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09/05/2012        2.70      Ahukini Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I took a good look at this site, considering diving it, especially at night, but it has now been declared a 'no swimming' zone inside the jetty. Apparently, it has been set aside as a 'fishing area' instead. (Sounds like BS to me.) It was EXTREMELY rough outside the jetty and not even close to safe to attempt at the time that I was there. However, the bay looked like it held some very good promise, decent visibility, good entry, etc. The fishermen told me that they catch a good number of baby hammerhead sharks in there in the summer.
09/05/2012        2.53      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Really terrible visibility at the start, improved to poor about 30 yards out and fair after a while. A fair amount of garbage at the site. Highlight was a turtle that came right up to my dive partner and I and, as I held very still, actually bumped into my legs with it's front flipper and looked at me like it wanted something as it opened its mouth slightly. Not sure what that was about, but it was cool. Didn't really see anything special here.
09/05/2012        4.23      Ke'e Lagoon Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
We only snorkeled here, but I would really like to come back and dive the channel to the south side. There were lots of cracks and crevices and fun-looking stuff to dive. I dunno, maybe the current outside the reef would be a little strong, but I figure as long as you go out against it, you should have it coming back. Plus, it seemed like you could dive a decent ways (maybe 50 yards) before you truly got outside the reef. At that time you would just be in the channel and I didn't feel any current there.
09/05/2012        3.75      Sheraton Caverns Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Did a night dive here. Was my partner's first ever night dive. We both really enjoyed it. I was considering doing it as a shore-dive during the day and it was pointed out to me that if I broke a fin strap or something, then I would be at the mercy of whomever I might find to help. I decided against it.

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