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12/03/2013        4.15      Fingers Oregon, USA West
This is one of the best dives on the Oregon Coast! When you dive this place, ALWAYS try and dive on either the low or the high tide. About 15 minutes before low or about 45 minutes before high are good times to go. Usually, high tide is the best time, as the visibility is the best. Take into account how much wind there has been the last two days. If the water in the ocean is churned up, the visibility is low. The winter is the best time to dive, as the cold water keeps invertebrate and plankton growth to a minimum. Also, if it's been raining for a day or two, the water is normally pretty muddy. Wait for two or three days of good weather to go. As for stuff to see, the fingers and the jetty itself has plenty of fish and lingcod. Also, you may get lucky and find a crab. My last dive a week ago, I shot plenty of rockfish, one legal ling, saw dozens of rockfish, couple other lings, but no crab. Plenty of surfperch here too. Also, if you go for the gapers. Find a hole and start wafting the sand and silt away. Works best with the tide. Keep working at it until you dig down about a foot and a half. If you are in a lot of rocks or shells, move on. It's almost impossible to get to them at that point. They are quite a bit bigger here if you can get to em than when they are on a minus tide.

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