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07/05/2006        1.38      Boca  Grandi Aruba, ABC Islands
Sorry, just did this dive a couple of weeks ago, and there was absolutely nothing to see. We went straight out. Next time we will follow the coast to the right.
07/05/2006        4.52      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Great site for any level snorkeler and/or diver. We handle DSD and Open Water certifications here, but also Advanced courses (UW Navigation, PPB, etc) You can stay in the 'bowl' at about 30feet or you can go over the barrier reef, and see some of the most pristine reef that Aruba has, with great variety in sea life (Eels, parrot fish, snappers, etc). Look for the 'giant 'hermit crab that lives in the bowl.
07/05/2006        3.52      Puerto Chiquito Aruba, ABC Islands
I also dive this site regularly, with or without students. Great corals, but weirdly enough, not so much sea life as you would expect at such a beautiful site. Entry is easy, exit to the site is also o.k., even when there are some waves. the problem might be when you need to return to shore. Because of how the reef and wave breakers are build, there is a small rip current, but nothing too bad, you just have to kick a little longer. Great site for our Deep Diving Specialty, Night Dives, etc. I myself have seen, a.o. a Manta Ray, Turtles, Scorpion Fish, 5ft Moray Eel, etc.
04/16/2006        4.31      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
I dive this site regularly, and it is a great site. You enter in the bay area of baby beach, swim out, go down, and then drift along the coast. There is a cross about halfway during the dive, which is nice to see. After about 25 minutes, you just swim back towards the coast, and walk back a shore. Beautiful reef (except for the first part, where Hurricane Ivan damaged a lot of coral). Very regular sightings of Barracuda's, Nurse Sharks, Sting-, Eagle- and Manta rays, moray eels, Giant Groupers, etc. A must-do when in Aruba. --Walter from
04/16/2006        4.16      Cabez Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
I just dove this site this morning with my colleagues Rudy (OWSI) and Sue (Dive master). After diving Bonaire, Curacao, Dominica, St Thomas and Lots of Aruba, I must say, this is the most beautiful dive in my life so far. LOTS and LOTS of soft coral to start with. Big forests of Elkhorn Coral, mixed with other varieties of coral after that. Goliath Groupers, Nurse and hammerhead sharks, Jack Groupers, etc. Too much to mention. Entry point is very rocky, and the surf won't help. We used pretty strong and powerful underwater scooters, to get us around the Cabez point (the eastern point of Aruba), but the dive was just amazing. --Walter from

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