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03/19/2004        3.48      Ke'ei The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great site! Made 2 dives here. Lots of fun structures, lava tubes, caverns, pukas. Clear, clean water with 100'+ vis. Started the dive straight out to 100' to lay on the bottom until the Garden Eels came back up. Very cool. Best stuff seemed to me to be out and south around the surf break. One turtle sited in 2 dives. One of the best things about this site was the quite village, the lazy dogs, the local families. This is the real Hawaii, not tourist-ville. Only saw one other set of divers here all day. No facilities so come prepared. Be quite, clean and respectful, and take it slow on the road.
03/19/2004        3.58      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Wow! So many lava tubes and caverns and pukas. Awesome structure! Slide into one hole, out and through another. And turtles everywhere. I dove here 4 times, two different days and never saw another diver. My wife and I had this romantic, secluded beach all to ourselves. This is what diving Hawaii is all about. The dirt road down to the beach has been closed, so there is now a short hump of your gear, which may be why we had the place to ourselves (easier access a mile down at Puako Village End). Also, at low tide, the swim over the shallow reef through the surf can definitely be a challenge. And it is a long way out to the drop-off and the good structure. There are buoys planted out there, and the best stuff is between them. On the second time we went here, while enjoying a lunch of left-over ono on Hawaiian Sweet Bread between dives, we saw humpback whales playing out about 200 yards beyond he reef. Then during my second dive, I could hear the whale's song for the entire dive. Wonderful! I kept waiting for one to swim up and visit me, but no such luck. On the way back in, I saw the biggest Morey I'd ever seen. Out of 16 dives in 8 days at 9 different sites, this was my favorite dive.
03/19/2004        3.11      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
There is a nice lava tube swim through here, some interesting structure and a few pukas, and the location makes this a quick easy dive if you're staying in town, but otherwise I would drive to better sites. I wanted to make a night dive here, but never got to. I lost my knife here rolling in on the rocks, so if you found it, enjoy!
03/19/2004        3.59      Kealakekua Bay (Old Wharf) The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
In the bay itself, made a long surface swim straight out (west) to the reef, worked my way slowly south, then around with the contour of the bay, which brought me right up at the wall/launch. Nice reef, lots of marine life, and the best vis. I had in 16 dives, about 120'. Also, I found a nice snorkel, which kinda made up for the knife I lost a Mile Marker 4 (too bad I don't use a snorkel!). On my second dive I headed north, which was a mistake, because the reef just petered out and turned to sand. From what everyone said, I should have rented a kayak and went to Capt. Cook's monument.
03/19/2004        3.56      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Made 4 dives here, vis. ranged from 60' to 100'. Took the advice of local dive shop and headed far south of the crowd on 2 dives, and far north of the crowd on the other two, and this paid off. Especially nice south, out and around the point. Lots of good structure, lava tubes, caverns, pukas, etc. shallow. All dives were over an hour on AL80s. Saw turtles, eels, nudibranch and the normal Kona fishies. I made 16 dives in 8 days on the Big Island, all solo, and the Place of Refuge was a great 'get acquainted' dive site just too crowded for my tastes.

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