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07/09/2002        4.86      Fox Island Washington, USA West
The Fox Island West Wall has a lot of octopus living on it if you look hard. The other part of it is that there is no current on this wall but it is best to plan your dive at slack after flood for best visibility (I've gotten 45+ feet). The wall is small and kind of hard to find, but if you have good visibility, then swim out and look for a sunken buoy that is about 10 or 15 feet underwater and you should be able to see it. Descend on that to land right on the wall. The wall is only about 100 feet long so after swimming up and down it 4 or 5 times you might get bored. If you swim over the top of the wall and keep swimming I've found a sea pen forest which is pretty cool, but other than the wall being small, this is a very nice dive.
07/09/2002        4.69      Sunrise Beach Park Washington, USA West
People dive this site once and they end up coming back over and over again, this site is awesome for anyone who loves the wolf eel and octopus. The only place I've seen giant octopus out of their dens is here. The wolf eel are very friendly as well because divers often feed them while diving so they'll swim right up to your mask. Sudden moves aren't recommended around them though. This is a great dive for beginners or experts, if you time your dive right. This place really reminds me of Octopus Hole except this place has a whole lot more places for things to hide. I've also found for some reason that I see a lot more octopi at this site in the summer then in the winter, although maybe they're just hiding better in the winter.

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