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07/15/2003        3.55      Devil's Grotto Cayman Islands, Caribbean
I'm sorry, but I've got to rant here a bit. I agree with the previous reviewer that Devil's Grotto is a pretty cool place to dive. Yes, there is an abundance of fish like the Green Parrot and Snapper, and I have actually had the pleasure of diving with tarpon during a night dive (very cool!). The caves and grottos and tunnels are almost unique beyond compare. But… who taught these tourists how to dive?! Lets learn some buoyancy control, people! If you do not know how to control your buoyancy, your flippers or your hands, and you insist upon dragging your console across the coral heads, stay out of the water! This used to be a pristine dive location, but I can see the degradation through the years of misuse by inexperienced divers. It's neat to dive through the tunnels and watch the play of light flickering through the openings, or to hover next to a Barracuda to see who flinches first-- but be aware of your immediate surroundings to ensure you never disturb any life trying to grow on the walls around you. This is one of my favorite shore dives, and I will go back to do it again. But I'm afraid I can't rate it as high as a 5.0 because of the damage over the years. I think the Cayman operators need to enforce training of buoyancy control and preserve their fragile natural resource for the future, instead of going for the quick buck and allowing just anyone to trash their reefs.
03/20/2003        2.35      Wilson Lake Reservoir Kansas, USA Mid
I did my certification dive here many years ago. I still use the place to check out new equipment before heading on a diving safari in the Caribbean. It's a great place to get wet when you don't have the bucks for a vacation!
02/02/2003        4.26      Reef Scientifico Bonaire North, ABC Islands
This is actually a great reef just like all the reefs along this stretch of Bonaire. You really can't go wrong here!

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