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01/27/2004        3.00      Mystery Wreck in Deep Cove Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Ignore the 'ratings'; they're all set at default levels. This is 'THE OWNER' speaking! Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no Mystery, only a wreck. The wreck is that of an ex-railway services barge which was actually moored to the NW of the Marina dock as a protective breakwater. It sank in a NW storm some time in the 1970's (or possibly 60's, so I am told by 'old-timers' who live here). To the Northwest of the wreck, you can still see some of the old railway locomotive wheels in the mud (or you could 5 years ago, which is the last time I looked). I'm sorry to inform you that the fill station no longer exists. Not enough business, so I sold the equipment to Sidney Dive & Surf, a new dive shop which opened in Sidney (about 7 Km away).

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