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06/28/2004        5.00      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
Vacation Disney World! My cousin and I participated in Dive Quest June 15th. It was a surprise for her - I grabbed her PADI dive card when she wasn't looking before we left home for the 1000-mile plus drive and then nabbed her swimsuit out of her suitcase at the motel without her knowing. A few hours later there we were sitting at the window ledge on the second floor looking into the living seas in amazement. While we were sitting there Epcot Divers swam by feeding the fish. Then she says how cool that would be to be able to dive here in the aquarium. At that point I handed her the brochure about Dive Quest. She asked if we could do Dive Quest next year. I told her no next year wouldn't work very well. But here is your PADI Card - we are scheduled to dive today at 4:30pm. Talk about excitement.
This was the best dive we have been on. Everything was taken care of right down to the shampoo, hair dryer and a cold soda after the dive. All we had to bring was our C-Card, picture ID and a swimsuit. Epcot videotapes the entire dive, then you are able to view it BEFORE you buy - talk about nice! The video was great; everyone who participated in the dive was in the video more than once. The staff was outstanding; they explained the dive talked about the fish, the coral, and the aquarium. They covered it all. Not only were they professional, but you could tell they love their jobs. Smiles all the time and more than willing to answer any and every question.
At first you dive as a group, following the instructions of the dive master. Then you are free to dive the whole tank. From watching the people in the restaurant eat to giving high fives to the kids through the glass on the observation platform while a brown shark swims by only a foot away. If your family and friends are coming to watch you, tell them if they have a manual 35mm camera or a camera without a flash make sure they bring it. My family had a Digital Video Camera, a 4mega pixel digital camera, an automatic camera and an old 35mm manual camera. The Best Pictures came from the old manual 35mm 800-speed film 30 to 60 shutter speed and a wide-open aperture no filter.
The video my family took was good too, but a little dark when we would swim away far away from the observation platform.
Be sure you make your reservations in advance, at least a month if possible. This was well worth the $140.00 fee. Of which none of the fee goes Epcot or their employees; it instead goes directly to fund the Disney Wildlife Reserve fund. How much better can it get? A great experience and a great way to make sure future generations enjoy 'Our Living Seas'.

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