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01/30/2004        3.37      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
Folly Cove was an excellent dive! I went there last summer to meet 2 of my dive buddies and we had a blast. As noted by another reviewer, the parking is less than desirable. I was lucky enough to have my non-diving wife along, so she dropped us off and left to do her own thing for the next two hours. That was plenty of time for us. (See, it's not so bad having a land-lubber spouse!) We had heard about the Wall, so snorkeled out toward the left part of the cove. Lo and Behold, we reached the drop-off and the sea life started to appear. Sea Bass and crabs met us on the bottom, and it didn't take long find a lobster. My buddy, Bob, wanted to show us how he could catch a crab by grabbing it from behind. With some effort, he cornered one, and instead of catching it, it caught him! Luckily, it was just the tip of his glove that got pinched, and it wasn't going to let go. I thought I was going drown I was laughing so hard. Eventually, the crab let go, and Bob gave up. We also took a close look at all the Sea Anenomies along the way, hundreds of them! This was really a great dive, and next time we go back it'll be a night dive. Entry and navigation were so easy, I'm sure a night dive will be a snap. Oh, a good trick for these cold waters: bring a water cooler or chest of hot water. Soak your gloves in the water before you put them on, and soak your hands when you come back. It feels great! So, in summary, do this dive. It's worth the effort and parking hassles.

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