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09/26/2010        3.37      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
The reviews below are true. The shark cave off to the left is great. The opening is a coral canyon that steepens into an overhang that frames the entrance in 30' depth. The first tunnel is about 20' long (10' wide) and empties into a sunlit chamber. The second tunnel is shorter but MUCH narrower (5' wide) and empties into a smaller sunlit chamber but NO SHARK today. :-( Remainder of dive was GREAT. The amount of invertebrate life is amazing. Crown of Thorns Starfish, Helmut Shell Conches, Tuxedo Urchins galore and too many fish types to name.
09/26/2010        3.86      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Not much to add...MUST DO DIVE. Went to 95' and saw several crown of thorns starfish, humuhumunukunuku apua'a, turtles (no dolphins today) and tons of amazing fish plus one octopus in the day time.
07/19/2010        4.00      Gerstle Cove California North, USA West
I DID NOT DIVE HERE! But I am posting much more helpful info about the shipwreck in Gerstle Cove. Here are two links to more info about the 386' long Freighter named the Norlina that was sunk here in 1926. Many people say the boilers are an incredible dive. I will be going here in October of this year. Hope this helps someone else make it there too! Diver down…[ship's+name]&frmOrderDirection=ASC
09/12/2009        4.85      Whalers Cove (Point Lobos) California North, USA West
We hit the Scuba lottery! 8/27/09 was a day to remember. FLAT OCEAN, no surge, no wind, sunny all day and when we swam out and could see the bottom clearly from the top, we thought it was high viz. Maybe even 30'+ then we dropped down to the bottom we were looking at and found it was over 50'+. The amount of life is so dense that you can NOT find a square yard that doesn't have every color of the rainbow, all shapes of stars, urchins, anemones, nudibranchs (saw a Spanish dancer!), goathead fish, wolf eels, pyramid snails as big as a baseball, harbor seals, leopard sharks (4' and 3') sleeping on the bottom. We dove at Middle Reef and Beto's reef on two separate dives. Second dive the waves climbed to a drastic 1' at 30 seconds, and the viz reduced to 40'+. This place is sacred! Two days later the viz was down to 8' and a friend said the sea nettles were so thick from -15' to 25' that they called a dive off due to stings on the face (only place not covered in a wet suit). One word of advice, Get outside the cove to see what you came there for.
08/23/2006        2.66      Christmas Tree Cove California Mid, USA West
Do not dive here! I ruined a pair of jeans and broke my thumb hiking down the washed-out trail with pieces gear. I was gung-ho when I first arrived, but it was a terrible mistake trying to get the gear down, and getting it back up was a nightmare. The roads are awesome though, and the parking is outstanding. The water was murky, with visibility at 10-15 feet today. Do yourself a favor and dive elsewhere until the path is fixed.

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