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11/18/2004        4.54      Salt Creek Washington, USA West
This is about the best shore diving spot in Washington. There's the potential for surf, but currents are actually pretty minimal in close to shore. The kelp beds are spectacular and very lively, with oodles of invertebrates and loads of small fish. Despite its marine reserve status, large fish are not common. Despite the local guidebooks current planning descriptions, I have dove here without regard to currents. You're more likely to have a problem with surf and/or surge. Diving before the summer afternoon sea breeze comes up is helpful.
09/14/2004        2.43      Brooks Cove Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
My wife and I tried to dive this site. It's a really long swim, I'd guess 4-500 meters. It's not a real pleasant either since many homes on the bluff discharge (presumably sewage) via pipes into this bay - yuck. The combination means - don't waste your time/air/money/energy here. The reef may be great, if you can get thereÖ
09/14/2004        2.60      Martin Cove Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
The trail to this place is steep! Getting down is ok, but itís a beast to get back to your car. Very limited parking and its difficult to meander your way from the highway to this site. That said, this is one of the better wall dives you can do from shore it this area. When we were there, vis was fair at 15 feet. I imagine wintertime would make this a nice site. The wall slopes gradually, so itís a good site for beginner buoyancy skills to improve. Fish are not abundant, but common. Decent #s of invertebrate life are easy to find.

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