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06/22/2016        4.02      Angel City Bonaire South, ABC Islands
This was our 'did this last but should have done it first' dive site. We were a little intimidated by the reports of difficult entry; but, it really wasn't too bad. The bottom is only 60'. The kick out is relatively short for the double reef dives. The reefs are close and there are some easily recognizable landmarks. In fact, the whole site is like a playground. You don't need to cover much north-south distance. Instead you can just swim around in figure eights just checking things out. The rare fish sightings were low; but, the fantastic reef formations more than made up for this.
06/22/2016        3.88      Jeff Davis Memorial Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Excellent dive and one of our favorites. The coral is exceptionally healthy and lush. The fish life was relatively standard except that we are pretty sure we saw some sort of cephalopod flashing colors underneath one of the corals.
06/22/2016        2.75      Karpata Bonaire North, ABC Islands
We did this on our first day. Some of the details are a little lost to me; but, We enjoyed it very much. The entry is difficult; but, worth it. There is a small concrete pier. Put your fins on, sit on the edge and wait for the waves to clear up a bit. Push off and swim to the right. On your way out, there is a crack about halfway up the pier that you can stash your fins in.
06/22/2016        4.55      The Lake Bonaire South, ABC Islands
The reef is very far from shore. Bottom is about 70'. The double reef is fantastic and the entry is very easy. The fish life was more varied here than angel city. We did this dive twice and really enjoyed the double reef; but, the reef at angel city is closer and better.
06/22/2016        4.08      Salt Pier Bonaire South, ABC Islands
This was our favorite dive. We did it three times, Once as a boat and two shore dives. The shore dives were best as we saw a school of cuttlefish both times at about 10-12 feet of water under the pier. Great animal diversity. The reef is very robust all around the pier. Even after 3 dives we only saw a portion of what there was to see there.

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