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08/07/2003        3.92      Snake Bay Curacao, ABC Islands
Curacao has marker rocks painted at each of the dive sites. According to their marker - Snake Bay is at the Wederfoort Apartments, although this is not how it is described by this site. This site describes Snake Bay as being down the road from Boca Sami and Boca Sami as being at the beach of the apartments. (Boca Sami's 'marker' as of July '03 is at the end of the road into St. Michiel at the traffic circle.) We dove off the beach at the Wederfoort Apartments. The ramp makes for an easy entry. There is a small rock jetty to the left blocking the current. The swim is fairly short. The reef was very nice, lots of young fish. Upon exit we met a local family swimming, they were very enamored of our equipment. All the kids and dad borrowed our mask and snorkels to check out the fish, the kids also had fun breathing underwater on our octos.
08/07/2003        4.70      Playa Manzalino Curacao, ABC Islands
After the turnoff to 'San Juan' - you will come across a fork in the road fairly soon. This fork to the right goes to someones house so keep going straight to head towards the Landhuis. As you head through the gate get your 5 Nfl ready (about $3). The people are very nice and try to speak English and help guide you to the dive sites. There were a few groups of Dutch campers. We found a shade tree to park under to suit up. As already mentioned, look out for the trees, and also the mesquite thorns littering the area that go right through your dive booties. Once out in the water, as you're paddling out to the dive site, if you turn around you can see both Manzalino and Playa Shon Moso. They are different beaches, but basically you are diving the same reef.. Outstanding dive. First time I've seen a turtle in Curacao.
08/07/2003        4.85      Vaersen Bay Curacao, ABC Islands
This dive is very cool, and not overly used ( never saw another diver). If you head out and directly down, at 120 feet there is an interesting apparatus with an anchor chain attached, and the largest Green Eel I've ever seen hanging out with it. If you kick out to the reef, drop to about 50 feet, and head left, in about 10-12 min. (with out stopping to check anything out) you will see 20 feet below you a barge. It lies upside-down with the top at 70 feet and the bottom at about 120 feet. Interesting coral growths and Sgt. Majors with their eggs being very protective and aggressive on the barge. The top side amenities are few, easy entry down a set of stairs if they aren't clogged up with the local kids. There is also a place to get a snack...if its open. No fees to use the area as of July '03.
08/07/2003        4.80      Playa Largu Curacao, ABC Islands
The last dive site for this turn off and WELL WORTH the drive which was not long or rough at all. We always rent a truck (not 4 WD) for our trips here as they are very shore dive friendly vehicles, but there were cars parked there as well for people just enjoying the beach. After driving past the muddy salt plain, hang a right and drive along the beach. There a number of turnouts where you can park under the trees. We parked across from a sandy looking entry (the second turnout), suited up and headed left against the current. The reef has a lot of sandy areas in it that give it a reflective quality and brighten up the dive. We had seen a number of 'ruffly' looking critters attached to coral from plain white, to tipped in electric blue, and discovered at this dive site that they are a type of nudibranch. Looking to the left you can see the houses at Cas Abao.
08/07/2003        3.20      Superior Producer Curacao, ABC Islands
When I pulled up I thought "this looks tough", but its not too bad. We went when there, there was quite a current, still OK, only tripped once getting out. The place is built up all around, but you feel alone when you park to dive it, don't know how to explain the feeling further. Don't enter where the dive marker rock is, enter to the left (depending on current) of where the mooring buoy (red/white ball) is. The Mooring ball is anchored to the Superior Producer. The water where you enter is a bit nasty, it's all the bilge water from the harbor. You will also see more parasites on the fish here. The water clears up as you descend and there is the ship. Great dive!
08/07/2003        4.35      Playa Lagun Curacao, ABC Islands
Nice place, but you will run into other divers and many people using the beach. There is also a dive shop at the beach. Fun dive, long kick out, then the reef remains shallow for a while before dropping off. If you come up too close to the cliffs, it is hard to tell where you came from, so do take a heading right from the beach. The current will take you east quicker than you might think. There are houses with stairs down to the ocean that you might want to use as a reference point around the corner from the mouth of the inlet. No fee to use the area, picnic tables and shade abound (and the occasional cat begging for scraps - the almost all black cat with the white tipped tail is very friendly).
08/07/2003        4.85      Playa Kalki Curacao, ABC Islands
This can be a popular beach for diving and snorkeling, but is definitely one of the best dives on the island. If you head to the right, the coral heads are massive. Heading left is also a good bet. There are a number of fish and eels, always a cool dive. A must do! The 'infamous' bathroom along with some other buildings are being torn out. All West Diving was open and active at the site in July '03 (to the left of the stairs), unlike in November '02 when we first visited. The stairs look more daunting than they actually are.
08/07/2003        5.00      Cas Abao Curacao, ABC Islands
Very nice dive and nice facilities, well worth the price of admission (about $6 US) 10 Nfl. We arrived at 9 AM and were some of the first people there. They probably 'open' about that time. Bring exact change if you're early. Garden eels directly out at about 110 feet. Lots of young fish, beautiful reef. Easy entry, and I felt no current. We were the only divers. The facilities include a bar (with snacks), shower and lots of beach with shady umbrellas.

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