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07/11/2011        4.35      Hale'iwa Ali'i Beach Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Super easy entry. Basically walk right in and swim to the trench and swim up and down. Depth drops very quickly. Exactly like Coral Girl says: please stay off the coral. Some very pretty structure and lots of turtles. There are great facilities and lifeguards on the beach. Next I will bring family to hang out on the shore as I go in. Visibility today was 35 feet at best. Temp drops very quickly here also, I recommend wetsuit. My max depth was only 65feet
11/29/2010        3.83      Makaha Beach Park (Caverns) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Great Dive, unfortunately I didn't make it all the way out to the caverns. We got out there about 0830 on Thanksgiving and there was a bunch of folks surfing on the North side over the close reef. We surveyed the area and parked next to a lifeguard stand. Donned our stuff in the parking area and walked to the shore spotted the buoy and swam out to it (around 125-150m). Surf wasn't too bad. We descended and swam W/NW. Saw a turtle at the turtle cleaning station and some real nice structure. While working the structure we saw 2 other submerged buoys at about 50m intervals . When I dive this again I think I will swim to first buoy and continue on the surface past the second buoy and then descend to have more bottom time. I like to swim so it should be fun. Things to remember when diving here: Bring a dive flag: boats, jet skis etc. Gloves: there are lots of urchins. Flashlight-cool stuff to look at. Car-I have a jeep and leave nothing in it since unfortunately the west side of Oahu is a hi-crime area. If you are on the west side of the island and diving early in morning, the sun is behind the mountains so adjust time accordingly. Prob a good idea to check in with lifeguards. I didn't but should have. The facilities are across the street. They suck. So be prepared to change by your car. Showers are along beach to rinse after. Gordon, saw your review contact me if you want to have 2 buddy teams to leave people with car and others to dive on any of the weekend dives. Water temp 79F, Deepest 46 feet, 1 tank.
11/15/2010        4.10      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Not a bad dive but bad conditions on the day we went. The entry is from the shore. You can put your stuff on at the beach or on the grassy part of the hill. Will go again with better conditions but a day in the water is better than not going at all. When you arrive you will have to either show a local id or military id or you will have to pay $7.50 to go to the beach. Then you will have to drag all of your stuff and watch a 15 minute presentation about how not to touch anything etc. From there you can walk down or pay to take the tram down. I opted for the tram. It cost about $10 for 7 people with 2 divers with 2 tanks. Well worth it considering you have to lug your stuff around. Once you are on the beach go talk to lifeguards as the guy we talked to was very helpful. He gave us a brief on conditions and best way to get out to the outer reef which is where the best scuba was. We entered from the beach in middle to right side and swam through the buoys. Vis was real bad 6-10 feet until we got farther out then it was amazing 40-50 feet and worth the swim. We found the cables on the ground and swam almost due E SE and saw some nice reefs and good amount of fish. We pushed limits on air expecting to surface swim back with waves. Still was very tough going on the return, we wound up too far south. Snorkeled back to middle section of return and swam down for about 100m by witches brew and surface swam the rest. Deepest depth around 60feet. Bottom line: nice dive, watch conditions, check with life guard and cheat north versus south towards outer reef. Make sure you have at least 500pounds of air for swimming underneath the current on the return.

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