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06/13/2004        3.06      The Dock Washington, USA West
This site is known as 'The Maury Island Barges'. There are two barges, well decayed in 45 fsw. This is an island so boat access only. Vis averages 15 feet and I've seen 50+ once. One of the barges is just south of the main dock area and one is just north. There is a 25' yacht in between them also. The southern barge rises to a height of 12 feet and there's lots of nooks in the center structure. Current rarely an issue. Also dive the dolphins after the barges in about 25 fsw with lots of fish and hundreds of creatures. Tie your boat off of the second dolphin south of the main dock and swim out to 45 fsw. Nothing to see deeper than 55 feet.
06/13/2004        2.75      Fox Island Washington, USA West
The photos here show the Fox Island EAST WALL. Don't confuse this with the WEST WALL which is totally different and at the opposite side of the island. The East Wall needs to be planned VERY carefully for slack tide because this is just south of The Narrows and currents will rip here and you're on an island. You can be swept out to the middle of the south sound. The view here is top-notch and non-diver friends can fish off the pier.
04/23/2004        3.83      Les Davis Fishing Pier, Tacoma Washington, USA West
dove this site a million times. Nearby bathrooms and fishing pier. All stuff is about 60' down straight out from shore about 100 feet west of the parking lot.

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