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12/19/2016        3.60      Wreck of the Malahat Vancouver, BC, Canada
Entry was very easy, being able to park within five metres of the actual ocean. Once on the left side of the breakwater, is you don't feel like surface swimming, swim about half of the break water, and then turn perpendicular to the left, and you'll run into the pipe. My buddy and I were expecting to run into it from the breakwater, but we missed it trying to find it from the shore/surface. We instead just swam all the way out to the orange buoy, and descended right on the remains of the wreck. There were some surface currents, but our contingency plan if we got swept away was to swim to the inside of the concrete ships and go play with the many, many seals we saw before our dive, so we weren't too worried about it. We followed the pipe outer much right from the ship, back to shore so we'd know where it was for next time. All in all, lots of life on the remains. I wish we'd gone with locals so that we'd know which were the famous lingcod, but in spite of that, we saw a lot of greenlings, nudis, and lots of nooks and crannies for creatures to hide away in, even a couple sculpins in plain sight.

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