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03/27/2011        3.99      Rainbow River Florida, USA East
As with others previously reviewed this was more of a boat than shore dive but we were required to stand on shore as the boat drifted down so I counted this as a 'shored boat dive' in my log. Our Pro boat dropped us off upriver and we were instructed to drift down to the pickup point. Overall a very enjoyable dive. Vis was unlimited/limited to the topography of the riverbed, even when the bottom is stirred by yourself or other divers. Plenty to see on this dive, friendly fish, freshwater plant life and a little fossil sight-seeing to bring out the inner prehistoric geek diver. Not deep enough to worry about dive tables (deepest recorded was 19' sticking my computer down the 'hole'), a perfect last chance dive before flying back home. Most of us in a 3mil and comfortable for a 1hr+ dive, one in our group in a dry suit and he complained about being too hot. Personally recommended for all levels, very easy drift dive but refreshing enough for advanced levels, unsure about night dive however. Haven't been yet, but is on personal list for another round. Happy Diving! K
03/27/2011        4.11      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
Being the only diver in the family I was excited to show my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews how enjoyable diving can be. This dive did not disappoint however this dive was a very different experience all together. For beginners I imagine this is about as easy as it gets but you have to understand the wildlife will not bother you if you do not bother them so stay calm and enjoy. For immediate or advanced divers this is still a nice chance to get wet. The good: fairly unique, for your money you are taken on the behind the scenes tour of the Epcot aquarium as well as the dive, the staff are exceptional and seem to really enjoy their job(s) and the dive is among the easiest ever, they provide everything required for the dive. The bad: not really bad but everyone has their comforts, due to the fact that you are not allowed to bring your own gear (I was allowed to bring my own mask- color Yumyum Yellow so my family could spot me easily) be prepared to use 'used gear' but don't fret, gear is well maintained and serviced as needed. They don't allow personal cameras on the dive but do have a videographer diving with you to catch a few moments of you in action. Another key point is you are part of the show, you are on display at all times during the dive. For those who don't know the setting you are in a tank surrounded by windows there the public can view the sealife and divers from inside the aquarium. You can swim up to the windows to interact with your audience, you are encouraged to entertain your audience. After the dive you are released to cleanup and clothe before meeting for the final portions of your tour. Then there's the DVD others have spoken of. Overall the dive is a unique experience that is worth trying at least once for those who are there and want the chance to get wet. If you're camera shy or are not comfortable in a controlled watery environment with sharks and other HUGE fish swimming very close to you then this is not for you. Otherwise take your Dive Cert card, your mask if you wish and smile big for the public. Happy Diving! K
12/16/2006        3.96      Bonne Terre Mines, Bonne Terre Missouri, USA Mid
I thought the site was fantastic. Vis was great (but limited to the lighted areas and the extent of your flashlight). The history on this place is fascinating, and, if you pay enough attention, you can really visualize the work it took for this enormous operation while diving. Pros: for beginner to advanced, something for everyone to see; it's completely guided so no worrying about getting lost or pre-planning routes; not diving? No problem, there are other things to do there and in town for the unfortunate non-divers; visibility is spectacular; history is phenomenal; safety is not overlooked (there were safety divers everywhere plus a safety kayak following the tour) most of what we saw was highly photogenic so for those photographers, the lighting proves a very dramatic and incredible scene; and there are many different tours so if you keep going back there, there's much more to see. Cons: for those who don't like guided tours, either get used to it or go to a different site; for those who don't like cold water diving, cowboy up or go back to the Caribbean you sissies; for those who get a little spooked by dark places or somewhat tight places, maybe talk to a DM there ahead of time for your options. Seriously, there's so much to see there, unexploded dynamite sticks still lying in boxes, drills still stuck in the wall, ore carts, etc, just don't forget this is a historic site. Also do NOT forget your dive log if you're wanting to return for more diving. Happy Diving! K
12/16/2006        4.09      Blue  Hole New Mexico, USA West
Blue Hole was my first open water experience and now eight years later it still never ceases to intrigue me. Vis is always great and each dive always turns up something new it seems. Look closely along the walls when diving. My first night dive was here, too. It can't get much more amazing than coming up from a great dive to be greeted by the friendly starlit sky! Happy diving! K
12/16/2006        3.61      Bonneville Sea Base Utah, USA West
For being as far from the ocean as it is, the wildlife at this site is impressive. Take a head of lettuce (iceberg if I remember correctly) down with you and watch the fish become instant friends with you. Vis was about 3-5' for us but if you stay long enough you get used to it (or maybe if you're used to diving in low-vis conditions like we are). Work on your navigation skills and find various objects such as a wreck, a turtle, Pierre, and others. Finding nurse sharks there was mortifying yet intriguing. I'm not a fan of zoos or aquariums containing large animals in small cages (if you get my drift). However the fact that one can go so far from the oceans and still swim with sharks was kind of cool. If you find yourself in the area, this place may be worth looking into. Happy diving! K
12/16/2006        3.24      Aurora Reservoir Colorado, USA West
As said by others, it's mostly a place to get wet in Colorado. $5 per vehicle per day. If you go through a dive shop, your gear can be taken to the shore by vehicle (otherwise plan on carrying on your own). The best vis I've had there (in the last eight years of diving) has been about 7', otherwise the average I've encountered is about 5'. Check out the Cessna and on good days you can still find related debris in the diving area. Watch your exit and entry, as the beach can be slippery and gear can easily be lost in the murky waters. Otherwise, this place is good for navigation and night classes. My reason to come here is if you can navigate well in 3-5' vis, you're off to a great start. Night diving is fine too, especially practicing your navigating to site and shore during the dark hours. If you're adventurous enough, do a little bug hunting. Near the end of the Aurora Res season (they close about the last week in October) the crawdads are a good size. FYI, a military installation is adjacent the park and who knows what was dumped in the waters from there (that's where the adventurous part comes in). Happy Diving! K

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