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10/21/2007        4.22      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
While on a recent trip to DisneyWorld, I joined 12 other divers on the unique Epcot DiveQuest experience. I am the only diver in my family, so the kids and my wife watched from the observation area. Top notch customer service--everything was taken care of ahead of time including BCD, tank, wetsuits, booties, lockers, showers, briefing, video, pre-dive beverages and a behind the scenes tour. You are only allowed to bring your own mask and wrist dive computer. Marine life was fantastic (sharks, turtles, etc.), but I enjoyed interacting with the folks on the observation decks (including my own kids) and the customers eating in the restaurant. The kids loved it when we swam by the restaurant windows and waved or swam up to the windows and touched the glass. Very unique, one-of-a-kind dive experience well worth the $140 full price. Tip -- when making phone reservations, don't forget to ask for AAA discount which brings cost down to $119. There might be other discounts if you don't have AAA. Recommended for divers of all skill levels.
11/13/2006        3.50      Old Garden Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Finally got to dive OGB on Veterans' Day '06. Parking wasn't bad (for Cape Ann)--drop your gear at site, park about 1/8 mile up road on Atlantic and walk back. The entry, walking down the ramp across the sandy beach, is about as easy as it gets. Bit of surge, surf and slight current until about 20fsw, then it lessened. Viz (15') was acceptable given the conditions. Not much marine life on this day, but nice u/w topography with lots of large and XL boulders strewn about the bottom. Max'd out at 32fsw with 49F at depth. You can get as deep as 55fsw or so. I was advised to head out to the green buoy on the right side of entry point (about a 240 heading), but many go straight out from the entry. Overall, this is a recommended site for beginner, refresher and intermediate divers, but not much for the advanced/tech types (unless trying out new gear).
07/13/2006        3.23      Pebble Beach Massachusetts, USA East
My brother and I did two nice long shallow dives at Pebble Beach recently. Found the parking to be easy and abundant, as far as Cape Ann goes. It was a sunny warm day with a small amount of wave activity, and we dove at low tide and just after. There were lots of other divers in the water or getting ready to go in. However, we met only three or four u/w. We were lobstering and did surprising well for the popularity of the site. It's easy access and, with the amount of other divers who were also hunting, divers on both sides of us came back with 4 or 5 in their catch bag each. Viz was good with small surge. It's a long, but not impossible swim to the rocky reefs. I recommend this site for beginner and intermediate divers as well as advanced divers trying out new equipment.
08/22/2005        3.50      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
After Cape Hedge, Pebble Beach and Lobolly Cove were vetoed, my brother and I did two tanks at Folly on a warm sunny Friday morning. Parking was no problem (for Cape Ann); only two other buddy teams there and entry was not too bad (little slippery). Once in the water, the first dive was to the right in search of lobster (got a few) and the second dive was to the left wall side. No sign of the resident torpedo rays, but plenty of other marine life -- invertebrates galore, schooling stripers, skates, crabs, sand dollars, urchins, etc. Between two dives, the max was 41fsw with a chilly 46F at depth. Two nice dives with the only drawback being the 2 1/2 hr ride home thru Boston traffic.

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