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03/03/2012        1.94      Shallow Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
We are surface snorkelers only. We're not sure we put in at the right place. Rocky walk down to the shore line. Little in the way of interesting things to see. Much better places on the island!
03/03/2012        3.34      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
We saw baby gar, trumpetfish, parrotfish, trunkfish and several others. They have been well chummed and trained. We enjoyed renting a cabana and beach chairs, which made it nice for wasting a day in the wonderful sun. You do have to pay to use the bathroom, however.
03/03/2012        2.13      Puerto Chiquito Aruba, ABC Islands
Our most disappointing dive. Some SCUBA tour was coming out as we got there, they saw sea turtles, which we did not. We saw, really, nothing of interest. Our luck was probably set by the fact it was quite windy when we were there.
03/03/2012        4.43      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
First, unless you are an EXTREMELY good swimmer, do not swim to the yellow buoy to the far north, as suggested by some other reviewers. The current going away from shore can be quite strong. Going straight out to the reef was a comfortable swim. We were able to glide over the reef close to shore, and find an area varying from 2' to ~20' filled with many wonderful fish and corals. Most amazing was a small, dark blue fish within the corals, with iridescent aqua - turquoise dots on their bodies. We also saw barracuda, trumpetfish, princess parrotfish, tobacco fish, grey angels, wrasses, trunkfish, butterflyfish, and a sea snake in the mangroves as we were returning. This was one of our favorite places, with De Palm island.
03/03/2012        3.17      Catalina Cove Aruba, ABC Islands
Saw a big trunkfish, peacock flounder, lots of sergeant-Majors and yellow tangs. The fish have been chummed as lot, and if you snap your fingers, you WILL be surrounded!
03/03/2012        3.35      De Palm Slope Aruba, ABC Islands
They coolest thing is their family of blue parrotfish and rainbow parrotfish. They are well chummed, and swarm around snorkelers. They were bigger that anywhere else we saw them. Deep blue trumpetfish, a sand diver, trunkfish, four eyed butterflyfish, big blue angels, banded butterflyfish, french grunts, tobacco fish, gar, and some urchins. They have snorkeling tours, which were not run the day we were there, and SNUBA, which Mark was not allowed to do. And helmet diving (which we were not interested in doing). Drinks are weak, but free.
03/03/2012        3.63      Boca Catalina Aruba, ABC Islands
We saw 19 sea stars of various colors going south. Going north to the rock line going into the water up the beach, we saw tons of large schools of black, silver, and other colors of fish, many sergeant-majors, trumpetfish, lobster, a peacock flounder, french angelfish, trunkfish, tobacco fish (with brilliant red bellies), a few gars on the surface. Easy, fun snorkeling.

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