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08/25/2006        2.87      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
This is a rocky shoreline, which has lots of ocean life in a small area. We saw horseshoe crab, skates, flounder, lobster, sand dollars, star fish, sea urchins, sea anemones, crabs and moon snails. We had 15-20 feet of viz, all at a max depth of 41 feet. Enjoy!
08/25/2006        2.93      Back Beach Massachusetts, USA East
My goal here was to take some pictures of fish. My dive partner was Lewie Cheng whom I linked up with up in Boston while in a Dive shop. I took some nice pictures here of some Striped Bass and a wolffish. Nice easy dive for rookie underwater photographers like myself.
08/23/2006        3.36      Fort Foster Maine, USA East
I'm looking at my log book and found that I dove this site on 7-29-2000 with a group of about 10 divers from Bottom Time Scuba from Rutland Vermont. We had a great time above and below. We had a clam bake on one of the old howitzer shooting batteries from WWII. Down below we enjoyed 10-15 feet of viz while spotting some lobster and crabs. Our timing of the tide wasn't the greatest as we had to kick hard to fight the surge. We had a great time exploring in just 6-18 feet of depth close to shore. My entrance point was right behind or near one of those cement pads, or shooting battery areas, that would be to the left as you look at the water or as you drive in. I think there was a right turn off to the left. If anyone knows a better entry, please leave it in a review.
08/23/2006        3.49      Nubble Light Maine, USA East
I've dove this site for the past 4 years on Labor day weekend, plus it was my 1st Open Water Dive when I was certified in the fall of 1984. As you can see this is a very popular location. Bring the camera if you have one, as you might see a wolf fish, Scolpin, Striped Bass, lobster, star fish and more. Be careful not to get out past the island as some strong currents can pull you out into boat traffic. Great site, just a little caution will take care of you. Have fun!
08/23/2006        3.22      St. Ann's Beach Maine, USA East
I dove this site now 8 times last year and this year. I'm from Vermont and I've always linked up with some Maine divers to enjoy this site. It is one of the best in Southern Maine for plant life. Bring the camera, too, as you'll get some animal life, as well.

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