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07/20/2007        4.03      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
We dived this site July 14th. It was a great dive, good vis and a lot to see. We try to dive here at least every month. If you have not been to Deer Creek, do it.
04/10/2006        4.04      Arroyo Burrow Park California Mid, USA West
We went out to the left on the first dive, and didn't find anything but sand with a few crabs, a thornback ray, and a few skates. The second dive we went straight out and found a great reef/rock system. There were all kinds of fish, a huge sheep crab, Ling cod and plant life. The vis was about 16 feet. The surf was 1-2 feet. This is a great place to dive when the conditions are good.
03/04/2006        3.77      Refugio State Beach California Mid, USA West
This site is a great spot to dive. We went to the left, almost straight out and to the east of the campground. There are shelves and ledges that make up a most fantastic reef system. We saw numerous fish (bass, senoritas, skates, lingcod) crabs, an octopus, seahares, and nudis. This dive is well worth doing!
12/03/2005        4.80      La Jennelle Park California Mid, USA West
Great dive! The fence along the jetty was removed, and there is now access back to the wall on the port side. I have made several dives on both sides of the jetty. The port side is calm, good vis, lots of fish, and rocks, small kelp beds, and sand with sand dollar beds. The depth is 10-20 feet. The ocean side is for more experienced divers. Rocks go down about 30-35 feet, then sand slopes down at a good angle. Lots of gregorians, fish and, Rocks! Could be surgy at times, so watch the waves on the rocks! This site is highly recommended.

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