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06/01/2004        2.96      Blue Springs State Park Florida, USA East
I just recently dived blue springs and really enjoyed my self. Entry is a little bit different then other springs I have dived. It is a very good idea to go to the closet parking lot to the spring entrance and suit up at your car and walk with your gear on down the 1/4 mile board walk that takes you to the closest entrance to the spring. Once you have entered the water my advise is to walk up the 3ft deep run to the basin rather then try to swim against the current because they are rather strong. When you are in the spring basin you then should put your fins on and proceed to dive. When entering the spring there is a large crack about 15ft wide and 100ft long with some tree trunks inside. Swimming down the inside there is lots of crevices. At 60ft there is the grim reaper sign OW divers should not go past this point. When exiting the spring the spring run is about 1/2 a mile long or so and is very relaxed and there is abundance of wild life ranging from large gar, brim, bass and the fish I see most are large 15 inch long sucker fish just like the ones you get for an aquarium. If you look under tree stumps and rocks craw fish might be found. Have fun!
06/01/2004        3.16      Alexander Springs Florida, USA East
I dove this site in mid February and was overall pleased. The water conditions were good with almost unlimited visibility. Water temp was constant 72* so bring you 3mm wet suit for this dive (full suit will be more comfortable because water can get chilly after being in for about 30min). Max depth was 25ft. There isn't really too much fish life but there are some small crevices to look at. There is NO cave or cavern here so it is a Novice dive. I myself am a novice diver with just over 20 dives under my belt 1 year of experience and found this site to be a little bit boring after a while. Not a bad place to tone up skills after not diving for a while or to try out some new equipment I'm sure. If you live near this spring then go for it but I would not go out of my way to go here.

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