super right now. The bubble cave has a pregnant mommy (overdue I think) and a huge pappa in it right now. So we didn't enter it all the way. There are plenty of other caves to play in. Go with a local or even hire a diver to show you how to find them. It looked like the turtle population has gone insane. There are so many we couldn't keep count. In fact there were 6 turtles laying close together in one small area. The snorkel boats were moored right by them. 4 boats this morning at once.
06/12/2003        3.68      Pu'u Olai Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Two weeks ago this site was horrible. Today it was fantastic with super visibility. We had a large south swell which is normal now but it has died down the past two weeks to about 1 foot. Things have cleared up. The swim through cave just north of little beach had two very large white tips in them. One is very agitated as he has a large hook in it's mouth. I'm sure it will rust out eventually as he's still fat and moving well. We did see an eagle ray and maybe 20 turtles. The whales are gone and the rays are in full force. This is an easy boat dive, a not as easy shore dive. Lots of rocks and if the surf is up at all you'll pay. Wear farmer johns or a full suit if you have any surf at all.
05/18/2003        4.57      Kahekili Beach (Old Airport) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
A large swell died down about a week ago but all the southern shore dives are still very murky. We were very surprised to see the fantastic visibility that exists here right now. At 40 feet the vis is 50-60 feet and when we went out past 70 feet the vis was close to 100 feet. The first reef has tons of life with some healthy turtles and tons of eels. We took some fantastic photos of all the creatures.
08/29/2002        3.14      Mukilteo Oil Dock Washington, USA West
We did this from the north and it's a long long hike. The swim wasn't bad. We dove at slack so currents weren't a problem but it's a full moon beware if you aren't at slack. Tons of crabs. When I swam out to the dock and dropped down I was shocked at the number of crabs there. It reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when he saw all those snakes on the floor. "Why is the floor moving?"
08/11/2002        4.53      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
Whenever we go to a new area for us, we always dive the most popular spot first, after all there is a reason it's so popular. On the first day we dove here the vis was 40 feet+. The second day the wind was up and the bottom was churned around and the vis was about 10 feet. But with those lines stretched out you can easily find your way around the park. Watch the tides, some days they are nothing to be concerned about, other days are another story. Locals were very helpful too. Great dive shop down the street.
01/04/2002        3.69      Lovers Point California North, USA West
We got here a couple of days after a storm so I'm sure the visibility is usually much better. But it was still diveable. This dive is fairly shallow compared to other Monterey sites. We got there early and parking was easy.
05/30/2001        3.04      Kamaole 2 Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Lots of checkout dives are done here so it's a very good spot for beginner divers to get out there without many concerns. There are restrooms and outside showers for rinsing off afterwards. I sort of came away without great feelings here, BUT, when I compare it to my diving spots in Oregon, there isn't a comparison.
05/30/2001        3.71      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
There are some great arches to dive through here and tons of sea critters that fear nothing as they are protected here, take nothing. In the middle of the bay is nothing but a couple of boat moorings, stay away from the middle. The best for diving is north, best for snorkel is south. Two concerns here, lots of bugs that will eat you alive and do NOT scratch if you've been bitten, you will regret that as I did. Also this is the main place that thieves break into cars. So leave nothing in your car, NOTHING. The broken glass in the parking area is a dead giveaway. But don't let that keep you away, just be careful of your valuables and DO this site.
05/24/2001        3.82      Kapalua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
We feel the walk to the far side (Right) is worth the effort. HUGE eels, many octopus and normal creatures are found along the reef. On this trip (May) the algae was worse than we've seen it before but at about 30 feet it isn't a problem. They are building lots of condos there now but the beach is wonderful, restrooms and showers to rinse off next to the parking lot.
05/24/2001        2.77      Olowalu Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Visibility isn't that great right now due to the large amount of plankton in the waters here, but outside you are likely to see large Manta Rays feeding there, I counted 12 in one large group. The rays can more likely be seen a few miles south of here. With any surge snorkeling visibility is very limited so get there early. Great spot for young ones or nervous ones to start snorkeling.
05/23/2001        3.52      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
I wouldn't dive here during the day as it can get very crowded, but this is a wonderful night spot. Especially if you've never dove at night before. We just followed the rock from one side to the other and saw squid, eels, countless friendly turtles and so many colorful fish that I needed a notebook to keep tract. You see many fish that just don't show up during the day.
05/21/2001        3.70      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Water is a bit murky this spring and the fault might lie in some construction work around the corner. This place makes a very nice one way dive if you start here and end up at 5 graves, or the other way around.
05/19/2001        3.38      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Entry isn't bad unless the surf is up, as it was went we went there, rocks can be slippery but just go slow, once you enter water it's an easy kick out to the deeper water. Wonderful caves to explore with both turtles and reef sharks all over the place. Although we had some surge the bottom had good visability and we were able to dive in a cave with white tip reef sharks and another cave was filled with turtles. Many eels are in the area and since boat dives go exactly to this spot, save yourself 75 bucks and do a shore dive!!

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