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05/21/2015        3.61      Tugboat Curacao, ABC Islands
Well for this site I choose to do it because it was another wreck to tick off the list. The tugboat is a load of battered old plates and did behind pier 5. What is amazing here is the muck life. I.e cleaning stations. I did choose to interact with one but did not realize that it also besides the lovely cleaner shrimp also had a resident mantis shrimp which bit me on the finger. Needless to say I nearly spat my regulator in pain but look back with a bruised finger and laugh. Another black cat tale for the bar room! There is currently an old catamaran ferry and an old oil rig in the facility here. It's also frequented by Dutch special forces for training after dark. I don't know if the two are connected but they were busy cleaning their weapons and dive gear (pure oxy rebreathers) when I arrived.
05/20/2015        3.56      Boca Grandi Curacao, ABC Islands
Well for this site I was recommended by the dive staff at blue bay due to them knowing that this is a catch landing and butchering station for the local fishermen. There's a hidden side road down to the site from the nearby high cliffs where if you're other guests in your party are into board diving lots of locals jump off. The road ends with a car park where the locals will try and sell you fish. It's very pristine underwater like a mushroom forest once you hit double figures depth. The coral is largely unspoilt. Not too many big fish though as promised. I'm guessing the local frigate birds hoover up the fish entrails too soon! You can also see the frigate birds.
05/20/2015        3.37      Airplane Wreck Curacao, ABC Islands
To update this site. The hotel has obviously been derelict for many a year now. The barrier that you must ask the guard to pass through is nonexistent. Had the entire cove to my lonesome on this one. The aircraft I believe is/was a piper cub. The engines been removed but the flap lever is still there like a vehicle handbrake and it was clearly a high wing stol type tail dragger.
05/18/2015        2.92      Snake Bay Curacao, ABC Islands
I did the snake bay yesterday. But there is a huge oil exploration ship parked off the shore drilling an exploration well around 300 yards off shore. It's making a right din that really has confused a lot of the fish. The local dive centres aren't controlling the lion fish very well either here. I saw 12 specimens down in 30 odd metres.

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