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09/03/2006        3.96      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Great night dive. I followed a 4' female Angel Shark around for about 5mins. She swam right up to us in mid-water. Scared up a Spiny Dogfish Shark in shallow water on the way in, big female about 5'. Lots of other fish and crabs. We went in at dusk for a 1 hour dive. Viz was 20' max. 57 degs, 2' swell with some wind chop and surge.
06/11/2006        3.30      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Spiny Dogfish Sharks are in. Saw at least 8. All females about 3.5 feet long. 27fsw. Viz opened up to about 10 feet.
04/01/2003        3.84      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Did a night Dive here Sunday and it was Great. Santa Ana winds just died down and Viz was about 35ft. Saw lots of small Lobster, 2 Horn Sharks and a Big Bat Ray. Beach was pretty rocky due to high tide. Surf was low. Water was 55degs.
04/01/2003        2.58      La Jennelle Park California Mid, USA West
If your looking for a local deep dive, this is a good spot, 120+FSW. The fence has been cut back making an entry on the left side Much easier. Timing the swells can be the key to good entry/exit here. Bottom is very silty away from the jetty.

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