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07/01/2007        4.72      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Lovely site! Dove here on 6.27.07. A bit shallow at the entry (you have to walk about 10 feet out in 1' of water) - we found it easier to enter on the left site of the beach. Parking and facilities are great (the beach is right at Honokohau harbor), very short easy walk to the shore. Boat traffic is intense near the harbor but is not a problem: you can always hear a boat approaching, so it's safe. Underwater life is outstanding in day time, and must be even better at night although we haven't done it! Moray eels are literally under every coral head + white mouth morays swimming around! Saw an octopus, a red-spotted nudibranch, several shell crabs! There were also two huge schools of goatfish hanging right around the left corner of the cove, maybe 100 fishes at once, totally unafraid: we almost had to push them out to make our way through them!
07/01/2007        4.80      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove here on 6.27.2007. What can I say… THE BEST shore dive I ever had, and very few boat dives I have had can beat it! Great everything: access, entry, visibility, coral, underwater relief. There was a very curious dwarf moray :), brittle stars, octocoral and nudibranches in the lava tubes to the left! Turtles! Also saw a lagoon triggerfish (humuhumu-like but with bright blue stripes) for the first time. Had to face an offshore current on the way back but not too bad. There is an extremely convenient place to gear up right where the guard rail and trail head meet (someone installed a kind of shelf there :)
07/01/2007        3.90      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove here 6.24.2007. Very nice site although it's shallow even at high tide, and swimming out is a bit annoying. Otherwise - great vis, healthy coral, lots of life (moray eels, fish, cornet fish). Garden eels at 92-95'! Visibility was so good that we took nice pictures of the garden eels with just a regular camera, no external flash!
07/01/2007        2.07      Mile 4.9 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
My husband and I dove Mile 4.9 on 6.24.2007. The site access was not that bad although we had to park up at the highway and carry all the gear down. The shore entry was good, pretty much like from the boat: you can gear up and jump into the water from the rocks at the right hand site of the cove (a bit harder on the way back :). We tried to exit on the left side of the cove - don't do it.. We made it but could not climb up to the highway, and had to swim back along the shoreline to our entry point :) Still, it was not too bad compared to the reef and underwater conditions. The coral there is almost entirely dead! There is some lint-looking stuff hanging on it. We saw very few fish, couple of crabs and nudibranches - pretty much nothing compared to other Big Island sites. We dove this site with a boat a year ago, and the reef was nice and healthy (that time we even saw a manta there in a day time!) We have asked local divers about bad reef conditions, and they told us the problem with the reef was due to locals using some chemicals (fertilizers or similar) next to the reef that then get washed offshore, and kills the reef. The earthquake last fall has also damaged the reef. Pretty sad! Unfortunately, it's not a good choice for a shore dive anymore.

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