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10/08/2001        3.44      Edmonds Oil Dock Washington, USA West
This is a good site with a longer than average surface swim. Plan to dive this site on slack and make the proper corrections (not the same as the UW Park a few miles away). See the book NW Shore Dives for the proper corrections for this site. The pilings of the dock provide a nice habitat for a number of critters. I have seen more ratfish here than any other NW site. Good photo ops can be found here. On the northwest side of the dock the bottom drops off and the slope is fun to explore. Watch your depth. It's easy to find yourself unexpectedly deeper than you planned. Plan your return air so that you can swim on the bottom near the dock pilings on the way back to shore. The surface currents can be annoyingly hard to swim against. Not a good site on a windy day. Look for nudibranches, lots of crab, ratfish, gunnels, all kinds of sculpins, ruby octos, anemones, giant sun stars, and many other local favorites. Crab hunting is allowed on the south side of the dock. Keep your license with you and check the regs for season information.
07/16/2001        3.46      Ke'ei The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Probably my favorite site on the Big Island. Don't let the road scare you. We made it with our rental. A jeep or SUV will make it easily, but any compact will do okay. Just go slowly. Please respect the residents in this area. You are basically diving in their backyard. Keep the noise down and clean up after yourself. Use the primitive boat launch next to the stone wall as your entry/exit. It's easy to find coming back. This is a large site and will take several dives to even begin to see the whole thing. A good place for a two tank day. Good channels to explore and some neat lava tubes and chimneys. Keep an eye out for pelagics.
07/16/2001        3.54      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Fairly easy site. Watch the wave action. The entry/exit is challenging if the surf is up. The site is pretty shallow for quite a while and if there is a lot of surge you need to be careful about getting "high-sided". Very convenient area with the wall along the road to gear up. Easy access from the road to the shoreline. This site has a lot to offer and you will not see everything in one dive. I loved the channels and exploring down each one. This dive can easily be done while staying relatively shallow. Good for any experience level. Watch your's easy to get pretty far away from the entry without realizing it. Save enough air to get all the way back.
07/16/2001        3.53      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Enjoyed this site very much! Just a couple of pointers: We entered in a little natural "cove" and to make sure that we found the same spot for our exit we put a bright towel on the rocks above and put rocks to weight it down. Don't know if this was just bad luck or what, but our car got broken into while we were diving. It's a good practice when shore diving anywhere to leave nothing of value in your car. We use one of those watertight containers to keep the car keys, our ID and a little bit of cash. The thieves even stole my sandals (old warn out pair), my tank top, and our cooler with sandwiches and water. Bummer way to end an otherwise great dive.
07/16/2001        3.55      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Easily one of the most popular sites on the Big Island -- but justified. Easy giant-stride entry from the steps. Just follow the crowd to find the entry spot. A nice place to take a lunch and make a day of it. Take a beach chair and lots of water -- it gets really hot on the lava. It's somewhat protected from the surf conditions farther north so it's more often diveable. I have been to this site about a dozen times and it's still not boring. You can dive shallow or deep so it's good for any skill level. Use the same place for entries/exits. It might be tempting to use the boat launch, but be very careful. This is an active harbor. I try and stay well clear of the boat launch area. If you are surfacing away from shore make sure to listen carefully as you come up. Don't stay on the surface for a long time. There are many small boats that use this area and they tend to go fast. There are a few Porta Potties that are okay. No stores nearby so bring any food/drink with you.

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