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05/04/2005        3.70      Sunrise Beach Park Washington, USA West
This is a fantastic dive! Lots of people refuse to dive it from shore because of the long walk down the hill, but it is WAY worth it! There are tons of eels on this dive, and they are nearly all friendly - and love the tasty urchins that are everywhere. There is even a baby eel that has been taking food lately. Make sure to time this one right - currents are dangerous if you get them wrong. I've found it is ideal 1 1/2 hrs before slack on a minimal exchange. Beautiful dive.
05/04/2005        4.06      Titlow Beach Washington, USA West
This is always a great dive - you just need to time it right to avoid some gnarly currents. Just out past the 2 pilings (past Steamers) you will find George and Felicia - a pair of friendly wolfies that love it if you bring them herring. Lots of octo dens in the surrounding reef. The ferry dock is cool, especially at night as it is covered in plumose anemones. There are several other wolfies out surrounding the dock. Big bottlefield out past the ferry dock at about 60'. Good place to find baby octos hiding in the bottles. Great Northwest dive.
05/04/2005        3.58      Porteau Cove Vancouver, BC, Canada
This was a really fun site to dive. We were there on a weekday and there was virtually no one else there. We dove the Nakaya and the other wrecks which were still in good condition, and were covered with some monster lingcod. Beautiful color on this site. The bottom was loaded with brittle stars. Touched one to get them moving and a chain reaction started. Looked like the floor was moving. Some beautiful snakelock anemones, and even found a clown shrimp. Very nice dive!

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