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12/19/2014        3.13      Albert Head Lagoon Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
I came out here to check out my leaking dry suit after a repair. The parking was good and I got geared up in short order. Because of the houses around and lack of changing area, I wore Adidas shorts to avoid giving the local home owners a show. The shoreline was good soft coarse sand with many large logs on it, but it was easy enough to get to the water 50 feet away. I swam out along the bottom which was sandy and slowly the depth increased. At 12 to 15 feet the sand changed to silt and the crabs appeared along with thousands of empty clam shells. Some of the dungenous crabs were fairly large. The highlight of the dive was a visit by a large Harbour Seal who got within 10 feet of me to check me out. It was white with gray spots. So cool...
12/19/2014        2.87      Esquinalt Lagoon Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
My dive buddy and I stopped in a bit late in the afternoon December 11th, 2014. We arrived about 15:50 hrs and were suited up and diving by 16:32. Our plan was to catch a few crabs for dinner. There were tons of dungenous crabs here. We used the chase 'em, scoop 'em, and bag 'em method. It worked well to my surprise and we caught 4 eaters in 21 minutes. Unfortunately, I lost sight of Talis in the 15 ft visibility and we surfaced. By this time it was dark. The shore lights along the road made it easy to swim back in the right direction to shore.

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