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10/02/2009        3.58      White Point California Mid, USA West
My husband and I were heading back from San Refugio in Santa Barbara and went to the old Marineland first. There is no way to get in to scuba there. The resort has insured that divers are not going to get down to the coast to dive via that route. We heard about White Point being the only access to the shore from PV and went to check it out. It cost $7 to enter. Once down the life guard directed us to the Southern most end of the parking lot. We found a couple other divers gearing up. The entry is a little tricky and that includes the exit, this is due to the pebbles on the beach and the thousands of sea urchins in the water. Once out it was very cool. This is an area you really need to plan your dive appropriately and navigation is very important! We went over quite a few of the thermal vents off the coast, through reefs, and out into the kelp on an out reef. This is definitely a dive I would recommend for those in the area that are into shore diving. There were quite a bit of fish to see. I am sure it is tough on days when the surf is high, so check conditions before heading out.
04/16/2009        4.09      The Cave California South, USA West
We dive here almost every day. The best way to get to this spot to dive is to enter at La Jolla Cove by the lifeguard tower. Head East and you will come to the caves. This area is protected, so please don't hunt, touch, or take anything from this entire area. There are lots of sea lions, horned sharks, and lots of Garibaldi fish. It is only about 15-20 feet deep with a little bit of kelp along the way.
04/15/2009        4.65      Whalers Cove (Point Lobos) California North, USA West
April 10, 2009 Love this place! The dive was very easy. I had never dove here before. We suited up at Whalers cove and headed out. Very easy to navigate this place. The sea life is amazing: harbor seals, sea anemones, rock fish, kelp fish, eels, etc... And the visibility and kelp are Amazing! Important to remember: the park only allows 30 divers a day, reserve early, bring your cert card, and have a buddy, no solos here. And, think warm! We dove 7mm with lots of layers and got one dive in; it was 52 degrees, but so worth it. Brrrr. Friends we met up there dove dry suits, and got one dive in; an up welling of cold from the trench brought more cold water in from the deep. We only saw 1/8 of what is to be seen. A definitely must to dive again!
04/15/2009        4.15      Refugio State Beach California Mid, USA West
April 26, 2009 we dove in the morning. During the week it was very easy to get parking right in front of the kelp beds. The facilities at the campsite have warm showers (bring your quarters!) The visibility was about 15+ with little to no surge. We had one beginner diver with us and she had a great time. Even those of us that were seasoned divers enjoyed the kelp. We only dove the kelp and reef just south of the play ground, but it was good and easy to get to. Virtually no surface swim! Next time we will head north to the reef up a bit and check it out.
04/15/2009        2.52      Carmel Point California North, USA West
April 9, 2009 we showed up around 5:30pm. Wanting to get one more dive in before the end of our day. The entry was very easy at the far southern end. Once in the water we were push and tossed around in the kelp. It was fun, but not a beginner dive by any means. The current pulled us to the middle of Carmel City Beach and we had to crawl out with descent waves breaking on us. Only saw one and 1/2 fish, possibly a perch. I bet this site is pretty cool on a good day, but a storm was on the horizon.

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