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07/09/2007        3.10      Vero Beach Florida, USA East
A large reef system is located just off the beach of the Florida East coast starting in the north at Vero Beach and running south until just north of Miami at around Dania Beach. At the northern end of this reef system, Vero Beach, access to the dive sites is quite easy as there are several parks and small parking lots off of Ocean Drive. A couple of the access points put a diver close to shore accessible wrecks. One of them is known as the boiler wreck, the top of which is still slightly visible during low tide. Parking is available at the lot of the Ocean Drive and SR60 intersection. To get to Ocean Drive head east from A1A while in Vero Beach. In diving Vero Beach, the reef system consists of several smaller reefs either running parallel to shore or at a slight angle from shore. Patches of sand exist between the reef lines and can be used as navigation aids. Distance to the reef from shore varies from access point to access point but is generally within a couple hundred yards. Depth of the reefs varies from 10 to 15 feet or so. The reefs consist of ledges and overhangs several feet high. Each reef varies slightly in underwater topography as you move from the inner reefs to the outer reefs with the most variation taking place at the outer, ocean facing reef. The ocean facing reef has the most variation of structure as well as the most fish (both number and type). The down side is that the outer reef can be a couple hundred yards farther out from the inner most reef which can make for quite a surface swim. The inner reefs does have fish life but not nearly as much. The coral coverage on the reef is sparse but it exists. Mostly the reefs are covered in algae and other seaweed. Some other pointers are when diving on the reefs make sure to keep an eye upwards and out since fish that hang out higher up in the water column can be seen such as jacks and schools of mackerel. Also in some areas there are an abundance of sea urchins. Keep the effects of surge in mind when diving these areas and stay farther off from the reef structure.

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