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09/14/2010        3.37      Cai Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Dove this site twice. The first time access was easy and saw schools of Eagle Rays. Beautiful reef. Second time the current was horrendous. Turned back after a 5min attempt. One diver grabbed a hold of a large rock in an attempt to anchor himself against the out-surge. He and the rock were lifted and pulled back several meters. This dive is not for the light at heart.
09/14/2010        3.71      Oil Slick Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
I'll mention this site because it's easiest to get in/out in the dark. Andrea II might actually be better to view Ostracods. On the night of the full-moon you want to enter the water at dusk. Make sure it's only 5-10min before dark sets in because this will only last 10-15min. Descend into the areas of soft coral (~10-15 meters) and keep your dive lights off. Be patient and wait until darkness sets in. The ocean will begin to light up in green phosphorescent dots. They will appear as if strung together like small glowing pearls and will fill the entire ocean around you. Most amazing phenomena I've ever stumbled onto. I'm even more amazed that more people don't know about it. Probably because they overuse their dive lights. Turn them off, it's worth it. PS - I'm guessing the areas around the slave huts are also great for this since there is plenty of soft coral. Oh, and I'm not talking about the little green dots that appear when you wave your hand under water.

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