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09/07/2010        2.82      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Great snorkeling, but you have to be careful if you snorkel off this beach. I got cut by the reef, and the waves and stream flowing from the breakwater were raking me up and down and made the water deeper. But I could float underwater. I heard that the lifeguard was whistling about something dangerous underwater and there was a red and white starfish, on my way back to shore from the reef. But that was not the dangerous thing. It was probably the surf and surges, whatever surges were. The reef, however, is generally good and there are lots of fish. The water is crystal clear on both ends of the tombolo or sandbar, clearer on the left, a bit less so on the right. In the keiki pool, I sometimes saw small fish on top of the sandy bottom and bigger fish near the breakwater. That's where I was raked up and down by the stream flow. I k'ia manawa, ua 'eha ko'u maka.
09/01/2010        3.94      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I liked it.
08/16/2010        3.97      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Excellent snorkeling, but I got cut by the reef.
08/02/2010        3.25      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I really snorkeled here this time and strongly recommend this to have some of Kaua'i's best snorkeling.
08/02/2010        3.93      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I am trying to help make the snorkeling better. There are lots of fish.
06/08/2010        4.54      Wailea Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Really good and calm.

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