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07/17/2017        3.95      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
One of best dive in Maui. You'll see many turtles near the surface. Also there's 3 caves on the left peninsula, you can spot it easily. The first one is quite large and easy to access. I would say that the next 2 are a bit smaller to enter but go longer. For the last one at the end of the peninsula, where the charter boats attach to the buoy, you can penetrate about 150 feet inside, so please respect the rules of cave diving. In any of the caves you'll probably see some white tip sharks and big turtles. Try not to block the way out since they'll probably try to escape when they see the lights. I'm not sure about the other two caves, but I found a big cavern on the other side of the left peninsula that you can also access from Makena Landing. A must do dive if you are in Maui.
04/25/2017        3.75      Ahihi Cove Maui, Hawaiian Islands
You can no longer drop off your gear (blocking the single lane road), you have to walk your equipment from the Ahihi bay parking lot.
04/21/2017        1.84      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Overcrowded, not much sea life or coral features. Extreme walk unless you pay for the shuttle (which we did): $2.50 per diver + 1$ per bottle. So for a 2 bottle dive expect entrance: $7.50 + $4.50 for transportation. This is not too expensive but overall we did not enjoy this place at all. We got there really early: 7am, dove at 8h30. Only see one small octopus hiding in a hole near the cables at the bottom.
04/21/2017        3.55      Kahe Point Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Excellent diving site, easy entry and navigation. There's also a rescue team onsite that patrol. Dive flag or SMB might be a good idea since the rescue water scooter patrol around. Lot of turtles... On the same dive you can easily visit the pipe that blows warm water from the electric central and on the way back, turn right when you see the barrels (left from the entry point). Max depth: 30'

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