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12/11/2004        4.62      Oil Slick Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
The photo at the site must be updated; there is a new platform (wood) and a new ladder, that makes the entrance and exit one of the easiest in the island. I did the dive 3 times (morning early afternoon and late afternoon) no currents, lots of marine life, conveniently near drop off, crystal clear water makes this point my and my buddy's preferred point in Bonaire
12/11/2004        4.27      Vista Blue Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Entry is not so easy due to the rocks and the waves, the drop off is not so near, but a distance that can be reached without a lot of effort. Lots of marine life. The exit needs some caution because the sand near the shore line (last 1 meter) makes visibility near zero. I did this point 2 times and I recommend it.
11/24/2002        4.67      Playa Largu Curacao, ABC Islands
Short distance to the reef, less than 3 minutes of snorkeling. Reef full of life. Amazing vis (more than 35 meters) warm crystal clear water with almost no currents made this one of the best dive sites of the island. Lots of fish (all you can imagine), squids, turtles and so on. The beach was deserted and we had it all for us. We did not repeat this site because we discovered it in our last dive day of the trip. Take fresh water, and some thing to eat after the dive with you (no facilities at the beach)
11/17/2002        4.87      Vaersen Bay Curacao, ABC Islands
My son and I visited 3 times this point; the first we missed the wreck of the ferry and the cars, because they are at the far south-eastern (Left) point of the beach. I recommend you snorkel a lot (10-15 minutes) to the left, then go to the drop off to find the cars that are very deep (35 mt - 100 ft). Even if you don't care about the cars, Vaersenbay offers a spectacular coral wall full of variated marine life that is by itself an attraction. One of the top 4 sites of the Caribbean in my and my son's opinion!
11/11/2002        3.86      Boca Sami Curacao, ABC Islands
We did 5 dives by night and 2 day dives. Only in the last dive we noticed current, but it was parallel to the beach. Ease of entry and access, gorgeous marine life, good visibility made this our site of choice for night dives. It is in front of Wederfoort apartments, and has lights from a soccer field nearby.
03/06/2002        3.90      Bachelor's Beach Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Easy to reach and park. The stairs make your entry easier. The reef is about 5 minutes of easy swimming. Good dive about 45-60 feet (15 - 20 meters). I and my son did 2 twilight dives at Bachelor, and we appreciated it!
02/27/2002        4.10      Windsock Bonaire North, ABC Islands
North Belnen - Windsock in front of Flamingo airport. Easy entry by a rocky beach at a road easy to park. I saw squid, trumpet fish sea horses, etc at this site. Due to the fact that it is near the town (Kralendjick), it was our favorite dive site (we dove 5 times in this point in our 23 dives trip)

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