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11/28/2007        3.30      Dive Haven Georgia, USA East
I visited Dive Haven to try out my new camera and housing before a big trip. I hate quarry diving but found Dive Haven to have some pluses: Very short walk to the water, easy entry, and friendly people. This is an excellent place for advanced training.
09/24/2003        3.88      Coco View Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
Very easy entry and navigation out to the wall. A great dive site for beginners or diver who have not been diving for a while. The visibility was cloudy compared to most dive sites around the island on the day I dove there. Coco View Resort was a very nice operation and allowed me to shore dive there even though I was not staying at their resort.
09/24/2003        4.58      The Prince Albert Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
The visibility was poor compared to the other sites around the island. The wreck was well worth seeing. The briefing before the dive made it an easy wreck to navigate. There were lots of large barracudas and color reef fish around the wreck.
03/04/2002        4.54      Weber's Joy Bonaire North, ABC Islands
This was the place our instructor from Wanna Dive took us for our Underwater Naturalist class. Lots of coral, sea life and a very healthy reef. The entrance was a little rocky but not too difficult. Visibility was incredible.
03/04/2002        4.65      Angel City Bonaire South, ABC Islands
What a healthy reef! It was paradise. Lots of gold-chained morays and peacock flounders. Maximum depth we got to was 70 ft. The parrotfish were unusually large here. The entry and exit were easy. If you go early in the morning it is not very crowded. Usually by the time we were exiting there would be several trucks of divers in the parking lot.
03/04/2002        4.27      Cliff Bonaire North, ABC Islands
A great dive for beginners. Check out dives for Open Water students are done here a lot. I saw my first sea horse at this site. There were also lots of morays and lobsters. There is a small shallow wreck at this site. Reef appeared slightly abused.
03/04/2002        4.37      Karpata Bonaire North, ABC Islands
A very easy entry and exit. We had two newly certified diver's in our group who greatly enjoyed this site. We saw several large lovely peacock flounders. A great place to see the three levels of coral formation since this site goes deep. A great place for photographers.
03/04/2002        3.83      Hilma Hooker Bonaire South, ABC Islands
I did several dives at this site including a night dive. The wreck is very impressive. Great local story about how this wreck got here. I enjoyed the reef on the way out and back from the wreck. The shallow shelf on the way to the wreck is a great place to take pictures. I got some great shots of bristle worms, sea anemones, and trumpet fish trying to pretend they were sea rods. On the night dive we surface swam to the buoy. It was a lot further than it looked.
03/04/2002        4.39      The Lake Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Entry and exit were slightly more difficult here due to the abundance of sea urchins that cover the rocky shoreline. Surf was up just enough to keep you a little off balanced. Still it was certainly worth the effort. The reef was incredible. We saw a giant lobster, lizardfish, a scorpion fish and several sharp tail eels. I saw my first Flamingos Tongue on the way out.
05/30/2001        4.03      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
A very good shore dive for beginners. You can unload your equipment right at the water's edge. The visibility, surf conditions and entry from this site were problem free. The reef is horse shoe shaped extending out on the left and right side of the entry point. A good safe location for scooter dives. Dive Kauai has excellent dive masters for guided tours and scooter dives. Lots of large turtles, a wide variety of moray eels, spotted eagle rays and beautiful reef fish. Koloa Landing is a very relaxing shore dive site. So easy to do...So much to see.
05/15/2001        3.00      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I saw my first shark at this dive site. The thing I remember most is the beautiful lava tubes and coral formations. If you have an opportunity to do a night dive at this site take it. No crowds, my instructor and I were the only divers there. I saw more sea life during the night than on my day dives. The only draw backs for this dive site is the lack of a good parking area, no fresh water to rinse your gear off with and no bathrooms.

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