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08/08/2006        3.66      Titlow Beach Washington, USA West
I am a beginner at scuba diving and it is still always magical to me. On Wednesday, August 2nd 2006, we entered the water at about 6:30 PM, perfectly at slack. This was my 3rd dive at Titlow. The previous time was during a bit of current and it cost a lot more energy to move against it. As with both previous dives, the visibility was somewhat limited, (partly my fault, still trying to get the hang of neutral buoyancy), but we saw the usual white anemones on the pilings, starfish galore, numerous crabs, and a few other fish as well. Still have yet to meet those famous eels. Have not seen any octopus so far either. What made this dive so great was that there were 2 harbor seals that came over to check us out. They just appeared out of nowhere and looked us right in the eye as if to say, "Hey, wanna play?" We watched them for a couple of minutes until I guess they got bored with us and scooted off. The image of them keeps popping into my thoughts and I want to visit with them again soon. Steve L., my dive buddy, said he had dived here well over a hundred times and this was the first time he had seen harbor seals here. We spent about 35 minutes at this location and it was another wonderful dive! I will definitely be back again, many times.

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