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03/29/2002        3.10      The Dock Washington, USA West
I have dove this site twice, both off of a boat as well. I actually did one of my open water cert dives here. The vis was pretty good, until our class got there at least...but, anyways... I have also dove here when the vis was so bad you had to hold your gauges to your mask to read them, so it does fluctuate. I have only heard of this site referred to as the Maury island barges. Would definitely like to know how to access it as a shore dive.
03/29/2002        3.64      Sunrise Beach Park Washington, USA West
This site rocks! But dive it at slack only.
03/29/2002        3.24      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
There has been a tremendous amount of work placed into the dive park by local divers. They have done and excellent job of "networking" the reefs together. However, the best stuff is a long, long surface swim out. The closer items are mostly tire reefs and such. It's probably not the best site do dive after any length of sunny days because of the plankton bloom and the lack of depth, you cant get under it. Parking is a bit tight, but the facilities are nice and underwater sports is just up the street a few blocks. All in all its a fine dive site.
03/29/2002        3.33      Tacoma Narrows Washington, USA West
This is a killer drift dive, but I highly suggest doing this as a boat dive, especially if you are not from the area. The current rips through here and you could end up miles from where you started, but it is so fun to dive.
03/29/2002        3.49      Titlow Beach Washington, USA West
The pilings are absolutely covered in live, mostly large anenomies. There is a barge just to the south west of the pilings, but it is mostly decayed now. There are many other odd items to be found in the vicinity, such as toilets and a bottle field. There is a rock ledge system to the south, and it is rumored that you can find wolf eels there, but I haven't found any there yet. Around the pilings you are likely to find rock fish, cabazon, ect... We even found a medium sized ling cod by the barge. This is another dive that doesn't have much for depth, thirty to thirty five feet max around the pilings. This is an enjoyable site, but dive it at slack or during smaller and slower exchanges, as it is very close to the narrows.
03/25/2002        3.23      Sunny Side Park Washington, USA West
We did half of our advance dives here last year. I recently came back here to dive with my brother, now I remember why I didn't come back before. Other than diving on the pipe, there isn't much to see here, other than a lot of mud. But in all fairness it is a great dive site to get back into the water or to take classes. There are a couple of resident octopuses under the pipe.

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