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02/04/2008        3.30      Manta Ray Dive The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
The "NEW" location of the Manta dive is 7 miles north of the Kona Airport at Kekaka Kai state park. You're going to need a rugged vehicle to get out there (JEEP). The road isn't clearly marked, so look for the road on the left that has about 20ft of pavement turning to a dirt road over lava rock. There are no facilities whatsoever, and going down the lava rock to the water is a bit tricky. Bottom conditions are fairly good, and if you want to be the only shore diver, this is it. If you go at night for the mantas, expect crowds but not in the parking area. You can dive here year round, too. Since it's snorkeled, I gave it a good score as well. I've seen it free dove during the day, and people spearing say it's good, because of its tough location.
01/13/2008        3.95      Fire House Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This is by far my favorite shore dive on Oahu!!!! My wife loves it, we love it, when people visit, we make them LOVE IT. It has everything. Caves big and small, fish schools, one'sy two'sy, Tako (octopus), HUGE turtles like gamera. Very easy navigation, and variety of structure! When you swim out look to your right (if your back finning, left). When your about parallel with the church, this is the point to drop down. Look around and you should see a notch in the rocks. It looks tight but it opens up to a huge series of caves and swim throughs. We spent over an hour here on one night dive (because at night everything is different). Massive amount of cowries were stuck to the overhead here. Once you pop out the swim through, go straight keeping the wall to your left. There will be another small tighter cave slightly to your left. I hear there's lobster in there (wink-wink). About another 75 yds down is the sky light. Puffers hangout here in some of the crevices. You can either swim up through the light, or go farther down the wall. If you choose to continue down, you'll be rewarded by schools of big game fish! If you go through the sky light, you'll find a great valley to swim throughs. It brings you toward 3 tables. Once you round the valley, make for a heading of 055 and this will get you right back to the lagoon you entered from. If you choose to enter by going down the rocks, because it's shorter, be careful because you'll drop into a 3 ft deep hole that you have to pull yourself out of, and same when you return. If you go back by the lagoon you can also work this wall. At the end of the reef, way to the right, it drops to a great overhang with critters hiding everywhere. Great diving -- See ya out there!
01/12/2008        3.03      Keawalo Pipe Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This area is usually a "SECOND DIVE" for the cattle boats out here. A lot of free divers come to the area to spear fish. Be careful of boat traffic cause you are going to be in a boat channel. A flag is Paramount. This can be a great dive or terrible depending on conditions. TWICE we saw tiger sharks in the area, and with surfers overhead, that made it more exciting. There are showers at the top of the stairs which is real nice, and the site is close to town, too. I've done this as both night and day dives.
11/28/2007        3.81      Gun Beach Guam, Pacific
Getting there is half the fun. Like the other post, at the end of the road go left and go 4 wheeling. The eternal puddle isn't more than 8" deep so hug the right or blast through it. Park off to the left side because the sand is harder. Follow the cable for easy navigation, or get in front of the gun that look towards Rota island (clear day) and swim out. Surface swim about 5 minutes and drop; this should put you around 35 FT healthy coral, and good fish variety. Night time really comes to life. Navigation is pretty easy here, and you can actually dive here year round. We had some Japanese visitors bring us some snacks. Locals are wicked friendly here too. We have seen a couple of dragon eels here… and have only seen them in Japan, so we didn't think they existed anywhere else. A lot of the shops in Tumon will recommend this spot at anytime.
11/28/2007        3.00      Kahekili Beach (Old Airport) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
If your looking for this place…look for the Westin Resort…the building to the left is over the old runway. My wife and I went out for 15 minutes, but vis was crap because of surge. This is a pretty good dive otherwise, but the explosion of growth in Hawaii is really shrinking the beaches, and taking away from the whole exploring experience diving use to be.
11/28/2007        3.46      The Grotto, Saipan Micronesia, Pacific

08/12/2007        3.75      Three Tables Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This is a really great site to dive. The wife and I got married here underwater on July 15th 2004. When looking at the ocean try to head to the left of the reef, as it's deeper and safer. Use your compass since it's easy to get turned around near the "TABLES" on the far side of the turtle cleaning station. Maybe 100 ft away you can find the white tip cave
08/12/2007        4.72      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was the last dive I got to do with my father when he was visiting in Feb 2006 (he passed away on 06-04-07 and will be missed). It was a super duper easy entry, navigation was a snap, and heard whales…and they were close. Vis was about 80 ft due to that 40 days of rain we'll never forget. Saw a manta ray, and LOTS of crabs!!!! Not too sure if they are protected in this area. If you don't do this one while on the Big Island, you're robbing yourself!
07/02/2006        4.12      Amtrak and Cemetery Wall Guam, Pacific
For a shore dive this is going to throw you off, it's on the backside of a cemetery. Also the entry area looks like people party there, trash here and there...remember this is Guam not some 5 star resort. It's what you're going to make of it. If you stay on the left side of the pipe, the entry out to the drop zone is one of the best as far as shore dives go. The diving is great even if you don't find the Amtrak the first time out. If you don't have a stiffy to find Amtrak's, there are better shore dives to hit.
07/05/2005        4.39      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was a cool dive. You start in 5ft of water for 100 yards. In and out of the reef you'll see little drop offs. They are really caves that drop down to about 30-40ft and then out to the open ocean. Structure wise, you could dive this for a decade and still find new stuff.
07/05/2005        3.90      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
My wife and I dove this while camping out next door. Had hot water showers and what not. Since it was so shallow, we were able to spend 90 minutes on the bottom. The wreck makes for some interesting pics. Also, with all the bricks, we made a small wall!
07/05/2005        4.70      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Probably the best shore dive in all the islands!!! Healthy sea life you don't see on Oahu or Maui. Lots of fish; saw barracuda, dolphins, and a tiger shark. Also left a pair of fins on the wall next to the porta potty.. Came back at 2330 and they were still there. Something you don't see on Oahu.
01/07/2003        3.23      Halona Blow Hole Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Well now me and my trusty side kick and great helper in my quest for underwater photography supremacy, Jeff (the Montanian), dove this at night 01/06/03 at about 1830 (that's 6:30 pm!), set up a marker on shore (glow stick on a stick) and went out to do some scoping for later pics. Man!?!>!>!>?!?! It was quiet abundant with fish. And vis was phenomenal!!!! Saw an array of fish -- should have brought the spear but!!! Like said we, were on a mission, Ellwood. The swim in was about 5 minutes. We surfaced a little too far to the South so we had about a 15 min swim home; Recommend bringing a flag and mounting it with a light of sorts cause the mouth of the lagoon is disorienting at night and does become single dimensional. I'd recommend this dive to anyone with at least a few night dives under their BC, and really good at navigation! When we went down the surface was flat. We came up in some rough water but…I still really enjoyed it overall. Want to join us this weekend? Laytah, the Bostonian,
10/07/2002        3.38      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I'm active navy. I've been on leave since 9/22, and have been diving sharks cove 2-3 times a day until 10/5. I believe we got the last good dive for north shore until the spring. Saw lots of sea life, and had a great night dive. Saw the biggest hermit crab about the size of 2 fists. I'd recommend this dive for everyone.

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